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SIP trunks are a great way of managing the flow of calls coming in and out of your business. Long gone are the days of expensive hardware and physical phones, SIP trunks allow your employees to communicate via the cloud, monitor their calls and talk to customers in a way that greatly improves the levels of customer service you can offer. SIP trunks are essentially communication systems that operate over an internet connection and IP rather than using a physical phone. If all this sounds a bit complicated for your liking, trust me it’s not, switching to the SIP Trunk Call Manager by Gamma is a great way to improve the cost-effectivity and grow your business through positive communication.

What is SIP trunking? 

For years our communication systems have been based on the telephone poles and cross-ocean wires that stretch across the globe. Although we’ve developed a complex and reasonably efficient global communication service it’s time to embrace new technology and innovations. SIP trunking connects your business with potential clients and customers by opening up your communication space to clients from further afield with the same call quality as someone within your own town. This all works by connecting your business’ communications services to your IP address and channelling all your calls through an online rather than physical system. 

How can it help seasonal business? 

There are many different ways the SIP trunk manager can help you improve the success of your small business, with improved cost-effectivity and greater client scope among the benefits. Let’s say you’re a business that sells a service or product that’s primarily used in summer. When it comes around to winter, you’re going to be worse off than during the busy summer months. With that in mind it makes sense to opt for the SIP trunking manager to streamline your calls and open your up to different markets and territories where there may be a more necessary and immediate decision for you products. It’ll be summer in Australia during the UK winter, is this an opportunity to seize the market.

What is SIP trunk call manager? 

SIP trunk call manager from Gamma provides the answers to all those connectivity issues that you’ve been suffering with, allowing you to enjoy greater contact with customers new and old while also opening up your communication systems and internal strategies to a broader client base in the seasonal months. The Gamma call manager allows you to manage all aspects of your inbound calls, consolidating all your numbers into a single, connected platform. This not only improves cost-effectivity and productivity but can also be tailored to the specific requirements of your brand or business. 

While to many of you, the SIP Trunk manager may seem like a costly expense or a piece of industry jargon, the importance that rests behind this sort of technology is one that can’t be ignored. Hardware systems are now a thing of the past, and you don’t want your business left in the dark ages, do you? Give Gamma a call today to find out more about the finer details of your Gamma communications set-up and fast-paced online delivery. There’s no need to miss a call ever again. 

Casablanca is looking at a complete transformation with the project of Victoria City, which is almost complete as we are months away from its completion. Casablanca is without a doubt one of the most important cities of Morocco. It is not only of great importance to Morocco,but it is also one of the most important cities in Africa.

Importance of Casablanca

It goes without saying that the success of the city of Casablanca will be the success of Morocco itself. As mentioned earlier Casablanca is of great importance to both Morocco and Africa. It is Morocco’s chief port and is a central hub for many businesses.

It is one of the two largest cities of Morocco,but it is Casablanca that is referred to as the state’s economic capital. Majority of the country’s industrial facilities are based here in Casablanca. Most of the international companies based in Morocco are based here in Casablanca.

Looking at these facts, one can easily understand as to why Casablanca’s success is Morocco’s success.

It is only justifiable in the above paragraph as to why Casablanca is the ideal place for a project like the Victoria City to take place.

Victoria City

This project began in 2014 and is planned to be completed this year in June and is fronted by Saudi businessman Mazen Al Sawwaf along with the help of the government of Morocco and Urban Agency of Casablanca. Victoria City is an advanced and a modern city that has been open for businesses since 2016.

Victoria City would be a place where people from different socio-cultural backgrounds would be living together, shopping from the same places, going to the same schools, being business partners and many other opportunities, which will enhance socio-cultural diversity in the most positive way.

Along with being a city that is home to diversity, it will also be a great deal to invest in since it will have many different shopping centers and other commercial centers.

It is without a doubt a great place to invest.

How could Victoria Citybe Morocco’s Greatest Economic Opportunity?

Morocco needs a socio-cultural society that is diverse but still in harmony. It needs a place where all the leading brands of the world could open their outlets for the people. Even if international investors come to Morocco to invest and start their projects, they still need a place to live that is safe and in harmony.

Victoria City is the answer to all of this. It will not only attract people to come and live there,but it will attract investors from all around the world with its ultra-modernity, unique design,and secure environment.

It is a perfect opportunity for real estate investors to invest too but more importantly, this project is transforming Morocco’s largest and important city from a grey to a more colorful and alive city.

Looking at the cultural and economic aspect of Victoria City, it is obvious that Victoria City would attract many investors and people who wish to live there.

It would benefit Casablanca which is already considered the economic hub of Morocco and with this addition, it will become the economic hub and will benefit Morocco’s economy as the country could be looking at multinational corporations and companies who would invest here.


With over 3 million active vapers, vaping is more popular in the UK than anywhere else. MPs recently launched an inquiry amidst worry that people are becoming addicted to vaping and re-normalizing smoking.

The goal of the Science and Technology committee is to understand the benefits and risk of e-cigs and the suitability of current regulations for vaping devices. According to the chair of the committee, MP Norman Lamb, “There are significant gaps in research guiding sale and regulation.”

The inquiry is to determine if vaping is a valuable tool that reduces the number of conventional smoking or a new form of smoking. The MPs also want to know the implications vaping could have on public finance and NHS costs.

More than half of British vapers have quit smoking

A recent study by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) shows that vaping has helped more than half the population of vapers to quit smoking. It was encouraging news for the vaping industry which objective is to help reduce the exposure of smokers to cancer-causing substances.

The survey reveals that the public overestimated the dangers to vaping as only 13% of the respondents think that vaping was less harmful than smoking. However, there are still nine million active smokers in the UK and most have not tried an e-cig. ASH chief executive Deborah Arnott advised that smokers understand that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

Another report by the British Medical Journal suggests that vapers are more likely to quit smoking successfully. A report that surveyed 161,054 people in the US over a 15-year period found a higher cessation rate among vapers with 65% who tried to quit.

The study reflects the situation in the UK where smoking rates have dropped dramatically especially among young adults. It was recommended by Public Health England as one of the best tools to help smokers struggling to quit.

While explaining that vaping is a safer and cleaner alternative, Jason of BeautySchoolsDirectory said that: “most cigarette smokers often don’t  quickly realise  that the habit ruins looks too, besides also being bad for the lungs, heart, brain and even sex life.”

According to medical science, smokers are four times more likely as nonsmokers to have bags under the eye. Smoking cigarettes can also cause or increase the risk of other skin problems such as psoriasis, icky teeth, tooth loss, yellow fingers, scarring, thinner hair, premature aging and wrinkles, skin cancer, warts, stretch marks and loss of natural glow.


Study suggests vaping rates among UK youths are low

One of the major worries of the parliamentary committee is the vaping habit among young people in the UK.  A recent study that collected data from five surveys shows that e-cigs among youths who have never smoked are noticeably lower.

A lead author of the study, Linda Bauld stated that the rumours about e-cigs re-normalizing smoking are not true. The analysis of the study included the entire UK with thousands of young respondents and clear conclusion that experimentation with e-cig has not led to regular use.

Prof John Britton from the University of Nottingham thinks the inquiry provides the perfect opportunity to clear all misconceptions about e-cigs. He believes e-cigs have revamped smoking patterns and provided public health benefits for ex-smokers.

In August, Public Health England released a report that vaping was 95% less harmful than cigarettes and urged people to start vaping. The report was accepted by ASH, British Medical Association, Royal College of Physicians of London and other reputable bodies.

Concerns about vaping in the UK

The parliaments concerns are not completely unfounded as recent study by researchers at the University of Stirling found that young people experimenting with vaping are more likely to start smoking cigarettes.

While this was the first in the UK, other studies in the US had similar results. The study used a large representation of respondents from vapers and smokers alike, yet, it has some weakness. It relied on self-reporting survey known to produce questionable results.

Big tobacco companies such as Imperial Brands PLC and British American Tobacco are spending billions of dollars on research and cigarette alternatives as the market for traditional cigarettes dwindles in developed counties.

Prior to the inquiry, the UK had a lenient approach to vaping, which helped the industry grow to £1.1 billion and BAT forecasting sales of their vapor products to double to $1.3 billion or more in 2018.

In May, new legislation was introduced to limit the sale of e-cigs and related products. It came with stricter testing to ensure ingredients are thoroughly investigated. Certain additives are banned due to concern over their effectiveness and fear that it encourages non-smokers to take up the habit.

Reactions to the vaping inquiry

Neeraj Bhardwaj, CEO of LotoLabs says that E-cigs have achieved more success in helping people quit without alleviating the risk of addiction by using fast, clean vaporizers.

Arnott, ASH chief executive welcomed the inquiry and said ASH would submit evidence in response. E-cig industry is a fast-moving market and policies should be founded on best evidence available. She also posits that e-cigs are not the only solution to cigarette smoking with other methods like tobacco regulations and taxation working well in the past.

What should vapers do about the inquiry?

Vaping enthusiast and active vapers in the UK hope that advocacy groups like IBVTA and New Nicotine Alliance will submit sound evidence that influences the decision making of the committee. Meanwhile, vapers who have MPs in the committee can contact them, share their personal stories and the effect vaping had on their smoking habits.


Everyone likes to get their news in different ways. How you enjoy learning about what’s happening in the world, or just in your town, will often depend on your lifestyle. Some people like to take in the news when they’re relaxing and have some time to really think about it. Others will read or listen to what they can while they’re on their daily commute or just waiting around for something else to happen. Here are some of the favorite ways for people to consume news.

Websites and Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that the internet has taken over when it comes to the media. You can’t get away from the internet, and sometimes it can be exhausting to be kept up to date with the news all the time. But mobile devices and various websites, from newspapers and media organizations to blogs, help us to check up on the news whenever we want.

Social Media

While social media posts often link to an external website, it’s still one of the ways many people get their news. In fact, thanks to the instantaneous nature of social media, many people hear about the latest stories on Twitter or Facebook before they see them confirmed elsewhere.

Television and Radio

Television and radio are still popular ways to hear about the news. Listening to the radio is great for many people while they’re driving. TV gives you a more visual way of learning about the news. And they can both be streamed over the internet.


Newspapers are still popular, both online and in print. They’re trying to keep up with the times, and many of them are managing.

Infographic Design By Cashfloat

Canada, a very large country, is a haven for real estate investors. The country is composed of ten provinces and three territories. If you are considering an investment in the real estate sector of the country, you can definitely expect a sizeable return of investment (ROI), taking into consideration the fact that Canada is a highly developed country, and there are plenty of investors who want to gain a foothold on the very promising Canadian Real Estate sector. Because of the very large expanse of land area comprising the territory of Canada, investors should have a very keen eye for the right real estate investments which will definitely net them a high return of investment.

Image via Flickr

How to know the Potential ROI of a said Property?

A prospective real estate investor, before purchasing land, acreages for sale, or any vacant land, should take into consideration several factors. First, you have to calculate and have good data on the annual income of the real property. Likewise, you should know the cost of all potential taxes and mortgages relative to the property. These numbers will definitely give you an overall idea of the possible return of investment from buying the property.

The formula for this is quite simple. You have to calculate the total amount of income you will get from a property; then, you should divide this total by the sale price of the property.

Likewise, one should know the Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) involved in a property. Usually, the Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) is calculated by dividing the Net Operating Income by the Annual Mortgage Payments. The minimum acceptable DCR is 1.25.

There are other ways you can get an idea of the ROI, like calculating the Cash-on-cash return (COC) by dividing the Cash flow of the investment before taxes.

Risk Management and Evaluation

Image via Flickr

In order to diminish the risk involved in any prospective real estate investment in Canada, one should be able to mitigate the risks involved or do a risk management and evaluation. Say for instance, you would like to purchase a property in Toronto; then, you should be wary of the different risks involved in the investments to be able to mitigate the risks involved in your investment.

Some of the risks involved in purchasing a property include fraudulent sales, adverse possession, building component failures, cash shortfall, economic downturn, market decline, and many more. A good and wise prospective buyer would take into consideration all these potential risks to diminish and mitigate them, and at the same time, be able to recuperate a higher return of investment from the property which one wants to buy.

Bright prospect of Real Estate Property Sales in Canada

In the recent years, the sales of recreational real estates are definitely rebounding across B.C., while residential property in Greater Vancouver are cooling and slowing down. There is a remarkable 22% rise in sales of recreational property in B.C. While vacation home prices likewise are beginning to peak up.

National home sales in Canada rose more than 0.6% from the months of March to April. Likewise, the Canadian housing market still remains in balanced territory. Moreover, the national average sale price definitely rose 1.3% on April. These statistics are good indications of the gradual rise in the sales of real property in Canada.

In the past two years, Toronto had suffered a relatively 36% decline in new condominium sales. These years include 2011 and 2012. There were an estimated 144 skyscrapers which are under construction in the late February in Toronto, Canada, which is comparatively higher than in any other part of the world. Yet, there is a remarkable resurgence in the sales of new condo units in 2013, giving prospective investors a positive glimpse of what could be a recuperating process in the return of investments in real estate properties in Canada. However, we could not help but think that the previous weakening of Canada’s economy—which is highly touted as an example of stability—may be an indication that Canada’s economy is in the process of stalling.