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How companies relying on seasonal business can benefit from SIP trunks


SIP trunks are a great way of managing the flow of calls coming in and out of your business. Long gone are the days of expensive hardware and physical phones, SIP trunks allow your employees to communicate via the cloud, monitor their calls and talk to customers in a way that greatly improves the levels of customer service you can offer. SIP trunks are essentially communication systems that operate over an internet connection and IP rather than using a physical phone. If all this sounds a bit complicated for your liking, trust me it’s not, switching to the SIP Trunk Call Manager by Gamma is a great way to improve the cost-effectivity and grow your business through positive communication.

What is SIP trunking? 

For years our communication systems have been based on the telephone poles and cross-ocean wires that stretch across the globe. Although we’ve developed a complex and reasonably efficient global communication service it’s time to embrace new technology and innovations. SIP trunking connects your business with potential clients and customers by opening up your communication space to clients from further afield with the same call quality as someone within your own town. This all works by connecting your business’ communications services to your IP address and channelling all your calls through an online rather than physical system. 

How can it help seasonal business? 

There are many different ways the SIP trunk manager can help you improve the success of your small business, with improved cost-effectivity and greater client scope among the benefits. Let’s say you’re a business that sells a service or product that’s primarily used in summer. When it comes around to winter, you’re going to be worse off than during the busy summer months. With that in mind it makes sense to opt for the SIP trunking manager to streamline your calls and open your up to different markets and territories where there may be a more necessary and immediate decision for you products. It’ll be summer in Australia during the UK winter, is this an opportunity to seize the market.

What is SIP trunk call manager? 

SIP trunk call manager from Gamma provides the answers to all those connectivity issues that you’ve been suffering with, allowing you to enjoy greater contact with customers new and old while also opening up your communication systems and internal strategies to a broader client base in the seasonal months. The Gamma call manager allows you to manage all aspects of your inbound calls, consolidating all your numbers into a single, connected platform. This not only improves cost-effectivity and productivity but can also be tailored to the specific requirements of your brand or business. 

While to many of you, the SIP Trunk manager may seem like a costly expense or a piece of industry jargon, the importance that rests behind this sort of technology is one that can’t be ignored. Hardware systems are now a thing of the past, and you don’t want your business left in the dark ages, do you? Give Gamma a call today to find out more about the finer details of your Gamma communications set-up and fast-paced online delivery. There’s no need to miss a call ever again. 

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