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Favorite News Sources in the 21st Century


Everyone likes to get their news in different ways. How you enjoy learning about what’s happening in the world, or just in your town, will often depend on your lifestyle. Some people like to take in the news when they’re relaxing and have some time to really think about it. Others will read or listen to what they can while they’re on their daily commute or just waiting around for something else to happen. Here are some of the favorite ways for people to consume news.

Websites and Mobile Apps

It’s no secret that the internet has taken over when it comes to the media. You can’t get away from the internet, and sometimes it can be exhausting to be kept up to date with the news all the time. But mobile devices and various websites, from newspapers and media organizations to blogs, help us to check up on the news whenever we want.

Social Media

While social media posts often link to an external website, it’s still one of the ways many people get their news. In fact, thanks to the instantaneous nature of social media, many people hear about the latest stories on Twitter or Facebook before they see them confirmed elsewhere.

Television and Radio

Television and radio are still popular ways to hear about the news. Listening to the radio is great for many people while they’re driving. TV gives you a more visual way of learning about the news. And they can both be streamed over the internet.


Newspapers are still popular, both online and in print. They’re trying to keep up with the times, and many of them are managing.

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