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We all dream of that moment. The man of our dreams gets down to one knee, pulls a small square box from the inside of his suit jacket and opens it up with nothing but those four magical words: will you marry me? No matter what is inside that box, we know that our love will last forever. It’s is one of the most emotional and magical days for both partners of the relationship, and nothing could change that. But wouldn’t it be nice if that ring inside the box is your dream ring too?

Buying an engagement ring is tough, so we cannot fault our partners if they don’t get it right, but maybe there’s something we can do to nudge them in the right direction. After all, if you’re going to wear this ring every day for the rest of your life, it should suit you, no?

Watch Matchmaking Show Together

This trick only works if your boyfriend is a good listener and observer, but it can be the most foolproof way to let him know what you like in a ring. Sit down and watch a show together like The Bachelor or The 12 Dates of Christmas. In the final episode when one partner gets to pick out the ring they are going to give their soon to be fiancé, start talking. “Oh I love that ring. A Princess cut is so beautiful and rose gold is so classy.” And “Eww, that other one is gross. Too many sidestones are taking away from such a lovely center stone.” Tell him exactly what you want by commenting on the show.

Have a Friend Slip Some Hints

Another great way to get the message to the man who is picking out your engagement ring is to get your friends or sibling involved. You can tell your best friends exactly what you want in an engagement ring and then trust them to get that message across to your boyfriend. In many cases, a boyfriend will ask for help from your closest confidants anyway, so it would be a win-win.

Tell Him…

This may be a bit less traditional, but you can always just talk about it. There’s no rule that says you need to leave this completely to surprise. In fact, you can even engagement ring shop together. It’s 2021 and that is becoming more popular than ever. If your ring is something that you really care about getting exact, why leave it to chance? Talk to your man before you end up hating what he puts on your finger.

These are just a few of our tips. What about you? How would you make sure you get the perfect ring?

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Whatever your personality is, silver bangles are one of the best ways to express who you are. With several styles to choose from, every woman is sure to find a piece that suits them. Bangles, unlike bracelets, are solid pieces with no flexibility that can be easily stacked on the arm to achieve a chic yet classy look. Most women will shy away from wearing silver bangles for fear that they will not pull it off, but with these simple tips, any woman can look stylish in silver bangles:-


Before any other tip, every woman should have a variety of bangles in their jewelry boxes. Given that bangles are cheaper compared to other jewelry, money should not be an excuse for not owning several pieces in different styles. Pick up different designs, colors, sizes, and materials which will allow you to play around and change your style over time.

The Bigger the Better

Silver bangles for women come in different sizes and designs. While you may want to play it safe by picking tiny minimal pieces, larger and chunkier sizes show a chic and bold woman. The piece may look larger than your wrist which makes it look delicate and sleek especially when worn on short or sleeveless tops. If you choose to go bold and pick the chunky silver bangle, consider how big it is before pairing it up with more pieces which could end up making it look messy and overdone.

Stack Up

Show off your charming spirit by stacking up several silver bangle pieces. You do not have to reach for other types of bangles or jewelry if you have a variety of silver bangles for women to play around with. Simply stack several identical pieces as you would with bracelets or mix up several sizes and styles with balance as you see fit for your look.

Mix and Match

Once again, investing in variety turns out to be a great idea. In this case, mix up your silver bangles with other metal designs such as gold and bronze or pick up pieces that have other colors or gems in them. If you are looking to appear mysteriously interesting, this should be on top of your styling hacks. Keep in mind the rules of color and temperature when playing mix and match with your silver bangles to pull off a perfect look. For example, while gold may look appealing when matched with red, silver bangles will look better if matched with pieces that are cooler such as pale pastel.

Consider the Occasion

Like other fashion choices, wearing silver bangles for women is highly influenced by the occasion. While your beautiful clanking stack of silver bangles may look very stylish at a party, the noise from your pieces will only draw scowls from your colleagues at work or in a meeting. On the other hand, one chunky piece will keep your feminine bold style intact at a formal event. To keep true to your love for silver bangles for women, invest in a variety to suit every occasion with ease and decorum.

Less is more

This might be confusing given the earlier tip to go big or even choose stacks. But you might need to keep this in mind if you are going to be a flawlessly stylish silver bangle queen. With unique designs, stacking too many silver bangles will definitely look too busy and overdone, taking away the essence from your pieces and do little in communicating what your style is. So, as much as you love all your pieces, keep it moderately chic.

What Next?

You now have all the top tips on how to style silver bangles for women to help you showing off your elegance. All that is left to do is build your collection with a variety, keep it moderate, bold and stylish regardless of the occasion.


They say that “Diamonds are forever” or something like “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Indeed, gemstones and jewelry will forever become synonymous with wealth, status, and power. These small but valuable items can skyrocket a person’s image from a literal “Rags to Riches” perspective. These treasures have been the reason why conquest and wars between ancient empires happen.

Nowadays, jewelry is a standard for beauty. However, for some, beauty is just part of the reason why people have such precious treasures. Family heirlooms for example, often consist of jewelry handed down from generation to generation. Finding one in an old house can mean an instant turnaround when it comes to the state of living.

For those who understand the value of jewels and precious stones, investments are the intent. The price of gold and precious gems will only go higher as time passes. A rare spider brooch made by a famous jewelry company, Fabergé, was priced $15,000 which later became a staggering $80,000. This pricing only goes to show that the actual value of jewelry and gemstones only become higher as time passes.

Here are some tips to look out for when planning to buy jewelry as an investment:

New isn’t Always a Good Choice

When it comes to jewelry and investment, a lot of people think that buying high-end, brand new, and designer pieces are the ones that fetch the most money in time. They later get disappointed, only to find out that this isn’t always the case. Take for example this situation: A woman buys an earring at a high street retailer for $100. When you sell it back the next day, you’d only get $30 for that earring.

A lot of people fall for this trick and end up buying jewelry that’ll take 30 years to bring in the original cost of buying the piece.

No Assurance for Vintage and Antiques

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Good investments lie within an antique and vintage jewelry. Most of these pieces are from a source that has a lot of low asking prices. Most of these pieces are family heirlooms hidden just about anywhere. The spider brooch from Fabergé mentioned above was found in a family attic. However, antiques aren’t usually a guarantee that they’re going to sell big.

Most experts say that Art Deco jewelry made in the late 1920’s are the most valuable. Their values increase even more when Cartier or Arpels sign these pieces. Precious stones like diamonds also grow in value with time, especially if they are more than five karats in size. For example, old pieces of jewelry who sport such diamonds are often removed and replaced with smaller ones. This switch is the reason why it’s so difficult finding old diamond rings and other types of statement jewelry.

Going for the Good Ones

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For a person without knowledge, any piece of jewelry is excellent as long as it’s authentic and has a name. Style plays a significant role in determining the value of a piece. For example, Victorian Jewelry is no doubt, authentic and has high value but has a notoriously small market. Most sellers will have a hard time selling Victorian pieces because of their association with grief, mourning, and sentimentality.

Georgian Jewelry which also has a small market is such a rare commodity because of its style and appeal to most buyers. Compared to pieces like the Victorian, Georgian jewelry are more likely to get purchased by collectors and buyers. Another part that appeals to most collectors is the Art Nouveau designs which utilize glass, enamel, and precious gemstones which go with most trends today.

Learning to Wait

As mentioned earlier, the price of these valuable possessions goes up with time. Learn to watch out for trends as to determine when to sell your pieces. An investment doesn’t have to consist of gold entirely. It can be made up of valuable silver pieces, pearls, and rare gems. A diamond crusted ring bought for $1000 today might end up in an auction and sell for $5000 in 3-5 years time.


Investing in jewelry certainly isn’t a bad thing. However, as with investments, there are always risks involved. There are also several factors that a buyer should know if he intends on purchasing pieces for investments. Factors such as knowing the styles of jewelry and the impact that time has on certain jewelry all determine the real value.



When it comes to choosing jewelry, it’s so easy to go for classic pieces which just look the same as everyone else’s. But then you will blend in with the rest of the crowd, and it will be hard to make your outfit look fantastic. And you will be surprised how much of a difference jewelry can make to your whole outfit. In fact, if you go for unique jewelry, it will turn heads when you are walking down the street. Therefore, here are some ways you can stand out from the crowd with your jewelry.


Pick something vintage

It’s so easy to go for modern pieces that you might find in the store when you are choosing jewelry. After all, you can easily pick something which is bang-on trend from the high street stores. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should go for a classic piece instead. After all, if it’s a vintage piece, it will help your outfit to stand out. You will get comments aplenty about the stunning necklace or ring which you are wearing. And vintage is on-trend, so you can stay in the height of fashion while doing something different with your jewellery. You can either raid the thrift stores or look closer to home by asking your mom or grandma if you can use some of their old jewelry. And then you can ooze some old school glam like actress Amy Adams does every time she hits the red carpet with her vintage jewelry!

Vintage Jewellery Old Gold Chain Gold Chain

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Opt for a unique diamond

A lot of people are walking around with similar rings on their fingers. After all, you can get the same old diamonds from every store. But while you are likely to get compliments, it’s unlikely to help your outfit to stand out. Therefore, you should opt for a custom diamond ring which will be different from everyone else’s jewelry choices. One way you can do this is by buying the diamond first and then creating a ring after with the stunning loose diamond. For example, you can get a 2 carat diamond from Diamond Registry which can then be converted into a gorgeous ring. And by choosing a unique diamond, you can ensure your ring stands out when you are out and about. Not only this but it can make your whole outfit look expensive if you have a unique ring!

Choose a color which is less common

When it comes to picking out jewelry, a lot of people go for the same old colors. After all, they tend to go for a classic black or gold. But a lot of the time it can just blend in with their outfit. So it doesn’t look eye catching and is easily missed. Therefore, to ensure you stand out from the crowd, you should opt for a bright color in future. For example, why not go for a yellow gold which will ensure you add some early summer sunshine to your outfit. In fact, the stars love to head out on the carpet in some yellow at this time of the year. Or go for a blue or purple sapphire necklace or ring to ensure you stand out from the crowd!

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And don’t be afraid to layer up necklaces or to stack up rings!


If you’re like most people, you probably wear jewelry without giving a second thought to why you do. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when jewelry was first worn. Ancient people all over the world have worn jewelry of one type or another throughout history. Some pieces are more glamorous with large precious stones inlaid in precious metal. Others are simple, consisting of only a leather string and a bone or tooth.


Why wear jewelry?

According to Maslow’s pyramid, jewelry isn’t a primary need for us humans, and yet, we spend billions of dollars every year on it. Both men and women buy jewelry, but why do women specifically have such an attachment?


  1. Jewelry makes women more attractive

Although jewelry is not a primary need according Maslow’s pyramid, it does play a role in encouraging romantic interactions that lead to the fulfillment of some of the primary needs including s**, security and family.


Women (and really most people regardless of gender) are conscious about their looks. They do their best to make themselves appear attractive to the opposite sex. This is an inborn instinct that even wild animals have. Women adorn themselves with jewelry and attractive clothes to command attention.


As an interesting side note, many of the locations at which jewelry is worn are strongly s**ual (e.g. long necklaces draw the eye to the breasts and earrings draw attention to the ears that are an erogenous region for women.

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  1. As a sign of social status

Women also wear jewelry as a sign of the society status in the following ways:


  • Symbol of marital status and affection

Certain pieces of jewelry have been used symbolically since pre-historic times. Rings, for example, are used in many societies today as a symbol of an everlasting union between couples. People who view a woman’s engagement ring will know that she’s already spoken for and will not attempt any romantic advances.


  • Symbol of wealth

Jewelry can also be a way to exhibit wealth and a high economic status in society. Men give expensive gifts of jewelry to women in an attempt to show their status and therefore attract a mate. According to the National Retail Federation, men spend an average of $150 on jewelry alone on Valentine’s Day. Expensive jewelry is associated with people of high economic and social status.


  • Symbol of affiliation

Social status can also be expressed in who you know. Jewelry can be worn as a sign of affiliation to a certain group (e.g. a sorority). Family heirlooms can also be a symbol of affiliation.


  1. As a means for self-expression

Many women wear jewelry as a way to show forth their personalities. Women purchase jewelry that expresses their style and ideas. Some like classic earrings while others will wear eccentric pieces to express their quirky personalities. You can therefore tell a lot about a woman by studying her jewelry.


  1. For the power in the jewelry

Humans have attached great meaning and significance to certain stones and metals. Some stones are believed to have healing power. Jewelry may be worn for their religious power (e.g. crosses). Others may be worn for the healing properties of the gemstones.


Great value for money

Whatever your reason for wearing jewelry, it’s important to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Search online for jewelry deals and compare prices on different sites. Shopping online not only gives you the opportunity to easily compare prices but also to find unique pieces at an affordable price. Jewelry can prove to be an investment not only in your relationship or appearance, but also in your financial future.

Boxes containing $1.5 million jewelry, master tapes of British band Joy Division and even a gun were allegedly discovered in the basement of the site of Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant in Manchester, UK.

They were found in hundreds of safe deposit boxes – some of them dating back to 1935 – in the vault of the old bank site, which Jamie Oliver has converted into a restaurant.

According to The Sun, a source said: “There were all sorts in the boxes – even a gun in one.”

HSBC bank, the former occupant of the building, said it could not confirm exactly what was in the boxes due to customer confidentiality.

A spokesman said: “Even if I knew exactly what was in those boxes I would not be able to comment on that for reasons of confidentiality.

“We cannot reveal the precise contents, but these are safe deposit boxes – there are bound to be valuables in there.

“If we did find anything illegal in there we would be required to notify police.”

A spokesman for Jamie Oliver said: “The haul was actually removed before we moved in.”

Boxes containing $1.5 million jewelry, master tapes of British band Joy Division and even a gun were allegedly discovered in the basement of the site of Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Manchester

Boxes containing $1.5 million jewelry, master tapes of British band Joy Division and even a gun were allegedly discovered in the basement of the site of Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Manchester

The restaurant site, in Manchester, was an old Midland bank – which merged with HSBC in 1992.

The Grade II listed building – known locally as the King of King Street – was designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1928.

When HSBC moved to a new site in 2008 they had to transfer the contents of the boxes – it was then that the so-called haul was discovered.

A spokesman for HSBC added: “We were moving to a new site and wanted to transfer the safe deposit boxes.

“However [because the building is a Grade II listed building] National Heritage said we were unable to take the actual boxes with us, because they were part of the structure.

“At no point were drills used to break them open – we just used the keys we had.

“The owners would have been contacted and the contents transferred to secure storage at the new site.”

Jamie Oliver’s team acquired the property in 2010 and started work on the site in March 2011.

An excerpt from Jamie Oliver’s website reads: “The basement vault room has wall to wall original safety deposit boxes where the people of Manchester stored their heirlooms, mementos and collectables since the building’s completion in 1935.

“Our designers and architects have been visiting the vault room since March 2011, and regardless of who they’re with they can’t resist ‘checking’ at least one safety deposit box for any unclaimed goods.”

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant will be spread over three levels, with the bank’s old ground floor banking hall, mezzanines antechambers in the old clerks’ offices and the basement vault room all being transformed.

The diner opens this week in Manchester City Centre, next to the restaurant owned by Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand.

In a statement on his website, Jamie Oliver said: “I’ve wanted to open a Jamie’s Italian in Manchester for years but we’ve never found the right location, until now.

“It’s going to be a wonderful place to eat and one of the jewels in the Jamie’s Italian collection.”