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3 Tricks to Make Sure Your Man Pick an Engagement Ring You’ll Love

Image by dusa2019 from Pixabay

We all dream of that moment. The man of our dreams gets down to one knee, pulls a small square box from the inside of his suit jacket and opens it up with nothing but those four magical words: will you marry me? No matter what is inside that box, we know that our love will last forever. It’s is one of the most emotional and magical days for both partners of the relationship, and nothing could change that. But wouldn’t it be nice if that ring inside the box is your dream ring too?

Buying an engagement ring is tough, so we cannot fault our partners if they don’t get it right, but maybe there’s something we can do to nudge them in the right direction. After all, if you’re going to wear this ring every day for the rest of your life, it should suit you, no?

Watch Matchmaking Show Together

This trick only works if your boyfriend is a good listener and observer, but it can be the most foolproof way to let him know what you like in a ring. Sit down and watch a show together like The Bachelor or The 12 Dates of Christmas. In the final episode when one partner gets to pick out the ring they are going to give their soon to be fiancé, start talking. “Oh I love that ring. A Princess cut is so beautiful and rose gold is so classy.” And “Eww, that other one is gross. Too many sidestones are taking away from such a lovely center stone.” Tell him exactly what you want by commenting on the show.

Have a Friend Slip Some Hints

Another great way to get the message to the man who is picking out your engagement ring is to get your friends or sibling involved. You can tell your best friends exactly what you want in an engagement ring and then trust them to get that message across to your boyfriend. In many cases, a boyfriend will ask for help from your closest confidants anyway, so it would be a win-win.

Tell Him…

This may be a bit less traditional, but you can always just talk about it. There’s no rule that says you need to leave this completely to surprise. In fact, you can even engagement ring shop together. It’s 2021 and that is becoming more popular than ever. If your ring is something that you really care about getting exact, why leave it to chance? Talk to your man before you end up hating what he puts on your finger.

These are just a few of our tips. What about you? How would you make sure you get the perfect ring?