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Every Woman’s Guide to Styling Silver Bangles

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Whatever your personality is, silver bangles are one of the best ways to express who you are. With several styles to choose from, every woman is sure to find a piece that suits them. Bangles, unlike bracelets, are solid pieces with no flexibility that can be easily stacked on the arm to achieve a chic yet classy look. Most women will shy away from wearing silver bangles for fear that they will not pull it off, but with these simple tips, any woman can look stylish in silver bangles:-


Before any other tip, every woman should have a variety of bangles in their jewelry boxes. Given that bangles are cheaper compared to other jewelry, money should not be an excuse for not owning several pieces in different styles. Pick up different designs, colors, sizes, and materials which will allow you to play around and change your style over time.

The Bigger the Better

Silver bangles for women come in different sizes and designs. While you may want to play it safe by picking tiny minimal pieces, larger and chunkier sizes show a chic and bold woman. The piece may look larger than your wrist which makes it look delicate and sleek especially when worn on short or sleeveless tops. If you choose to go bold and pick the chunky silver bangle, consider how big it is before pairing it up with more pieces which could end up making it look messy and overdone.

Stack Up

Show off your charming spirit by stacking up several silver bangle pieces. You do not have to reach for other types of bangles or jewelry if you have a variety of silver bangles for women to play around with. Simply stack several identical pieces as you would with bracelets or mix up several sizes and styles with balance as you see fit for your look.

Mix and Match

Once again, investing in variety turns out to be a great idea. In this case, mix up your silver bangles with other metal designs such as gold and bronze or pick up pieces that have other colors or gems in them. If you are looking to appear mysteriously interesting, this should be on top of your styling hacks. Keep in mind the rules of color and temperature when playing mix and match with your silver bangles to pull off a perfect look. For example, while gold may look appealing when matched with red, silver bangles will look better if matched with pieces that are cooler such as pale pastel.

Consider the Occasion

Like other fashion choices, wearing silver bangles for women is highly influenced by the occasion. While your beautiful clanking stack of silver bangles may look very stylish at a party, the noise from your pieces will only draw scowls from your colleagues at work or in a meeting. On the other hand, one chunky piece will keep your feminine bold style intact at a formal event. To keep true to your love for silver bangles for women, invest in a variety to suit every occasion with ease and decorum.

Less is more

This might be confusing given the earlier tip to go big or even choose stacks. But you might need to keep this in mind if you are going to be a flawlessly stylish silver bangle queen. With unique designs, stacking too many silver bangles will definitely look too busy and overdone, taking away the essence from your pieces and do little in communicating what your style is. So, as much as you love all your pieces, keep it moderately chic.

What Next?

You now have all the top tips on how to style silver bangles for women to help you showing off your elegance. All that is left to do is build your collection with a variety, keep it moderate, bold and stylish regardless of the occasion.