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Why Do Women Wear Jewelry?


If you’re like most people, you probably wear jewelry without giving a second thought to why you do. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when jewelry was first worn. Ancient people all over the world have worn jewelry of one type or another throughout history. Some pieces are more glamorous with large precious stones inlaid in precious metal. Others are simple, consisting of only a leather string and a bone or tooth.


Why wear jewelry?

According to Maslow’s pyramid, jewelry isn’t a primary need for us humans, and yet, we spend billions of dollars every year on it. Both men and women buy jewelry, but why do women specifically have such an attachment?


  1. Jewelry makes women more attractive

Although jewelry is not a primary need according Maslow’s pyramid, it does play a role in encouraging romantic interactions that lead to the fulfillment of some of the primary needs including s**, security and family.


Women (and really most people regardless of gender) are conscious about their looks. They do their best to make themselves appear attractive to the opposite sex. This is an inborn instinct that even wild animals have. Women adorn themselves with jewelry and attractive clothes to command attention.


As an interesting side note, many of the locations at which jewelry is worn are strongly s**ual (e.g. long necklaces draw the eye to the breasts and earrings draw attention to the ears that are an erogenous region for women.

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  1. As a sign of social status

Women also wear jewelry as a sign of the society status in the following ways:


  • Symbol of marital status and affection

Certain pieces of jewelry have been used symbolically since pre-historic times. Rings, for example, are used in many societies today as a symbol of an everlasting union between couples. People who view a woman’s engagement ring will know that she’s already spoken for and will not attempt any romantic advances.


  • Symbol of wealth

Jewelry can also be a way to exhibit wealth and a high economic status in society. Men give expensive gifts of jewelry to women in an attempt to show their status and therefore attract a mate. According to the National Retail Federation, men spend an average of $150 on jewelry alone on Valentine’s Day. Expensive jewelry is associated with people of high economic and social status.


  • Symbol of affiliation

Social status can also be expressed in who you know. Jewelry can be worn as a sign of affiliation to a certain group (e.g. a sorority). Family heirlooms can also be a symbol of affiliation.


  1. As a means for self-expression

Many women wear jewelry as a way to show forth their personalities. Women purchase jewelry that expresses their style and ideas. Some like classic earrings while others will wear eccentric pieces to express their quirky personalities. You can therefore tell a lot about a woman by studying her jewelry.


  1. For the power in the jewelry

Humans have attached great meaning and significance to certain stones and metals. Some stones are believed to have healing power. Jewelry may be worn for their religious power (e.g. crosses). Others may be worn for the healing properties of the gemstones.


Great value for money

Whatever your reason for wearing jewelry, it’s important to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Search online for jewelry deals and compare prices on different sites. Shopping online not only gives you the opportunity to easily compare prices but also to find unique pieces at an affordable price. Jewelry can prove to be an investment not only in your relationship or appearance, but also in your financial future.