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What to do Before You Have Surgery


Going in for surgery can be a troubling time, even if it is for something mild then it can cause you a bit of stress and anxiety, especially if it i your first time. Usually you are giving quite a bit of warning before surgery and this gives you a lot of time to think about how it might go. I was speaking to a friend of mine, an excellent specialist in colon and rectal surgery called Lisa Marie Cannon, I was due to go in to have my appendix removed and I had few fears before going under the knife. She gave me some great tips and advice which allayed my fears and everything ended up going just fine. If you are due to have some surgery then here are some tips for how to prepare.

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Don’t Google Horror Stories

The truth of the matter is that we have some absolutely outstanding doctors in the World who perform amazing things and 99.9% of surgeries work out well. The trouble with Google is that the 99.9% that have no problems have little reason to get online and talk about how well their surgery went and naturally those that are in the 0.1% wish to share their terrible experience online. Do yourself a favor and avoid these horror stories, they are a rarity and reading them will just give you more fear.

Talk With People Who’ve Been Through It

If you have friends family members or colleagues who have had a similar operation to you then talk to them about their experience, this way you can get a full first hand account of what your procedure will look like, how you will feel and what to expect. Speaking a doctor will naturally help to allay your fears but talking to someone who has been on the other end of the operating table will help to calm you down further.

Follow Instructions to a Tee

Your doctor may give you some instructions to follow before your operation, perhaps not to eat anything for 24 hours beforehand, or to avoid liquids before the operation and it is essential that you follow these instructions to the letter. The doctors don’t give out these instructions just because they feel like it, it is to make their job easier by clearing organs or tubes that will enable them to perform the surgery better. Whatever the doctor says, you should do it.

Try to Take Your Mind Off It

On the days leading up to your operation try to take your mind off it, you could throw yourself into work or ask your friends to do something with you. Whatever it takes to stop you thinking about your surgery for a little while you should do, it will leave you more relaxed and calm about what is about to happen. You shouldn’t worry about things you cannot change, it is important that you put your faith in the doctors and just concentrate on staying calm.