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The juicy lowdown on Bridget Jones’ Baby


It’s been billed as one of the hottest movies of 2016 and following the success of the previous two in the series, it’s really no surprise.

However, as well as the standard cast members and all of the basic information that industry publications like to bore readers with, there are some juicy facts to be had.

Some of these have been taken from experienced writers in the business, with David Berkowitz Chicago being one source, but they are interesting nevertheless.

Whether you’ve seen the movie, or are mulling over whether or not to take the trip to the big screen, sit tight and read some of the best Bridget Jones’ Baby facts we have pulled in over the last few weeks.

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If you’ve not seen it, feel free to read the book

There are some people who swear by reading the book before seeing the film itself and if you fall into said category, you don’t need to worry about ruining the surprise.

In the previous two Bridget Jones movies, the plot has at least vaguely been based on the novels. However, to say that this film is different from the original would be an understatement – there are some hugely notable differences this time around.

Interestingly, the writers have taken a different route and based it more on some of the author’s columns that have been penned in newspapers over the years.

This begs the question on whether or not there could be a fourth movie, even though Bridget Jones was just a three-book series.

There’s no Hugh

Let’s be honest, Hugh Grant has played a massive role in this franchise. While Renée Zellweger will obviously always steal all the headlines, Grant has never been far behind.

This time, he’s not to be seen. He declined to be involved and it remains to be seen just how it will be received in his absence.

…But there’s a place for a certain singer

If we stay on the topic of the cast, there is a place for a certain singer. Ed Sheeran is appearing in the movie, as he continues his break from his music career.

Elsewhere, you needn’t feel about any of the other old members returning. Shazza, Tom and Jude are all back, while some will be interested to read that Emma Thompson steps in to play the midwife.

Who’s the daddy?

If you’re not in the mood for any sort of spoiler, it’s time to click the back button. However, as the title of this movie has probably given away, the main theme is of Bridget Jones’ baby.

The story is about who the father to the baby is and incredibly, few people actually know the outcome. The film makers have shot three endings, in a practice very similar to what a lot of TV shows do, in a bid to keep a lid on the outcome. It means that not one member of the cast, even Zelweiger herself, knew who the daddy was before the film was released.