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Spotlight on Dr. KP Yohannan and Gospel for Asia


Even in today’s advanced World the problem of poverty still exists, it is a plight that strikes millions who are unfortunate enough to be born into it and who, though no fault of their own, are forced to live a difficult life. Thankfully the problem is gradually, albeit very slowly, disappearing thanks to kind hearted humans around the World who have started several charities and organizations to try to put an end to poverty. One such kind hearted man is Dr. KP Yohannan, an Indian man who has lead an inspirational life and a man who founded the fantastic charity Gospel for Asia, a charity that has done some tremendous work in the fight against poverty for over 30 years.

KP Yohannan

Dr. KP Yohannan was born in Kerala, India, a Christian since a very young age he began working as a missionary at the age of 16, helping out in some of India’s poorest regions. It was here that Yohannan experienced first hand the problems that poverty causes and inspired him to later create Gospel for Asia.

Yohannan went to America to study theology where he was also ordained as a clergyman and worked as a pastor during his studies, upon graduating with his B.A. in Bible Studies he set up the charity which in the last 30 years has gone on to become the World’s largest evangelical missionary NGO.

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Gospel for Asia

In 1978 Gospel for Asia was set up, in its first year it focussed on training 24 missionaries who would work form its first ministry in India. The idea behind the charity was to focus on the individual areas of poverty using its missionaries with the emphasis on giving the poor the necessary tools take lift themselves out of poverty.

Since its inception, Gospel for Asia has gone on to begin operations in over 15 countries throughout Asia and has set up many different individual ministries which work with thousands of people in varying circumstances.

Here are some of the ministries which this great charity currently has in operation.

Slum Ministry – Working in the slums of Asia to offer healthcare and to educate those who live there in literacy and numeracy as well as job skills and offering health advice about addiction, sexual health and the dangers of infections.

Bridge of Hope – Aimed at the children who are affected by poverty, feeding over 75,000 mouths per day and offering free healthcare and schooling in an effort to change the futures of thousands for the better.

Leprosy Ministry – Brave missionaries work across the whole of Asia with those who are suffering from or affected by leprosy. This includes the treatment of sufferers and the education in communities of the prevention of leprosy and the course of action that they can take should they contract it, despite being highly contagious, leprosy is very curable if it is caught early enough, the charity also offers screening to try and catch sufferers early.