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Just How Safe Are Your Favourite Sports?


We love sports here, but lately, we’ve been wondering, how safe are they. After all, it seems that we can’t get through one week without seeing a report of another injury in the sporting world. Whether that’s a head-on collision in a football match or an F1 crash. It is possible that these sports are actually far more dangerous than we assume? Or, are there special protective measures in place to keep the athletes we love safe on the field?

American Football

American football is the big one after Concussion was released last year. A film that documented the dangers of head on collisions in American football. Specifically, that it could lead to brain damage. However, the good news is that a head-on collision is incredibly rare in American football and rules on the field keep the players safe.

Horse Riding

Do you ever think about how much danger a rider is in when he chooses to get on that horse? Probably not but we can tell you it takes a lot of courage. Especially if you know, that horseriding has been shown to be more dangerous than taking ecstasy!


Boxing may seem like a vicious sport with two guys hammering at one another till one is down. Although, you might be surprised to know that boxing is more like dancing. Each hit the boxer takes, is often coordinated and aimed to precision. As well as this, they do have foam padding in their gloves and often in headgear. This is designed to keep them safe from serious injuries. Certainly, it’s a lot safer than bare-knuckle boxing, as you can see in the infographic below.

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