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Golf is a popular sport that offers many benefits to its players. It gets you active and outdoors and it is a social sport that can be enjoyed with friends and family of all ages and abilities. There are psychological benefits too, such as improved mood, increased confidence, and reduced anxiety. If you enjoy playing golf, then you need to make sure that you have the right equipment that matches your personal preferences and your skillset. To help you make the right decisions during your search, here are 6 things to keep in mind when choosing golf equipment.

Confidence in Your Driver

The head of a driver will determine the length of your shot. It is important to find your optimal head shape to enhance your performance. You need to use a driver the promotes your self-confidence and playability. Every player will have their own preference when it comes to shape and size, but whatever your preference may be, feeling confident during a game is the main thing you need to look out for.

Choosing Your Shaft Wisely

If you want to become a consistent player, then you must choose your shaft wisely. The shaft selection is an item that is often overlooked in golf. However, the shaft choice will have an impact on your shot dispersion and distance. Your swing speed is important when selecting a driver shaft, but you should also keep the tempo of each swing, ball speed, the weight of the shaft, and the launch point in mind.

Selecting the Right Ball

When selecting your golf equipment, it can be easy to focus on the clubs, but you can’t actually play the game without a golf ball. There are some steps you should follow when selecting a golf ball. This includes understanding the core and other parts of the ball, then studying and testing it when possible.  It is common for golf balls to get lost, so you should avoid spending too much on the right golf balls.

Second Hand Golf Carts

Walking around a golf course carrying your golf clubs can be tiring. If you have the money and storage space, you could invest in your very own golf cart to make things more comfortable and enjoyable. You must know what you’re looking for if you buy a used cart. Whatever the age of your cart, if it needs repairs or maintenance, then you should check out the popular EZGO brand for essential items. 

The Price of Equipment

Many young golfers worry about the price of their golf equipment, especially when they have other responsibilities to pay for. Doing your research, searching for good deals, and making smart choices can tackle the issue of expenses. When you select irons, a driver, or any other pieces of equipment, the price should not dictate your decision. A big price tag does not mean that the equipment is better.

Storage Space at Home

Before you purchase any golf equipment, you need to make sure that you can store it all properly at home. Whether it cost a ton or it was second hand, well-kept equipment will last longer and improve your performance on the golf course. It will maintain its appearance too. For example, your clubs must be cleaned regularly and they must be fully dry before you store them in a good bag in a safe and arid environment.

There are a lot of brands and makes out there, which can make choosing the right golf equipment feel overwhelming at times. However, with the right research and knowledge, it will be easier for you to make the right choice and improve your performance without breaking your budget.


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To become one of the most valuable sports franchises these days you really need to be pulling in some big numbers. To put it o you in numbers, this year’s figures were up 18% on last years. 18% in one year. And that’s just the cutoff to make it onto the list of the Top 50. To put it you another way, over 35 teams that are worth over $1 billion did not make it onto the Forbes hallowed halls.

How is a growth like this even possible? TV contracts have grown exponentially, labor deals made with the players, sponsorship deals and ticket prices; they’ve all gone up and that means the value of the franchises have gone up. So, with all that in mind, who made up the top 5:

  1. Dallas Cowboys

For the second year running, the Dallas Cowboys took home the top spot with a market value of $4.8 billion. What makes their value so staggering, though, is the fact they haven’t won an NFL Championship in over two decades. How have they managed it then? Well, a lot of it is to do with their stadium which a) is worth $1.2 billion and b) the stadium naming rights were sold for almost $600 million.

  1. New York Yankees

There is another second-time on the list, this time with the New York Yankees being the only MLB franchise to make it onto the top 10. What are they worth? $3.7 billion. Sure, it has been a while since they themselves won a championship (2009 to be precise), but they have accumulated 27 World Series’, they do make $120 million from sponsorship and they have a $130 million revenue from seating.

  1. Manchester United

This was once the most valuable sports team in the world, but third place isn’t bad, not by any means, not when you look at their worth of $3.69 billion, which has gone up by over 10% in one year. The reason they are so successful is partly to do with their heritage on the field but mainly to do with their mastery in commercial income. Yup, we’re alluding to the 10-year $1 billion sponsorship deal with Adidas.

  1. FC Barcelona

There is a load of reasons why FC Barcelona is worth $3.64 billion. Some of it has to do with the man, the myth, the legend that is Lionel Messi, some of it is to do with their vast global reach, all of which lead back to their great clinics in Barcelona, and some of it is to do with their kit deal with Nike, that is said to be worth $175 million per year (and it doesn’t run out for another ten years). Of course, their stadium capacity may well have a lot to do with it as well. Basically, they’re a big club.

  1. Real Madrid

Unlike everyone else on this list, Real Madrid’s net worth actually declined in the past year, meaning it’s most valuable soccer team crown has been taken from it. That said, a market value of $3.58 billion is hardly worth complaining about. And they put that money to use as well, securing what one of the world’s biggest earners – and global icon – Cristiano Ronaldo.


We love sports here, but lately, we’ve been wondering, how safe are they. After all, it seems that we can’t get through one week without seeing a report of another injury in the sporting world. Whether that’s a head-on collision in a football match or an F1 crash. It is possible that these sports are actually far more dangerous than we assume? Or, are there special protective measures in place to keep the athletes we love safe on the field?

American Football

American football is the big one after Concussion was released last year. A film that documented the dangers of head on collisions in American football. Specifically, that it could lead to brain damage. However, the good news is that a head-on collision is incredibly rare in American football and rules on the field keep the players safe.

Horse Riding

Do you ever think about how much danger a rider is in when he chooses to get on that horse? Probably not but we can tell you it takes a lot of courage. Especially if you know, that horseriding has been shown to be more dangerous than taking ecstasy!


Boxing may seem like a vicious sport with two guys hammering at one another till one is down. Although, you might be surprised to know that boxing is more like dancing. Each hit the boxer takes, is often coordinated and aimed to precision. As well as this, they do have foam padding in their gloves and often in headgear. This is designed to keep them safe from serious injuries. Certainly, it’s a lot safer than bare-knuckle boxing, as you can see in the infographic below.

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