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LeBron James

LeBron James

When you think of big earners in sport, you will certainly think of soccer superstars such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. But do any other sports cross your mind? It’s not just the sports that get the most airtime that produce some very wealthy players. In fact, lots of very niche sports also pay out the big bucks to their successful players. Here are some of the world’s richest sports stars – how many have you actually heard of?

Basketball: LeBron James

It has been reported that one of basketball’s most famous players, LeBron James is all set to earn around 30 million dollars this year. But, to be fair, the king of B-ball sure has earned it! He first made the Forbes list of highest-earning athletes back in 2014 after helping his team win back-to-back NBA championships. Since then, James has earned three All-Star Honors and is now known as one of the all-time greats of basketball.

Golf: Phil Mickelson

Even though Phil Mickelson may only be 30th in the world ranking of golfers, he sure has brought in some big bucks already! Back in 2012, he was the world’s 7th highest-paid athlete after making just over 48 million dollars in one single year! Since then, his overall earnings may have dipped slightly but the money made from all his sponsorships – from the likes of Barclays and Rolex – still keep him up with the top earners in sport!

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

Supercross: Ryan Villopoto

Now that Supercross has bagged Monster Energy as their official sponsor, it looks like the sport is going to continue paying some seriously high salaries to its top performers! One of whom is Ryan Villopoto, who earned around $150,000 last year. And that’s not too bad for a relatively little-known sport!

American Football: Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers’ quarterback has sure some a long way since being obsessed with American Football as a youngster! After signing a five-year contract of just over 100 million dollars back in 2015, his average yearly salary works out at around the 20 million dollars mark. Last year, he was given the title of the AP Most Valuable Player, so it looks like his earnings might even increase!

Usain Bolt

Athletics: Usain Bolt

High earners aren’t only found in team sports, though. You just need to look at the athletics track to spot a few more. And one of the most profitable athletes has to be Usain Bolt. In 2016, the runner made a cool 33 million dollars! The super sports star earns plenty off the track thanks to sponsorship deals and has many global and local partners. His biggest backer has to be the sports brand Puma, which have signed a record ten-million-dollar deal with the iconic runner!

So, as you can see, the highest-earning sports stars aren’t always the most obvious. As long as they can get sponsorship and keep on achieving, there is no limit to how much they can earn! Can you think of any other top-earning players and athletes?


We love sports here, but lately, we’ve been wondering, how safe are they. After all, it seems that we can’t get through one week without seeing a report of another injury in the sporting world. Whether that’s a head-on collision in a football match or an F1 crash. It is possible that these sports are actually far more dangerous than we assume? Or, are there special protective measures in place to keep the athletes we love safe on the field?

American Football

American football is the big one after Concussion was released last year. A film that documented the dangers of head on collisions in American football. Specifically, that it could lead to brain damage. However, the good news is that a head-on collision is incredibly rare in American football and rules on the field keep the players safe.

Horse Riding

Do you ever think about how much danger a rider is in when he chooses to get on that horse? Probably not but we can tell you it takes a lot of courage. Especially if you know, that horseriding has been shown to be more dangerous than taking ecstasy!


Boxing may seem like a vicious sport with two guys hammering at one another till one is down. Although, you might be surprised to know that boxing is more like dancing. Each hit the boxer takes, is often coordinated and aimed to precision. As well as this, they do have foam padding in their gloves and often in headgear. This is designed to keep them safe from serious injuries. Certainly, it’s a lot safer than bare-knuckle boxing, as you can see in the infographic below.

By Technical Foam Services


NFL legend and broadcaster Frank Gifford has died aged 84.

Frank Gifford died at his home in Connecticut of natural causes, his family said.

He won the 1956 NFL title with the New York Giants and was inducted into the American Football Hall of Fame in 1977.

After his playing career Frank Gifford moved into TV commentary, working for ABC’s Monday Night Football from 1971 to 1997.

Giants President John Mara said: “Frank Gifford was the ultimate Giant. He was the face of our franchise for so many years.”

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Bob Iger, chairman of ABC’s owner, the Walt Disney Company, described Frank Gifford as “an exceptional man who will be missed by everyone who had the joy of seeing his talent on the field, the pleasure of watching his broadcasts, or the honor of knowing him”.

Frank Gifford made 367 catches for 5,434 yards with 43 touchdowns, whilst also running for 3,609 yards and 34 touchdowns.

He was the MVP in 1956 and was an eight-time selection to the Pro Bowl.

In a statement released to NBC News, the Gifford family said: “We ask that our privacy be respected at this difficult time and we thank you for your prayers.”

Frank Gifford married Kathie Lee Gifford, a host on NBC’s Today show, in 1986.

In a Twitter post, Kathie Lee Gifford said: “Deeply grateful to all 4 ur outpouring of grace. We r steadfast in our faith and finding comfort in knowing where Frank is.”


After weeks of an NFL-launched investigation, Richie Incognito voiced his feelings towards his teammate Jonathan Martin on Twitter.

Richie Incognito, who had been suspended from the Miami Dolphins since November 3 following bullying allegations by teammate Jonathan Martin, had his suspension lifted last week.

Richie Incognito, who will be a free agent in 2014, also went after Jonathan Martin’s agent and accused him of releasing a voicemail to ESPN.

The Dolphins guard has been waiting patiently for the release of independent arbitrator Ted Wells’ report on the alleged bullying scandal that rocked the NFL landscape last season but Wednesday Richie Incognito decided to let loose on Twitter:

“I’m ready to move on with my life and career. I’ve been dragged through the mud for months by my <<best friend>>.”

Richie Incognito voiced his feelings towards his teammate Jonathan Martin on Twitter

Richie Incognito voiced his feelings towards his teammate Jonathan Martin on Twitter

“Dear Jon Martin….. The truth is going to bury you and your entire <<camp>>. You could have told the truth the entire time.”

“Jon Martin—you started all of this when Kenny Zuckerman released the VM to ESPN. The same VM we joked about with @brianhartline.”

“Kenny Zuckerman from Priority Sports…. What do you have to say for your actions? Why did you release the VM. What was your goal ?”

“I’m guilty of being a loyal friend and good teammate. I apologize for my poor language and rude remarks. I’ve never denied it.”

“I apologize to all of the women out there that I offended with my text messages to my close personal friend.”

“FACT: Jonathan Martin told me he thought about taking his own life in MAY 2013 b/c he wasn’t playing well. Told me he felt worthless.”

“I have no further comment at this time. Please contact my attorney Mark Schamel…”

[youtube vwKW6d3cbks 650]