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3 Tips for Self Care After the Holidays


The holiday season can be tough. From spending excessive amounts of money on presents for friends and family to traveling around the country to visit loved ones, the months surrounding the holiday season can be a lot for some people. After all the excitement of visiting family, opening gifts, and ringing in the New Year, it is understandable to feel drained. Taking the time to incorporate a little extra self care into your daily routine at the start of the year can help revive you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Keep reading to learn a few simple but effective tips for self-care after the long holiday months.

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  1. Sleep

This might seem obvious, but many people do not get enough sleep in the months leading up to the Holiday season. From working around the clock to buy and wrap presents, decorating your home, preparing baked goods and even gourmet meals for guests, and traveling to visit friends and family, it’s normal to feel a bit deprived of sleep. For a few weeks after the holidays, free up your plans in the evening to allow for an early bed time, or give yourself permission to sleep in extra late. This is a great way to regulate your mental, physical, and emotional health, and give yourself the extra care you need.

  1. Treat Yourself

After spending months shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, why not splurge on a little gift for yourself? Whether it’s the luxury hair tool you’ve been eyeing since before Christmas or skincare treatments from inhstl.com, don’t shy away from treating yourself to a physical gift or indulgent experience to reward yourself for pulling off the perfect Holiday season.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Even after the holiday season has come to a close, you might find yourself dealing with leftover stress from dealing with the hustle and bustle of holiday prep. To help yourself unwind and regulate your emotions, it can be helpful to meditate in order to ground yourself and allow your mind to return to the present. If you’re new to meditation, there are plenty of tutorials and guided sessions you can follow on YouTube or even on special meditation apps like Headspace. If you are struggling to relax and unwind after the chaos of the Christmas season, doing a short, guided meditation can help immensely.