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7 Ways You Can Help Prevent Domestic Violence


The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey claim to have more than 33% of women and one in 12 men have encountered life-partner violence in their lifetime.

             What would be a good idea for you to do?

If you are charged with a domestic violence offence, you should seek advice immediately from experts like Marsh Blom Lawyers. You will be guided thoroughly and professionally which will make the things easier and smoother for you to handle properly.

Moreover, in case you’re in a fix about what you can do to help, you should study the following tips.

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                Effective Measures to Stop Domestic Violence

Here are 7 points you can adopt to help prevent domestic violence at home.

  1. Know the warning signs

White, black, young, old, rich, poor, educated, uneducated__ anyone can fall a prey to domestic violence at home. Sometime viciousness starts from the get-go in a relationship and on different occasions it takes months or even a long time to show up. On the other hand, some warning signs happen to appear. Be careful about the red flags an abuser may show anytime in a relationship:

  • Being envious of your companions or time spent away from your partner.
  • Disheartening you from investing time away from your partner.
  • Humiliating or disgracing you.
  • Controlling every budgetary choice.
  • Making you feel remorseful for all the issues in the relationship.
  • Preventing you from working.
  • Deliberately damaging your property.
  • Undermining brutality against you, your pets or somebody you like to gain obedience.
  • Pressurizing you to engage in sexual relations when you would prefer not to.
  • Threatening you physically, particularly with weapons.

2. Don’t overlook it

Cops hear something very similar from witnesses over and over—I heard/saw domestic violence but would not like to get engaged. If you hear your neighbours involved in a violent situation, call the police. This is your social and moral responsibility to keep your society free of the evils like domestic violence. It could help to spare a life in the end.

3. Hear out

If somebody ever opens his heart to you that they are encountering domestic violence at home, tune in without judgment. Accept what they are letting you know and ask how you can help. Your patient and attentive listening will not only console their heart but may also go a long way towards solving the issue sensibly.

4. Be available

If somebody you know is intending to leave or is in fear that the violence may shoot up, be prepared to help. Your cell phone should be with you with the ringer on, make sure your car tank is full and talk about a runaway plan or meeting place early. Mind it that your prompt availability counts a lot in many respects.

5. Keep the nearby shelter number

Nobody ever knows who may need a haven in no time. Keep numbers to shelters and your cell phone is equipped with the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

6. Check consistently as well as randomly

If a loved one or friend is in peril, connect routinely to guarantee their security. You may keep in touch off and on as well. It will keep the victim well boosted and motivated all the time to face the things confidently.

7. Be empathic

Somebody encountering violence will most likely be unable to research shelters, escape plans or set up necessities like bank balances and mobile phones while living with their abuser. Offer to do the legwork to help ease stress and keep things hush-hush.


Domestic violence in our society is in full swing. To cope with it, we need to pursue some effective techniques.