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5 Important Foundation Art and Design Career Tips for An Emerging Artist


Throughout the passage of time, the art world has become more accommodating of professionals with eccentric ideas and visions for their work. Today, painters, dancers and other creatives have been able to turn their innovative and unconventional ideas into pieces of art, many of which clash against traditional and monotonous forms of artwork. For those with a talent in the creative arts, there are many exciting, possible career avenues to choose from in a number of organisations, many of which are looking for new talent!

If you are planning to take up one of the Foundation Art and Design courses, this blog will provide you with a few success tips to help you reach your professional goals. Read on to find out how you can start on your journey to becoming an independent emerging artist.

Photo by Mimzy May from Pexels

Tips for emerging artists

1. Sell your work: In order to be successful in the modern art world, you have to be able to market your skills and make your work visible. Moreover, you must have a strong social presence and have an information-rich website that demonstrates your art and abilities. Remember, if you want to become an independent artist, you must treat yourself like a brand and work on promoting it.

2. Document: When you are starting off as an independent artist, you might think that selling your art without a contract is okay. Especially since word of mouth is of more significance than earning some cash. However, sealing deals without a contract might lead you into a tricky situation financially. Independent artists are entrepreneurs and it is difficult to get paid when you are in the initial stages of your career. Hence, irrespective of whether your client is a friend, a family member or a complete stranger, always draw up a contract before you deliver the product. Ensure that the contract has clearly mentioned clauses that state that the reproduction and exhibition rights are protected and remain with you. This is a great way to demonstrate that you are serious about your art, which can give you a good standing in the marketplace.

3. Price it right: When artists start their own business endeavour, they tend to underrate their work and its price. Once you get the whiff of success, you might be inclined to sell out your work for an unreasonable price. However, this might hinder your progress and can impact your brand’s image in the market. Before you decide the price of a particular art piece, analyse the market prices and the quality of work that your contemporaries are selling at the same price. Ensure that you maintain consistency in the pricing of your artwork. Refrain from selling anything for less than what you have sold a similar piece for.

4. Build a strong network: While on most days your work will do the talking, you also need the word of mouth to boost your market presence. Ensure that you maintain healthy and transparent communication with collectors, clients and galleries by keeping them informed of your latest work and developments. Continue making connections with other art enthusiasts, who can be instrumental to your business. Furthermore, you should plan ahead and set the future pricing strategies straight to ensure that the increase or decline in prices is sustainable.

5. Promote brand awareness: If you want your business to flourish and your art to garner widespread appreciation, ensure that you promote brand awareness and pitch your art to the media. Present your artwork to the press, with concise details of your work, including full credit details and include a link to the work on your website and press pages.

Starting a career in the creative industry as an independent artist can be exciting, but it also comes with the responsibility of handling various aspects of launching your own business. If you are interested in forging a career in creative arts, search for the best Foundation Art and Design courses and sign up for it today!