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Almost everyone has ever heard about a couple who have met on a dating website or on social media and has lived happily ever after. Logically, it leads to the thoughts about trying own destiny on the web. However, there is something inside which prevents from pressing the button Sign up on a dating website. To stop doubting, one shall find out the reasons for this fear.

Examples of happy couples who have got acquainted on the Internet are alluring like fairy-tales. However, the feeling of irreality does not let you dare to date online. Looking at attractive Ukrainian brides on a dating resource, there are doubts how such beautiful women can be lonely. Let us find out the main obstacles on your way to happiness.

Myths about Online Dating Which Interfere with Happiness

1. Hot women do not lack attention from men and cannot seek for a husband online.

Attractive women often feel lonely. Among them, as well as among men, there are lots of those who work hard, that is why they lack time for regular acquaintances in bars. If a man finds an attractive girl on the Internet, quite probably, she has decided to focus on those who have got serious intentions and have decided to find a wife for a lifetime on a dating website.

2. All information in profiles is untrue.

 Undoubtedly, everyone will try to look more attractive, younger, and more successful on the web. But what is the sense to write the facts which are completely dishonest? Earlier or later, a real-life meeting will take place, and the truth will be revealed. Hardly, a relationship which has started with a lie will end up with a happy marriage.

3. Every woman or man on a dating website is a scammer looking for easy profit.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of resources who have already fooled lots of men and women who have believed in online love. The only remedy from this problem is making a scrupulous check of a resource where one would like to log on. It is better to spend more time googling than to be disappointed after several weeks of chatting and emailing.

4. It is impossible to get to know a person through chatting.

Communicating on the Internet, indeed, people have got the possibility to think before replying. Thus, it means that the response is well-thought. On the other side, shy and timid people can express themselves and let a potential partner get to know him or her more.

5. There is no way to meet a person from a dating website in real life.

Unfair resources do not provide this opportunity. Thus, a user may spend money on their services without the chance to meet a man or woman in reality, as well as cannot get contact information. The way out is quite simple: choose a reliable dating resource.

All of the obstacles are created in the heads. If a person has decided to find a partner, all the doubts and fears should be thrown away, and each chance to be happy shall be used.


The World of Online Dating

Are you fed up of being single and are you ready to find that special someone? Nowadays, it can be difficult to meet prospective partners the old fashioned way. Bars, clubs, and even the workplace are overpopulated with couples or non-suitors these days, meaning that you could be left on the shelf. So, if you haven’t already entered into the world of online dating, now is the time!

Yes, online dating can be a daunting prospect. Meeting someone new for the first time whether it’s for drinks, coffee or dinner can be nerve wracking. But it doesn’t have to be. Read on to find out how to prepare yourself for a successful online date.

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Our Top 3 Tips

  1. Play the Field – so, you’ve signed up to an online dating site and having a browse. For many, finding the right match can take days, weeks or even months. That’s why it’s important to remember why you’re there in the first place; to meet someone special and have fun in the process. With this in mind, don’t be embarrassed to chat to or even meet up with more than one person. How will you ever find the one if you don’t play the field?
  2. Be Open and Honest – it can be really easy to get carried away with yourself when it comes to the online world. Try and avoid making things up or exaggerating about things. Chances are, if you do hit it off with someone then you’ll probably end up meeting them and it can leave you in an awkward situation if your online claims don’t follow through.

When filling out your profile and speaking to people online, sell yourself for the great qualities you have. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, they’re not worth talking too!

  1. Prepare for the Meet! – if you’re ready to go on your big date, you will have been talking to the person online for a while no doubt, so you’ll have a good understanding of them as a person; their likes, interests, hobbies etc. However, when it comes to the date itself, have some key points that you want to talk about. Pick 5 topics such as family, friends, work, favorite films and music. Anything that allows you to get to know your date a little better and keep the conversation flowing is always a good thing!

It can be hard, especially when the nerves kick in, but try and avoid rambling on about yourself too much. Of course, your date will want to know more about you and may ask questions, but always remember to reciprocate those questions and keep the conversation interesting.  If you’re into your date and he or she seems into you, get your flirt on! Flirting is harmless fun that can make a date a lot more enjoyable. A little footsie under the table or some light stroking can show that you’re engaged in the person and that you’re enjoying the date and their company!

Be Careful but Have Fun!

Particularly on a first date, it’s important not to drink too much. You don’t want to give off a bad impression by getting so drunk that you black out or make a fool of yourself – hey, it might be what you’re into, but we doubt it.

What’s even more important is that you have your wits about you, especially when it comes to online dating. It’s always better to play it safe. That’s not to say you can’t have a great time! Additionally, if you don’t feel 100% into the date, then you don’t need to continue. If for any reason you don’t feel safe or want to leave, you are completely entitled to do so. Always stay safe and follow your instincts! One last thing to remember is that before you go out on a date, tell someone where you’re going.

Go Get Em’ Tiger
If you find these tips helpful and want to get out on the dating scene, check out some online dating sites today and find the right one for you! Why not start off with flirt.com? You never know, the love of your life could be out there waiting for you on a dating site…good luck!



Let’s be honest, if you’ve already tried to find a long-term relationship using traditional methods and it didn’t work out, then nothing will change until you do. Change your methods, change your thinking, and change where you’re looking! With free dating sites you can really explore a whole new world of attractive and interesting singles in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, you can start using all the functions of the site and open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences.


Fortunately, online dating sites like BeNaughty.com make this absolutely possible for a variety of reasons including:

  • Meeting new people – find new attractive/interesting single men and women that you would never normally run into in your everyday life! Bring some excitement and fun to your dating life!
  • Evaluation prior to meeting – get to know a person a little bit better before even meeting him or her! Online dating sites have various ways for communication, so you can get a clear understanding of who the other person is and make an evaluation about them before an actual date!
  • Honest communication – feel honest and open with a variety of communication methods (private messaging, chat rooms, and even phone calls). Online chatting helps us to break down the awkward personal barriers, allowing individuals to truly express their feelings, desires and intentions.
  • Setting your own pace – even shy, quiet and indecisive person can be open and relaxed on online dating site. Of course, you may feel a bit pressured by other people to meet up after a few messages; But don’t worry, move forward at your own pace. Don’t rush into the situation until you 100% sure that you ready to do it.
  • Not so desperate users – most of the people who try online dating are simply bored of the local dating scene, don’t want to waste their money and energy going on dates with people they’re not attracted to, or simply don’t have time for going on countless dates with complete strangers.
  • Long-term relationships – whether you allow yourself to be matched up with a person through the matching algorithm, or you simply find an individual through general searching, online dating sites actually do lead to long lasting relationships that based on respect, love, trust and care.

When you’re willing to make meaningful connections and find your true love in this world, you have to take a chance. There’s no sense in wasting your time on relationship that doesn’t seem to be working for you, so why not take a try at finding love on online dating site? Many people sign up to few different dating sites, however, if you want to immediately begin searching attractive singles in the surrounding area, then consider BeNaughty.com – the most trusted site in the USA.




We’ve all been there; you’re standing at the bar, minding your own business, when someone attractive walks over to you with the corniest chat up line you’ve ever heard. Not only are you left wincing, you’ve also just turned down someone who could have potentially been ‘the one’, if they’d have just been themselves instead of cranking up the sleaze factor.

The same goes for internet dating; if your initial conversation starts with a terrible chat up line, it’s likely the other person has already logged off. If you’ve met one another via an online dating site like MySingleFriend, it’s likely you can avoid the bad chat up lines, arrange to meet and skip straight to the ‘getting to know each other’ discussion. Having said this, not everybody hates cheese, and there are some chat-up lines that are great for breaking the ice. Below are some of the best and worst lines, guaranteed to either make you swoon or cringe:

The Best

Although it may haunt many women up and down the country, it appears that there are actually some cheesy chat-up lines that work wonders. This is according to a new poll by brewers Greene King, who have revealed that the nation’s most popular way to break the ice is the classic, ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’

According to the Daily Mail, the second most popular is, ‘Hello, gorgeous’, followed by, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ and ‘Get your coat, you’ve pulled’. Another line that has proved to be popular with men and women, and is perhaps one of the cheesiest of them all, is ‘You must be tired…because you’ve been running through my mind all night.’ Many women agree that a good opening one-liner shows confidence in a man and also a sense of humour, as long as they keep it light-hearted and don’t take themselves too seriously.

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The Worst

Where to start? The list is endless when it comes to bad chat up lines. It’s been building up for years. Most recently, ‘I like your dress but it would look better on my bedroom floor’, was named the worst of all by women. No doubt many of us have heard the ‘Have a feel of this shirt – do you know what that feels like? Boyfriend material’ line too. If this hasn’t ended with a dirty look or a pint in the face, you’ve been lucky.

Women just don’t want to hear these types of pick-lines. What happened to a good old fashioned compliment? ‘You look lovely tonight’ or at the least, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’, rather than the creepy ‘You look like a parking ticket – because you’ve got fine written all over you.’ Get it wrong, you leave with a red face, get it right and you leave with a partner.

Whilst we can pinpoint much of the blame on men, a study in The Telegraph revealed that 19 % of women also use popular one-liners to attract the opposite gender. It appears that we’re a nation who have long used and will continue to use cheesy chat up lines!



David Merkur, an investment banker from New York and member of Match.com, has used a spreadsheet to make sure he was able to distinguish between each of the eight women he was dating.

David Merkur, 28, used the Microsoft Excel tool to record details of each of the women’s characteristics as well as progress reports on how his dates with them went.

He told Jezebel.com he emailed the spreadsheet to Arielle, a woman he had dated, after their April 4 meeting because she “worked with spreadsheets a lot too”. Arielle then forwarded the document to a group of her friends two days later which helped turn the document viral.

David Merkur, who works for real-estate finance firm Ladder Capital, wrote to Arielle: “Well, this could be a mistake, but what the hell… figured I might as well give you the whole thing. I hope this email doesn’t backfire, because I really had a great time and hope to hang again soon :)”

Perhaps most concerning was that David Merkur passed on the information without removing the girls’ telephone numbers, email addresses, full names or details about their dates, such as how he scored their appearances.

Arielle then emailed her friends: “Wanted to pass this on to you for some monday morning entertainment. I went on a date with this guy last wednesday.

“On the date, he tells me that he has a spreadsheet for tracking all of the people from Match that are <<in process>>. Naturally, I tease him and ask him to send me the spreadsheet. For some strange reason, he actually does. See below/attached. Just when I thought I had seen it all…”

The spreadsheet was split into various categories including “Monitor closely” and “Monitor casually” columns. It detailed sent text messages and email exchanges as well as the venues in which Dave and his date met.

The document detailed his thoughts on the women’s physical appearances, giving each a score out of ten, with some being awarded a 7.0 or 7.5 for their “mixed bag of pictures” on the website.

David Merkur has used a spreadsheet to make sure he was able to distinguish between each of the eight women he was dating

David Merkur has used a spreadsheet to make sure he was able to distinguish between each of the eight women he was dating

Arranged in alphabetical order, Arielle, the woman he sent the email to, is top of the list. Not concerned with playing it cool, he failed to remove his thoughts on her including: “Hope to see again soon.”

But judging by her message as she forwarded the spreadsheet to her friends, it now seems unlikely.

And even though David Merkur hoped to see her again, he did not think to remove flattering details about his other dates including top scores for appearances, and the fact he’d “hooked up” with one of the girls at a party.

One entry read: “OK girl, but very jappy”, a slang word for “Jewish American princess”.

And for a man who treats women so well David Merkur deems it appropriate to make a spreadsheet just to remember their names, home towns and first dates, it is perhaps unsurprising that he wrote how one stood him up, claiming a friend was in hospital.

In a second page, David Merkur lists the women he has met through friends, rather than the dating website. With these women, he had the forethought to remove their identities.

David Merkur added in the email to Arielle: “I only deleted the non-match people’s names (at the bottom) since some I’ve known for a long time.”

He told Jezebel.com he now regrets making the spreadsheet, labeling it “an extraordinarily dumb decision”.

David Merkur then explained his thought process.

He said: “I work with spreadsheets a lot… it’s a great additional tool. I work long days, go to the gym, go out on a couple of midweek dates or what not, get home late… how am I going to remember them? I’m not.

“So I made the spreadsheet. My comments aren’t malicious or mean. This was an honest attempt to stay organized.”

David Merkur told The New York Post that he was sorry for making the document.

“I sincerely regret my serious lapse in judgment in this matter and apologise to everyone,” he said.

“I am deeply remorseful.”

Jezebel.com also spoke to the woman who had been described as “jappy”.

She said he was “fidgety” when the pair met, adding: “He got up to readjust himself a few times in the middle of our conversation, which was bizarre. He kept taking his glasses off and then putting them on again.”

In reference to the tag, she said she thought it was funny he had called her that, despite being shocked he had kept a spreadsheet in the first place.

She recalled David Merkur correctly identifying her designer handbag during their date, which probably led to the tag.

“He said his mom had it,” she said.

Speaking with the Post, David Merkur added: “Suffice it to say, I will never do anything like this again.”