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Digital Love: Is It Possible to Meet a Future Partner on the Internet?


Almost everyone has ever heard about a couple who have met on a dating website or on social media and has lived happily ever after. Logically, it leads to the thoughts about trying own destiny on the web. However, there is something inside which prevents from pressing the button Sign up on a dating website. To stop doubting, one shall find out the reasons for this fear.

Examples of happy couples who have got acquainted on the Internet are alluring like fairy-tales. However, the feeling of irreality does not let you dare to date online. Looking at attractive Ukrainian brides on a dating resource, there are doubts how such beautiful women can be lonely. Let us find out the main obstacles on your way to happiness.

Myths about Online Dating Which Interfere with Happiness

1. Hot women do not lack attention from men and cannot seek for a husband online.

Attractive women often feel lonely. Among them, as well as among men, there are lots of those who work hard, that is why they lack time for regular acquaintances in bars. If a man finds an attractive girl on the Internet, quite probably, she has decided to focus on those who have got serious intentions and have decided to find a wife for a lifetime on a dating website.

2. All information in profiles is untrue.

 Undoubtedly, everyone will try to look more attractive, younger, and more successful on the web. But what is the sense to write the facts which are completely dishonest? Earlier or later, a real-life meeting will take place, and the truth will be revealed. Hardly, a relationship which has started with a lie will end up with a happy marriage.

3. Every woman or man on a dating website is a scammer looking for easy profit.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of resources who have already fooled lots of men and women who have believed in online love. The only remedy from this problem is making a scrupulous check of a resource where one would like to log on. It is better to spend more time googling than to be disappointed after several weeks of chatting and emailing.

4. It is impossible to get to know a person through chatting.

Communicating on the Internet, indeed, people have got the possibility to think before replying. Thus, it means that the response is well-thought. On the other side, shy and timid people can express themselves and let a potential partner get to know him or her more.

5. There is no way to meet a person from a dating website in real life.

Unfair resources do not provide this opportunity. Thus, a user may spend money on their services without the chance to meet a man or woman in reality, as well as cannot get contact information. The way out is quite simple: choose a reliable dating resource.

All of the obstacles are created in the heads. If a person has decided to find a partner, all the doubts and fears should be thrown away, and each chance to be happy shall be used.