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One of the unwritten rules associated with these modern times is that what could be applicable today is often outdated or irrelevant tomorrow. This is particularly true when we consider the situation of the gaming industry. These sector must be able to keep pace with changing technologies alongside the needs of the players themselves.

In other words, the motto of this sector could very well be “change or die”. How can modifications be put into place while simultaneously avoiding the “business-as-usual” mentality? The answers to this question are actually much simpler than many have been led to believe.

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The Role of Big Data

Some feel that big data is only important within fields such as sales, marketing and analytics. This is a very dangerous assumption. We must envision gaming providers much in the same way as any organization which is trying to understand what its clients desire. Big data is able to address several issues and some examples of important metrics include:

  • The playing habits of the client base
  • When customers access a specific page
  • Which games are the most popular
  • How often users interact with a dedicated social media page

Knowing how these variables can impact a gaming website is the first step involved with streamlining current processes to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer.

More Variety

One of the most notable trends throughout the gaming industry as a whole is the tendency for large providers to offer more games than ever before.  Game developers that are able to supply their clients with a greater number of choices are likely to enjoy higher retention rates; key within such a competitive marketplace.

The Insights of the Players Themselves

Developers need to know what players are thinking and how any recent changes may affect the overall gaming experience.  Allowing users to access games can provide invaluable insight into the creation process. By obtaining user-based opinions, it is much easier to know whether or not a specific idea should be implemented. In other words, the customer is (normally) right.

Adding New Life to Traditional Games

It is just as important to highlight the changing needs of home-based games. While their traditional appeal cannot be denied, we need to remember that they are facing rather stiff competition from the digital community. This is why thinking outside of the box is critical.

The role of technology cannot be overstated and when deployed in conjunction with physical gameplay, the results are often truly staggering. However, a good ideal of research is still required in order to determine which modifications will produce the best results over time.

Proactive Versus Reactive

Above all, game developers should strive to actively determine what their audiences enjoy on a regular basis. There is little use in correcting a problem after it has already caused players to lose interest. A proactive approach will provide the insight and clarity required to make the best decisions when the time is right.

Following these intuitive suggestions will help the gaming industry avoid any needless stagnation and to retain its loyal customer base.


If you’re a gamer, it makes sense to want to know a little more about how games function and why they’re so successful and getting us hooked. No one wants to feel like a lemming that gets easily trapped in the need to keep playing and coming back. But anyone who has ever played games will know that we all do that. So, how does it happen? Here are some of the factors that are most important in keeping is coming back for more.

Simplicity and Complexity

Once we feel like we’ve mastered the mechanic of the game, we want to push further or even learn even more about it. Some of the most simple games actually have the most to learn. For example, fighting games are simple on the surface. Two in-game characters fight each other until one wins. But there is a huge range of combos and moves that can be learned. So, the simplicity draws people in, while the complexity keeps them coming back.


Rewards are often given in games. This can happen in many different ways. For example, if you continue playing through a game, you will often unlock new things that allow you to do new things and get more mileage out of the game. Then there are the more overt examples of games that give out rewards for winning, such as Unibet roulette. These all work on the same basis. We want to win and be rewarded, and that makes us want to keep playing.

Going One Better

High scores have long been features of gaming, and this goes all the way back to Pac-Man. It’s a great way to keep us coming back because we can see how well we did last time and how well we might do if you just give the game one more try. And then one more, and one more. It’s no surprise that so many very simple games have lasted a long time and remained popular when they use this basic technique.

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Social Connections

For many games, it’s our need for social connections that keep us coming back for more. Large online multiplayer games can feed our need to interact with other people and make connections. They simulate that social interaction very well. And these days, most gamers use gaming as a tool for socialising with friends. They play games together and talk to each other via microphones and headsets.

In-Game Leveling Up

Studies and research have found that games that have a leveling up mechanic build into them are much more successful at getting us hooked on the gameplay. If we’re a level 1, we want to become a level 2. And if we’re a level 78, we want to be a level 79. And on it goes. You can see this in expansive video games like Skyrim, Destiny and World of Warcraft. We want to feel like we’re getting better and continually pushing on to the next level.

Video games keep us coming back for more, and now you know how. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t spend so much time playing them.

Being fashionista requires hard work, dedication and commitment toward your boutique. The fashion designers usually don’t get time for anything else besides their work. They even cannot play their favorite fashion related games on their computer. Gladly, in the present age, you do not need computer for playing and working all the time. Check out our list of top 7 fashion games, which can be easily played on your smartphone device.

Fashion Story

Fashion story is one of the most popular games for fashionistas around the world. The good news is its availability on both Android and iOS. The goal of ‘Fashion Story’ is simple; you are the owner of a fashion boutique and your job is to satisfy customers by keeping the store chic and updating the inventory efficiently. You can also connect to your Facebook and interact with your friends by visiting their boutique or giving them a gift.

Professor Purse

Professor Purse is the ideal game for those who have a thing or two for handbags and love designing them. It gives you a number of customizing options to help design the perfect handbag to attract a customer. Check other fashion related online flash games at Friv.cm.

Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon is based in Paris where the player’s character is a true shopaholic and also a fashion lover. You can shop at some of the most expensive boutiques in Paris and purchase different items including clothes, shoes and handbags. Also, the character can be modified with a new haircut and makeup to beautify the overall appearance. You can also connect with your friends online and check out their characters. Fashion Icon is available on both Android and iOS.

Image result for Style Studio: Fashion Designer

Style Studio: Fashion Designer

Ever dreamed of working as a Victoria Secret designer or you just casually love dressing up models? Style Studio: Fashion Designer is game you should download on your Apple device today. Keep up with the latest fashion trends, create and customize your latest clothing line, and dress up your model to make him/her stand out from the crowd. You can also upload and share the picture of your creation with thousands of other players around the world.

Modern Girl by Crowdstar

Modern Girl by Crowdstar combines both fashion as well as the corporate world in one game. Crowdstar is a popular developer of some interesting fashion games such as Sorority Life, Top Girl and It Girl. Modern Girl puts the player in shoes of a fashion enthusiast who has to work her way to the top of the fashion world, and of course, you can also shop the latest designer brands. It is available for download on iOS.

Stardoll Fashion Spin

Besides fashion and clothing designs, a lot of people in the industry also opt for a career as a makeup artist, and for them, Stardoll Fashion Spin is the right game. Fashion Spin allows you to customize your Medoll and make her appear different from the rest of the crowd. You can select dazzling outfits, fix the model’s hair, apply makeup and earn points for moving forward in the game. Furthermore, you can unlock new outfits and additional items as you progress. It is available for download on iOS.

Fashion Designer New York

Fashion Designer New York is an online flash game based in New York. It allows players to design new outfits for a fashion show in New York and also provides a makeover to the models. It is a simple drag and drop game, but very interesting for those interested in fashion shows and glamour world. Try out more flash based online games at JuegosFrivGratis.mx.


Gamers have their own world and the gaming world is huge. Among the many websites that offer online games, Plarium offers MMO Real time strategy games that really appeal to the players – it’s no wonder there are tons of reviews, tips and advice for online strategy games on the internet.

Home to the world’s favorite online strategy games, Plarium has a very active community of game loving players from all over the world. What’s more – since its real time you get to fight your rivals online without having to download, or purchase the game.

Plarium online strategy games  have different themes like in Sparta: War of Empires, players get to fight along with Leonidas against the Xerxes the Persian. Not only do you need to fight, you need to think of the best ways you can strengthen your position, collect food for your troops and come up with a strategy that helps you repel the Persians and defend your city.

Set yourself free across the seven seas with Pirates: tides of Fortunate;  Platinum’s ultra famous pirate game. Build your Pirate Island, use all your resources, form allies with pirates you like, defend your lands and attack other pirate lands to maximize your booty. The goal is to defeat the Spanish Armada and transform from a beginner pirate to the legend of the seven seas!

Defend your army of commandos from the enemies in Zandia with the help of Mr. Black as you work to protect, and to increase your military base while working under a company called “The Strategists” With the perfect attack, defense and fighting strategy, your enemies have no chances of survival.

For the gamers who prefer a combination of fantasy and strategy, Stormfall: Age of War is the game for them as it allows you to build your mighty castle , command your troops and conquer lands and defeat  the Dark God who has taken over your homeland and reclaim what is yours. There will be some magic, but your strategy is what will win you the game. Stormfall: Age of War is Plarium’s epic combination of wit, magic and myth.

Looking for something that is pure MMO strategy? Then Total Domination is the game for you. Step into the future where the Earth has become a nuclear wasteland, and the only thing that stands between the destruction of the human race by mutants is – You. One of the most action packed online games, Total Dominion is defiantly not going to disappoint you.

One of the best things about Plarium online strategy games is that they will allow you to fight with your enemies in real time and  to millions of gamers worldwide, this appeals to them a lot more than fighting with game rivals that were auto generated online.