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Plarium Offers Free Online Strategy Games


Gamers have their own world and the gaming world is huge. Among the many websites that offer online games, Plarium offers MMO Real time strategy games that really appeal to the players – it’s no wonder there are tons of reviews, tips and advice for online strategy games on the internet.

Home to the world’s favorite online strategy games, Plarium has a very active community of game loving players from all over the world. What’s more – since its real time you get to fight your rivals online without having to download, or purchase the game.

Plarium online strategy games  have different themes like in Sparta: War of Empires, players get to fight along with Leonidas against the Xerxes the Persian. Not only do you need to fight, you need to think of the best ways you can strengthen your position, collect food for your troops and come up with a strategy that helps you repel the Persians and defend your city.

Set yourself free across the seven seas with Pirates: tides of Fortunate;  Platinum’s ultra famous pirate game. Build your Pirate Island, use all your resources, form allies with pirates you like, defend your lands and attack other pirate lands to maximize your booty. The goal is to defeat the Spanish Armada and transform from a beginner pirate to the legend of the seven seas!

Defend your army of commandos from the enemies in Zandia with the help of Mr. Black as you work to protect, and to increase your military base while working under a company called “The Strategists” With the perfect attack, defense and fighting strategy, your enemies have no chances of survival.

For the gamers who prefer a combination of fantasy and strategy, Stormfall: Age of War is the game for them as it allows you to build your mighty castle , command your troops and conquer lands and defeat  the Dark God who has taken over your homeland and reclaim what is yours. There will be some magic, but your strategy is what will win you the game. Stormfall: Age of War is Plarium’s epic combination of wit, magic and myth.

Looking for something that is pure MMO strategy? Then Total Domination is the game for you. Step into the future where the Earth has become a nuclear wasteland, and the only thing that stands between the destruction of the human race by mutants is – You. One of the most action packed online games, Total Dominion is defiantly not going to disappoint you.

One of the best things about Plarium online strategy games is that they will allow you to fight with your enemies in real time and  to millions of gamers worldwide, this appeals to them a lot more than fighting with game rivals that were auto generated online.

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