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Does the Gaming Industry Need a Shake-Up to Avoid Stagnation?


One of the unwritten rules associated with these modern times is that what could be applicable today is often outdated or irrelevant tomorrow. This is particularly true when we consider the situation of the gaming industry. These sector must be able to keep pace with changing technologies alongside the needs of the players themselves.

In other words, the motto of this sector could very well be “change or die”. How can modifications be put into place while simultaneously avoiding the “business-as-usual” mentality? The answers to this question are actually much simpler than many have been led to believe.

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The Role of Big Data

Some feel that big data is only important within fields such as sales, marketing and analytics. This is a very dangerous assumption. We must envision gaming providers much in the same way as any organization which is trying to understand what its clients desire. Big data is able to address several issues and some examples of important metrics include:

  • The playing habits of the client base
  • When customers access a specific page
  • Which games are the most popular
  • How often users interact with a dedicated social media page

Knowing how these variables can impact a gaming website is the first step involved with streamlining current processes to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer.

More Variety

One of the most notable trends throughout the gaming industry as a whole is the tendency for large providers to offer more games than ever before.  Game developers that are able to supply their clients with a greater number of choices are likely to enjoy higher retention rates; key within such a competitive marketplace.

The Insights of the Players Themselves

Developers need to know what players are thinking and how any recent changes may affect the overall gaming experience.  Allowing users to access games can provide invaluable insight into the creation process. By obtaining user-based opinions, it is much easier to know whether or not a specific idea should be implemented. In other words, the customer is (normally) right.

Adding New Life to Traditional Games

It is just as important to highlight the changing needs of home-based games. While their traditional appeal cannot be denied, we need to remember that they are facing rather stiff competition from the digital community. This is why thinking outside of the box is critical.

The role of technology cannot be overstated and when deployed in conjunction with physical gameplay, the results are often truly staggering. However, a good ideal of research is still required in order to determine which modifications will produce the best results over time.

Proactive Versus Reactive

Above all, game developers should strive to actively determine what their audiences enjoy on a regular basis. There is little use in correcting a problem after it has already caused players to lose interest. A proactive approach will provide the insight and clarity required to make the best decisions when the time is right.

Following these intuitive suggestions will help the gaming industry avoid any needless stagnation and to retain its loyal customer base.

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