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When people decide to do an employee background check, it’s because they want to be sure of a candidate – of its criminal records, driving records, or if they’re on a terror watch list or even sex offender registry. It’s important to do this when you choose people to work for you. Checkthem.com is the best site on the internet for this job.

How much does it cost?

Background checks generally cost between $30 and $80. The price depends on how much info you’re trying to find out, and how fast you need that info. Job history verification, license verification and credit checks usually cost extra.

How to do it?

Have a consistent policy on how to perform background checks

It’s best to have a flow chart, so that everyone will know which step to make and when to make it. Some of them can cause legal issues if not done properly.

Get legal advice on how to use background checks

Background checks can sometimes mean finding sensitive information, and in some states, legally, you cannot find certain information about a person. You need to talk to a lawyer to make sure you know that your background check does not mess with the law, causing legal issues for your company.

Give your candidates the benefit of the doubt

Sometimes, you may find incorrect info about a person. It’s best to give your candidates the benefit of the doubt and let them explain the incorrect info you got after the background check. The person standing in front of you might be a good person, so let him or her prove that before you exclude him or her from your list.

Use services that are FCRA compliant

FCRA stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act and it shows what the things you can or cannot do when performing a background check are. The document gives you info about how you should treat the info according to the perspective of the candidate. Almost all of the background checks are done by FCRA, but it’s good to keep in mind that there are many other laws that might affect them – it all depends on the region or state. Let’s take a clear example: in some states, it’s okay to use criminal background checks or credit for any employee, in other states, only certain employees can be checked.

When it comes to reference checks

A reference check usually happens when you contact a person, like a former employer, to make sure you got the facts right – employment dates and the position held. They’re pretty easy to do. When you reject a candidate because of the info you got in the investigative consumer report, you must give your candidate a copy of that report.


Let’s face it – getting a job is hard, at times it is even a heftier task than it should be! When was the last time you’ve been on an interview? Those are no longer one-on-one session with your potential employer. Colossal in size and creativity, HR departments puzzle us with psychological tests, evaluate our troubleshooting capabilities, skills and background.

To make things worse, sometimes they do it in a group so you can see your competition right beside you. When you are invited to an interview, you may be accompanied by an entire group of 10-12 people desiring the same position you do. If that’s not intimidating – what is?

And do you know what the best part is? Not everyone is invited to that interview in the first place! People are spending years to find a decent job because of demolished economy or the lack of opportunities. That’s why I’ve decided to write this article. Today I will teach you six handy tricks you can use to finally get the job of your dream.

Learn foreign languages

Languages open countless doors, especially to international companies. If your potential employer has partners from Sweden, Italy, Poland, China, Russia or any other country – mastering their language is pivotal to your ongoing success. And I don’t mean knowing like a couple dozens of words or so. I mean really mastering a foreign language. Today, with the endless capabilities that the Internet offers us, it shouldn’t be too troublesome.

With the help from an Arabic tutor online – Preply, a service designed for studying via Skype gave me everything I needed for getting into a new project in less than a month. Feel free to use it.

Forget about passion

Most tips are all about how one should follow his or her dreams towards success. And you know what? Dreams don’t pay your rent, they don’t do grocery shopping, they don’t pay up your college debt.

A job is a job and, if it pays well, go for it without second thoughts. It is always worth it.

Master the art of listening

Imagination is the scourge of job hunting. More often than not we invent an unrealistic pool of expectations and color every new opportunity with them. Regardless of what the site of the company says or even the HR manager on the interview – we’ve already have it covered on the part of thinking big. We expect appropriate treatment, efficient salary levels, decent team morale, etc.

On that note – we tent to avoid any words that shatter this illusion. We don’t listen to warnings and suggestions. And we pay the bitter price for it.

Look for a job from top down

Let’s face it, you will always have a chance to get a lower rate job. So why start there and push yourself to the limits, when you can clearly begin higher by sending your resume onto leading positions in companies?

You’d be surprised, but, at times, it is easier to become a manager than a worker. Don’t go too far though. Applying for the position of a CEO without relevant experience is, well, stretching your limits, to say the least.

Be friendly

You have to be serious on the interview. But that does not mean you can’t find people from the company you are interested in on social networks and befriend them. This way you will have a feel for the corporate culture and learn about your upcoming roles as well as responsibilities.

You will be the part of the crowd before your first day!

Stay confident!

This is my last advice, but not the least. Confidence conquers mountains, you know. If you show yourself as a confident person who knows what he or she wants, your chances will surely skyrocket.


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If you’re in charge of running a business, whether you oversee 5 employees or 5,000, chances are good that you’ve had days where you wished you could step into a cloning machine and do it all yourself. After all, you would always complete jobs in a timely and high-quality manner. It’s one of the reasons you’re in charge, but being in charge doesn’t always mean the road you walk will be smooth.

If you struggle to find and keep motivated employees, don’t spend another ounce of energy pining after a science-fiction cloning fix. Motivating underperforming employees is not only possible; it’s relatively easy. Here are seven surprising ways you can motivate your least-engaged employee.

how-to-motivate-employeesBecome a Storyteller

Employees are people, and people are emotional. While it isn’t something that needs to come into playon a daily basis, crafting, delivering and referencing a strong and engaging narrative about the work you and your employees do and why it matters will go a long way in keeping their motivational levels high. People want to believe that the work they’re doing is meaningful and telling an excellent story about your business’s efforts toward this end will work wonders in helping underperforming employees turn things around.

Inspire Them

When an employee underperforms, there can be many different reasons. Maybe their training is insufficient. Maybe they’re having trouble in their personal lives. Maybe the job doesn’t quite fit their desires. While getting to the true root of the trouble can take some time, simply working to inspire employees can lift dragging spirits. Whether you bring in one of the top motivational speakers in America, or you take an employee aside for a sincere and positive pep talk, intentionally reigniting passion can change a work environment and a worker.


Everybody loves rewards, and a culture that includes both big ones and small ones is less likely to have underperformers. Performance-based bonuses and profit-sharing options can work wonders, but so can gift certificates to swanky, local restaurants and spas. Offer a wide variety of performance-based rewards so that more of your employees will feel motivated to try and earn them.

motivation-don-t-never-quitSet a Great Example

Do your employees marvel at your dedication, work ethic and positive attitude? If not, what do they marvel about in relation to your managerial style? Far too often, the boss is either expecting more from the team than she does from herself, or she is working so hard that they never get to see her lead by example.

If you want to motivate your employees, then be a person whose very presence and work are motivating. From always being on time to always following through on what you say you’ll do, setting a great example for your employees can send languor packing.

Encourage Rest, Breaks and Naps

While it may seem like something straight out of daycare, encouraging employees to rest during the workday can bring greater motivation and productivity to your team. People aren’t machines, and sometimes, a small 15-minute nap or mindless break can make a lot of creative difference. Let your employees know that although hard work can sap their strength, there is room in their workday to recharge their batteries.

Communicate — More

Employees don’t like to be left in the dark regarding key business decisions and woes. By communicating more frequently with your team, they’ll be more able to recognize the importance of the role they play in the overall effectiveness of the business’s operations. Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz recommends a daily 10-minute meeting where the previous day’s successes and challenges are rattled off, in addition to birthdays, anniversaries and the like. While it may not seem like much, it creates a powerful loop that employees will feel glad to be in the midst of.

Treat Employees Like Customers

You’d never disregard a customer’s needs, right? Of course not! You’re only in business because they buy your product or service. Well, employees share some commonalities with customers in that you need your employees to buy in, too. But rather than buy a product, you need them to buy in to your vision, orders and expectations. As customer service expert Dennis Rosen puts it, “your employees are motivated by need satisfaction and will respond to your demonstration of respect, appreciation, compliments and interest in them.”

Underperforming employees may be today’s bane of your existence, but they don’t have to be tomorrow’s. By utilizing these seven lesser-known ways to motivate them, you may find yourself soon flush with a hard-working and productive team.

Gap years are big business. It is estimated that £995 million is spent by British parents a year to fund these once in a lifetime trips. But are they helpful? With the debate still raging about whether gap years are the best use of time for our young people it’s a contentious issue.

Research carried out by Foreign Exchange World First has found that up to 88% of those who take part in a gap year believe it adds to their employability. But is this the truth? The benefits are clear, as the old adage goes travel broadens the mind and experiences of different cultures can only be a good thing.

In fact the only thing that can be said for staying on in education without a break is the high probability of being in full time employment quicker, and in the grand scheme of things is that what any of us really wants?

Take a look below at a graphic which has some interesting stats on the gap year phenomenon and why its such a big industry.

An infographic by World First


Globalization is sending people packing. That is, they are packing their belongings and sending themselves across national boundaries to find better paying jobs. These transnational families maintain deep roots in their home countries while they establish new social networks within the host country. An increasing number of women are leaving their children behind in order to provide a better life for them in the future. What does it take to make it to the US and secure that elusive green card?

Globalization’s Impact on Families


Strong family ties make civilization work. When important family members move thousands of miles away, those ties are broken. Workers from less-developed nations often find themselves marginalized by the more prosperous societies they have moved to and are restricted to low-paying positions within it.

Relocated workers have a powerful impetus to remain working within their more prosperous neighbors. Most send money back home to support family members unable to find work there. In fact, these remittances account of 20% of the GDP in some nations.

If workers arrive without a green card, and many do, the process of obtaining one begins. Without a green card, they run the risk of not being able to return to the host country after a trip home. Since this process can take many years, it effectively breaks down long-standing family bonds. Getting a green card for parents of individuals who have already become a citizen can be a trialing process that challenges many to succeed.

Globalization: The Journey to a New Land

When money is scarce, desperate individuals will do just about anything to find work. Stories abound of local area markets where illegal immigrants find work for pennies on the dollar with the promise that legal help for a green card will be provided. Some of the most horrific news stories tell the tale of truckloads of people left to die as they were being smuggled into the US.

Workers flock to areas where their native language is spoken to learn how to negotiate their new home. Those areas are often high in crime with sub-optimal housing. Companies such as WalMart provide profitable money wiring services so that temporary workers, unable to secure a banking account, can send their wages home. Globalization is big business in more ways than one.

The Economic Effect on Local Economies of a Large Migrant Workforce

Much of the disruption of families during this period of globalization stems from their inability to get legal paperwork completed to ensure that family members are able to return for regular visits. These difficulties are fueled by ideas that the wealth of the host country is being diminished when large numbers of migrating workers from low-wage nations arise. Is this truly the case?

Many migrants don’t apply for legal status because they wish to return to their home nations once they have saved some money. By loosening the restrictions for legal residence, local economies can actually thrive by keeping the best workers. Mobile workforces can be available for peak production periods. Workers who have been able to maintain their family ties will be much less isolated and more likely to contribute to the society at large.

What do you think? Should nations like the US that attract many workers from less industrialized nations take steps to help migrant workers maintain their traditional family structures? Do transnational families help or harm the local and national economies?