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6 Best Ways To Get a Job In Today’s Economy


Let’s face it – getting a job is hard, at times it is even a heftier task than it should be! When was the last time you’ve been on an interview? Those are no longer one-on-one session with your potential employer. Colossal in size and creativity, HR departments puzzle us with psychological tests, evaluate our troubleshooting capabilities, skills and background.

To make things worse, sometimes they do it in a group so you can see your competition right beside you. When you are invited to an interview, you may be accompanied by an entire group of 10-12 people desiring the same position you do. If that’s not intimidating – what is?

And do you know what the best part is? Not everyone is invited to that interview in the first place! People are spending years to find a decent job because of demolished economy or the lack of opportunities. That’s why I’ve decided to write this article. Today I will teach you six handy tricks you can use to finally get the job of your dream.

Learn foreign languages

Languages open countless doors, especially to international companies. If your potential employer has partners from Sweden, Italy, Poland, China, Russia or any other country – mastering their language is pivotal to your ongoing success. And I don’t mean knowing like a couple dozens of words or so. I mean really mastering a foreign language. Today, with the endless capabilities that the Internet offers us, it shouldn’t be too troublesome.

With the help from an Arabic tutor online – Preply, a service designed for studying via Skype gave me everything I needed for getting into a new project in less than a month. Feel free to use it.

Forget about passion

Most tips are all about how one should follow his or her dreams towards success. And you know what? Dreams don’t pay your rent, they don’t do grocery shopping, they don’t pay up your college debt.

A job is a job and, if it pays well, go for it without second thoughts. It is always worth it.

Master the art of listening

Imagination is the scourge of job hunting. More often than not we invent an unrealistic pool of expectations and color every new opportunity with them. Regardless of what the site of the company says or even the HR manager on the interview – we’ve already have it covered on the part of thinking big. We expect appropriate treatment, efficient salary levels, decent team morale, etc.

On that note – we tent to avoid any words that shatter this illusion. We don’t listen to warnings and suggestions. And we pay the bitter price for it.

Look for a job from top down

Let’s face it, you will always have a chance to get a lower rate job. So why start there and push yourself to the limits, when you can clearly begin higher by sending your resume onto leading positions in companies?

You’d be surprised, but, at times, it is easier to become a manager than a worker. Don’t go too far though. Applying for the position of a CEO without relevant experience is, well, stretching your limits, to say the least.

Be friendly

You have to be serious on the interview. But that does not mean you can’t find people from the company you are interested in on social networks and befriend them. This way you will have a feel for the corporate culture and learn about your upcoming roles as well as responsibilities.

You will be the part of the crowd before your first day!

Stay confident!

This is my last advice, but not the least. Confidence conquers mountains, you know. If you show yourself as a confident person who knows what he or she wants, your chances will surely skyrocket.

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