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Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson claims that she and her family were targeted by white supremacists over their adopted biracial son.

Korie Robertson and her husband, Willie Robertson, adopted their son Will when he was just five weeks old. They have become proponents of adoption and previously told People magazine that their son being biracial hasn’t come up in the way they raise him, only in how the public looks at them.

“Here’s the thing: when we look at him, we don’t see an adopted kid. It doesn’t even cross our minds,” Willie Robertson told People magazine.

“He’s as much ours as our biological children.”

Willie and Korie Robertson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Willie and Korie Robertson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Willie and Korie Robertson star in God’s Not Dead

Are Willie and Korie Robertson planning to leave Duck Dynasty?

Willie and Korie Robertson honored at Movieguide Faith & Values Awards

Korie Robertson has become an outspoken voice for racial healing in the US.

She first made a name for herself on the topic of race relations after an emotional interview with CNN in which she called for President Donald Trump to call out white supremacists in the wake of the Charlottesville protests.

Korie Robertson furthered this narrative while speaking to CBN News where she revealed that, as her family’s star rose, so too did the danger from racism.

 “When our family hit mainstream and all the sudden all of America’s watching, they noticed our son’s biracial and we got comments and we got hate and negativity and we were actually targeted by white supremacists at one point. So it’s just shocking and scary and sad to know that that still exists in our country.”


Duck Dynasty’s Reed Robertson has launched his new single Catching Light EP on iTunes and Spotify.

Jase and Missy Robertson’s eldest son tweeted: “Catching Light EP is officially LIVE on iTunes. Go check it out! Very grateful for all the support so…”Reed Robertson Catching Light EP

Reed Robertson, 20, who is a talented musician, first appeared on Duck Dynasty in 2012 in the episode called High Tech Redneck.

He graduated from high school in West Monroe, Louisiana and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to follow his dreams as a musician.

Reed Robertson’s siblings are Cole and Mia.


Duck Dynasty ’s Uncle Si Robertson stars in Stephen Baldwin’s war drama Faith of Our Fathers.

Directed by Carey Scott, the movie is about two sons on a road trip to learn about their fathers. It is set in 1969 during Vietnam the War, where the two young fathers report to duty. One father has a strong faith and the other one is a cynic. Years later, their sons, Wayne and John Paul, meet as strangers and they form a friendship as they try to retrace their fathers’ footsteps.Si Robertson stars Faith of Our Fathers

Guided by handwritten letters from their fathers from the battlefield, they embark on an unforgettable journey to The Wall-the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Along the way, they discover the devastation of war cannot break the love of a father for his son.

Si Robertson, a Vietnam veteran himself, says he is proud to be part of a movie that promotes patriotism.

The Duck Dynasty star, who plays a gas station clerk in the war drama, believes the movie is important because it shows the many sacrifices made by the men who fought in wars.

Si Robertson wrote on his Facebook page: “Faith of Our Fathers does its best to honor the men who gave up their lives for their country. Hey, it’s a must see Jack!”

Faith of Our Fathers, also starring Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Downes and David A.R. White, will premiere on July 1st on the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.


Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson celebrates his 69th birthday on April 24.

Phil Alexander Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family. He created the Duck Commander duck call in 1972, and incorporated the Duck Commander Company in 1973.

In one of the episodes you can see the shed on Robertson land where Phil created the first duck call.Phil Robertson Celebrates 69th Birthday

Phil Robertson played college football at Louisiana Tech University, starting ahead of Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw, and was drafted by the NFL after his junior year by the Washington Redskins.

He turned it down and quit football because it interfered with duck season.

Phil Robertson is known for his dislike of modern technology (he proudly admits that he does not own a cellphone or a computer).


Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton talks to Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson about the American dream of home ownership and how his company makes that dream a reality for so many right now.

The company is the largest home builder in America.Si Robertson Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes offers manufactured homes, mobile homes, and modular homes.

The company strives to create a great customer experience by giving you hundreds of floor plan options to customize your home.

Clayton Homes also offer affordable name brand amenities you can add to make the home fit your needs. Friendly home centers want to help you find the right home for your lifestyle.


Duck Dynasty family members are bringing their story to life onstage for the first time with The Duck Commander Musical.

Based on the best-selling book The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robertson, the show will make its world premiere at the Crown Theatre inside of the Rio All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in April 2015.

The Duck Commander Musical transports the Louisiana bayou to the Las Vegas stage in a captivating 90-minute show – seasoned with all the southern spirit and down-to-earth humor you expect from America’s most famous rednecks, the Robertson family.

While the true-to-life, rags-to-riches story behind A&E’s Duck Dynasty will surely please its most loyal fans, audiences unfamiliar with the Robertsons will also find themselves charmed – and even moved – by this surprising tale of faith, food, and family.

Featuring a contemporary score that blends country, rock, gospel, and pop and a multimedia set delivering backwoods authenticity through cutting-edge technology, The Duck Commander Musical will leave audiences humming the tunes, shedding a tear, and laughing at the hijinx of one family in pursuit of the American dream.Duck Commander Musical Las Vegas

Duck Commander Musical:

Price: Starting from $53.30 (plus tax and fees)

Time: 7-10 PM

Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Venue: Crown Theater

Book Now: 844-878-8049

Additional 10PM performances on Thursdays and Saturdays

The show is suitable for ages 5 years old and up.


This driving country-pop song features Korie Robertson teaching her husband Willie a lesson about staying true to himself.

Cookin’ for the Family

Miss Kay Robertson shows the young’uns how it’s done in the kitchen in this rocking country hoe-down.

Faith, Food, and Family

The opening song of the Duck Commander Musical lays it all out for you with a Southern rock heartbeat: these are the three pillars guiding the Robertsons’ everyday lives, and they all start with !

Like the River Flows

In this sweeping ballad, Willie and Korie Robertson realize they have been destined to be together all along and that their future rests in the hands of a higher power.


Duck Dynasty reality star and Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson celebrates his 43rd birthday on April 22.

Willie Robertson is the third son of Duck Dynasty patriarch and millionaire entrepreneur Phil Robertson.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

He grew up hunting ducks, and earned a business degree from Harding University.

Willie Robertson was the main narrator on the Duck Dynasty reality series, which chronicled the lives of the Robertson family members.

He had five children with Korie Robertson, who he married in 1992.

Willie Robertson and his sister-in-law Missy Robertson share the same birthday.


Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson celebrates her 44th birthday on April 22.

Missy is the wife of Jase Robertson and they have three children together – Reed, Cole and lovely Mia Robertson.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

The reality star married Jase Robertson on August 10, 1990.

She has her own clothing line called Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House that she launched in 2014.

Missy Robertson has a love for vocal music and volunteers as a music teacher at her local school.

Since the late 2000’s, Missy has assisted crafts at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, a local Christian camp.

Missy Robertson and her brother-in-law Willie share the same birthday.


Duck Dynasty’s Mia Robertson is slowly recovering after she underwent another surgery on Friday, March 27, to repair her cleft palate and lip.

Mia’s mom, Missy Robertson, wrote on her Facebook page: “Mia’s recovery has been slow and painful, but today has been a good day. Cousin Bella brought her a snow cone and that seemed to do the trick. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. She still has a tough road ahead, but we can see a glimpse of light that has been hiding for the past 5 days. She is definitely a brave kid!

Photo Mia Moo

Photo Mia Moo

This is a video of her hospital room. Each paper doll was made by a child from either our WFR church or our OCS school family and have a scripture or a message telling Mia to “Be Brave and Keep Going”. Over 500! What a blessing to this mom to know so many kids (and adults) love and are praying for my child!

Thank you all!”

Mia Elaine Robertson, 11, was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.


Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is facing criticism after a speech that included a story about an atheist family being killed.

Phil Robertson, 68, appeared to be using the imagined story to claim that atheists would not find rape or murder immoral.

Atheist groups denounced the speech, saying it was unlikely Phil Robertson actually knows any atheists.

In 2013, Phil Robertson was suspended from the show and quickly reinstated following controversial remarks about homos**uality in an interview with GQ magazine.Phil Robertson against atheism

Phil Robertson has since become a political figure. He recently spoke at CPAC, a large gathering of American conservatives that included presidential hopefuls such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Duck Dynasty – now in its seventh series – has broken several ratings records on both A&E and cable television as a whole, with Season 4 premiere drawing 11.8 million viewers.

The reality show follows the lives of the Robertson family, a clan with old-fashioned values who live together in West Monroe, Louisiana, running their multi-million dollar family business, Duck Commander – which makes products for duck hunters.

[youtube 6jvKi221I4Q 650]


Duck Dynasty‘s Mia Robertson is undergoing yet another surgery later on Friday, March 27, to repair a cleft palate and lip.
Mia Elaine Robertson, 11, was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.Mia Robertson cleft palate surgery

Her family asks for prayers on Duck Commander Facebook page: “On March 27, our sweet Mia will have another surgery. It will be a major surgery which will involve breaking her jaw. We ask that you please start praying for her now and continue for 6-10 weeks after. It’s a long recovery with a liquid diet.
Missy has a necklace that she is selling to benefit MiaMoo fund and we ask that you wear it for her now and until after the surgery. Below is the link for the necklace. #BeBraveAndKeepGoing

Uncle Si Robertson asks his fans to pray for little Mia. He wrote on his Facebook page: “Hey, Mia needs your prayers. She’ll be going into surgery on Friday. She’s also selling some necklaces to help other children with cleft palate surgeries.”


If you sign up for the Duck Commander Cruise before March 31st, then your excursion is FREE, Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson announced on Facebook.

The new Duck Commander event will take place in Bahamas from October 22 to 26 and features Phil, Si, Miss Kay, Jep, Jessica, Alan and Lisa Robertson and their friend Justin Martin and John Godwin.Duck Commander Cruise 2015

The Duck Commander website describes the event:

“Are you ready to visit the Bahamas with the Robertsons? Join Phil, Miss Kay, Si and some of the Robertson family on a cruise adventure to Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas.

Hear stories from Si, Jep, Martin and Godwin on what it’s like to work together each day, and you know that Si’s stories will be, well, told only as Si can tell them. There will be time to ask questions of some of the Robertsons on everything that you have wanted to know about their family. And we elected Phil “The President” on the last cruise, we can’t wait to hear what he’s got to say this year!

In addition to the Robertsons, there will be fun in the sun as we travel to some incredible ports!”

[youtube of6Dc3czcOg 650]


Duck Dynasty’s Mia Robertson is set to once again undergo cleft palate surgery on March 27.

Born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, Mia Robertson, now 11-year-old, has since been forced to endure one surgery after another.

Mia Robertson’s family posted an update about her on Facebook, explaining: “On March 27, our sweet Mia will have another surgery. It will be a major surgery which will involve breaking her jaw.”

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

Her mother, Missy Robertson wrote her website: “Some of my family members as well as Duck Commander have posted about this surgery on their Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram because they want our fans and supporters to pray for Mia, the doctors and all the medical staff that will be performing this very intricate surgery.  The need for this surgery is not new as many children have needed and had this problem corrected by surgical means for many years.  However, Mia’s amazing surgeon, Dr. David Genecov, has invented a brand new procedure that will not be nearly as invasive as the one we have been dreading for the last year.  Originally, she was to have a procedure where a device called a “Halo” would be inserted into her skull to stabilize her top jaw, which will be broken and moved forward, for up to 12 weeks post-op.  As you can imagine, this is a very traumatic procedure and recovery for any child.  As relieved and excited as we are that Mia will not have to endure the Halo, we are also pretty frightened of the unknown.  Her jaw still has to be broken and moved to another position inside her mouth, but Dr. Genecov has a new way of stabilizing it, all to be done internally for less recovery time, hopefully somewhere between 6-10 weeks.  He and his entire team is an answer to our daily prayers to help spare Mia from the type of suffering she was on the road to endure.  This team loves these kids and is always looking for new and better ways to make their lives better.  And for that, we are most grateful!”

In spite of a long recovery period, Mia Robertson continues to put on a brave face, even joking to a doctor that her family has a history of brain disorders.


Duck Dynasty’s Mia Robertson had a big event over the weekend – her cheer squad from North Elite Cheer Athletics in Monroe was competing at the 2015 UCA International All Star Championship in Disneyworld.

The UCA International All Star Championship brings together the best all star cheer and dance teams from around the globe at the most magical place on Earth—the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Photo Facebook

Photo Facebook

Mia Robertson competed with North Elite Cheer Athletics on March 14 and 15 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

After the event, Mia’s mom, Missy Robertson, wrote on her Facebook page: „Headed home and couldn’t be more proud of our Mia last night! <<Work at it with all of your heart, as working for The Lord and not for men>> – Col. 3:23. We are Disney’d out!”


Duck Dynasty favorite Si Robertson shares the story of how his nephew, Jase Robertson, got his name.Jase Robertson and his uncle Si Robertson

Jason Silas Robertson was born to Phil and Miss Kay on August 16, 1969. His parents gave him the middle name of “Silas”, naming him after Uncle Si.

Jase Robertson is married to Missy since 1991, and they have three children together – Reed, Cole and Mia.

[youtube FZNUnreJNzI 650]


Find some dating tips in this scene from Duck Dynasty Season 4’s episode So You Think You Can Date.Si Robertson's dating tips

Si Robertson is giving Justin Martin some expert advice on dating:

[youtube rTnsCHv_jvg 650]


In a recent interview with In Touch magazine, Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson opens up about why his family stays out of the limelight.

Uncle Si, who is happily married to Christine Robertson since 1971, told the publication: “One woman’s got my heart. Her name is Miss Christine. We’ve been married for 43 years.”

Si and Christine Robertson have who have two children together – Trasa Cobern and Scott Merritt Robertson – and eight grandkids.

However, neither his wife nor the kids have appeared on Duck Dynasty show.Si Robertson and wife Christine

Si Robertson, 66, also revealed that Christine could be on the show, but “she’s got better sense than all the rest of us”.

“We’ve lost our privacy. I don’t really like that part of it, to be honest. But I guess that’s the cost of being famous!” he told the publication.

Si Robertson said he asked Christine Raney to marry him “at least 100 times” but she resisted because doctors told her she couldn’t have kids.

The Duck Dynasty star explained: “I said, <<Hey, the doctors don’t have the final word. I believe in a higher power>>.

“And I got two miracle babies who gave me four grandsons each.”

[youtube udWrIo-jUfk 650]

[youtube tIYjfw6T6A8 650]


Author Jimmy Frank, the brother of Duck Dynasty’s Phil and Si Robertson, died unexpectedly from a heart attack over the weekend.

James Francis Robertson died on Friday, November 21, at the age of 78. He was born on February 28, 1936.

He graduated from Vivian High School and LSU with a degree in journalism, and was affectionately known to friends and family as Jim or Jimmy Frank.

Jimmy Frank served in the US Air Force before attending LSU. After retiring from a successful career in journalism and public relations, he was able to pursue his passion for writing especially in the area of historical fiction. Although Jim was an avid LSU alumni and Boston Red Sox fan, his first loves were God and his family. Those around Jim enjoyed this man with a kind heart whose spirit was larger than life.

The announcement was made on Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s Facebook page: “Please pray for the Robertson family. Phil & Si’s brother, Jimmy Frank, passed away this weekend. Please pray for Connie his wife, their sons & families. It’s tough to lose such a wonderful man so quickly, he had a heart attack. It will hard on them this week & for a long time after the funeral. Pray for strength for all of them.

Jimmy Frank and his Connie lived in Elgin, Texas.

Phil and Si Robertson’s parents, Merritt and James Robertson, had seven children: Jimmy Frank, Harold Gene, Judy Gimber, Tommy, Phil, Si and Jan. All of the brothers and sisters graduated from college and some obtained master’s degrees.

Their brother, Harold Gene Robertson, died on October 27, 2017, at the age of 74. Phil and Si Robertson also lost their parents and sister Judy Gimber.

James Francis Robertson was a loving husband, father, brother, son and friend to many. He is survived by his wife of 28 years, Connie Robertson, sons Jim and wife Masako Robertson, Stephen and wife Holli Robertson, Matthew and wife Su Robertson, Quentin Rance and wife Celeste, David Robertson, John Robertson and eight grandchildren.

The funeral service will be held at 11AM on Tuesday, November 25, at Elgin Church of Christ, 703 N Avenue C, Elgin, TX 78621. Graveside service will be at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.


Members of Duck Dynasty family share tips for celebrating Thanksgiving when they take over a local television show.

The Robertsons are cookin’ up a redneck Thanksgiving.

Watch the Robertson’s Turkey Day takeover Wednesday, November 26, at 9.30/8.30 C on A&E.


Duck Dynasty’s Jessica Robertson celebrated her 34th birthday on November 12.

Jessica Robertson is Jep’s wife and the daughter-in-law of Phil and Miss Kay, and sister-in-law of Jase and Willie.

Jep and Jessica Robertson married in February 2001 and have four kids together

Jep and Jessica Robertson married in February 2001 and have four kids together (photo Facebook)

She is often seen helping Willie Robertson’s wife Korie and Miss Kay with ideas to expand the Duck Commander women’s line selling camo lingerie.

Jep and Jessica Robertson married in February 2001 and have four kids together: Lily Barb Robertson (born October 26, 2003), Merritt Deanne Robertson (born March 10, 2005), Priscilla Marie Robertson (born September 11, 2007), River Robertson (born April 29, 2009).

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson appeared on Sean Hannity show on Fox News on Monday night to talk about nephew Zach Dasher’s Senate race.

Republican candidate Zach Dasher is trying to unseat Rep. Vance McAllister, who benefited from the Robertson family endorsement during last year’s special election in Louisiana.

Zach Dasher and Phil Robertson talked about the role of God in American politics.

“Religion, morality and freedom. It’s the only way to go,” Phil Robertson said.

Louisiana Republican candidate Zach Dasher is Phil Robertson’s nephew

Louisiana Republican candidate Zach Dasher is Phil Robertson’s nephew

Zach Dasher has embraced his position as the most conservative candidate running in the 5th District. He believes Americans’ rights come from God. He said America is not living by the values set forth in the Declaration of Independence and allowing federal takeover of American life.

“The reason we’ve shredded our Constitution is because we’ve shredded the Declaration of Independence, which tells us where our rights come from. They come from the Creator,” Zach Dasher said.

Phil Robertson’s appearance on Hannity showed he’s doing all he can for Zach Dasher. He also appears in two television ads running in the district where he talks about Zach Dasher’s character.

Zach Dasher is hoping his family’s star power and strong following can help him make the run off. The race is expected to be very close.

[youtube _YSjMGHxc6s 650]


Duck Dynasty’s Jep Robertson has been released from hospital and is now at home with family and doing a lot better.

Jep Robertson, 36, was put on a ventilator for four days after collapsing during a deer hunting trip.

He was on a deer hunting trip on October 19 when he suffered a seizure unexpectedly.

Jep Robertson, now safe and healthy, has revealed in a new interview with GMA his harrowing experience and how he nearly lost his life.

[youtube 7FmokoOUW08 650]

Duck Dynasty’s Jessica Robertson, wife of Jep Robertson, is the new face of the tanning industry, courtesy of Podz & Dr. Sun Rx.

Jessica and Jep Robertson are married since 2001.

Jessica Robertson signed with the Kansas based company at the beginning of this summer.

Jessica Robertson’s line is including natural and bronzing tanning lotions, face and leg bronzers, moisturizers, make-up bronzing powders, nail polish, lip balms, and sunglasses

Jessica Robertson’s line is including natural and bronzing tanning lotions, face and leg bronzers, moisturizers, make-up bronzing powders, nail polish, lip balms, and sunglasses (photo Facebook)

Dr. Sun is producing several different lotion products for Jessica Robertson, while Podz is focused on sunglasses and accessories such as nail polish, lip gloss and facial bronzer. The company is working with Jessica Robertson on all product components, from what goes into the bottle as well as the packaging.

President of Podz & Dr. Sun Christy Hogan is thrilled to bring Jessica Robertson to tanning industry: “Our industry is full of celebrity faces and endorsements. Our company wanted to bring someone on board who not only shares our values as a company, but also has a fun and beautiful personality.”

Jessica Robertson’s line is including natural and bronzing tanning lotions, face and leg bronzers, moisturizers, make-up bronzing powders, nail polish, lip balms, and sunglasses.


Duck Dynasty’s Jep Robertson took to Twitter to talk about his near-death experience after suffering from a seizure while deer hunting on October 19.

“Well, I about died this past Sunday…I’m doing much better now. Thanks for all the prayers! #seizuresuck #gladtobealive,” Jep Robertson, 36, tweeted on October 25.

Jep Robertson also posted a picture comparing himself to Steven Seagal in the hospital.

Jep Robertson suffered from a seizure while deer hunting

Jep Robertson suffered from a seizure while deer hunting (photo Facebook)

“Just like Steven Seagal, I’m hard to kill,” he added to the snapshot.

In a statement to Us Weekly, the Robertson family says: “Jep was rushed to the hospital and received immediate treatment. He is doing well now, but is still in the hospital for additional tests and observation, and he is being treated with antibiotics to cover a range of possible infections believed to have caused the seizure.”

The statement continues: “Our family would like to thank everyone for their love and support and ask that you keep Jep, Jessica and their children in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

Duck Dynasty Season 7 is set to premiere on A&E on November 19.

[youtube 1Ti5Qqa-bYw 650]