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Almost everyone has ever heard about a couple who have met on a dating website or on social media and has lived happily ever after. Logically, it leads to the thoughts about trying own destiny on the web. However, there is something inside which prevents from pressing the button Sign up on a dating website. To stop doubting, one shall find out the reasons for this fear.

Examples of happy couples who have got acquainted on the Internet are alluring like fairy-tales. However, the feeling of irreality does not let you dare to date online. Looking at attractive Ukrainian brides on a dating resource, there are doubts how such beautiful women can be lonely. Let us find out the main obstacles on your way to happiness.

Myths about Online Dating Which Interfere with Happiness

1. Hot women do not lack attention from men and cannot seek for a husband online.

Attractive women often feel lonely. Among them, as well as among men, there are lots of those who work hard, that is why they lack time for regular acquaintances in bars. If a man finds an attractive girl on the Internet, quite probably, she has decided to focus on those who have got serious intentions and have decided to find a wife for a lifetime on a dating website.

2. All information in profiles is untrue.

 Undoubtedly, everyone will try to look more attractive, younger, and more successful on the web. But what is the sense to write the facts which are completely dishonest? Earlier or later, a real-life meeting will take place, and the truth will be revealed. Hardly, a relationship which has started with a lie will end up with a happy marriage.

3. Every woman or man on a dating website is a scammer looking for easy profit.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of resources who have already fooled lots of men and women who have believed in online love. The only remedy from this problem is making a scrupulous check of a resource where one would like to log on. It is better to spend more time googling than to be disappointed after several weeks of chatting and emailing.

4. It is impossible to get to know a person through chatting.

Communicating on the Internet, indeed, people have got the possibility to think before replying. Thus, it means that the response is well-thought. On the other side, shy and timid people can express themselves and let a potential partner get to know him or her more.

5. There is no way to meet a person from a dating website in real life.

Unfair resources do not provide this opportunity. Thus, a user may spend money on their services without the chance to meet a man or woman in reality, as well as cannot get contact information. The way out is quite simple: choose a reliable dating resource.

All of the obstacles are created in the heads. If a person has decided to find a partner, all the doubts and fears should be thrown away, and each chance to be happy shall be used.


Lots of singles who just start using cam chat wonder whether it is possible for them to find their chosen one there. Guys who are willing to find a girlfriend and start building romantic relationships often give preference to cam chat being aware it’s the most convenient way for meeting beauties from across the world and they don’t even need to leave their house in order to find their soulmate.

Now, every guy gets a real opportunity to meet a girl in a chat roulette. Here, you are able to meet a great number of beauties you can spend quality time in chat or ever start building long-term relationships with. Giving preference to cam chat, you start moving towards happiness talking to random beauties who live in your area, and thousands of miles away.

Enjoy Talking To Random Beauties

Cam chat is a catch for all guys who dream of meeting their chosen one and make every day of their life full of love. Obviously, it’s not that simple to start a conversation with a girl you see for the first time, however video chat simplifies the process of getting to know beauties and finding a soulmate. Here, you will meet girls who dream of the same things as you – find love and attain happiness.

Chatroulette gives you a real opportunity to see a girl you’re chatting with – it boosts your chances on meeting a beauty who corresponds to your preferences and easily figure out whether she is right for you or not.

Nothing can replace an opportunity to hear and see your companion; that’s exactly what makes cam chat so special and attracts people from across the world. Video chat is an excellent place for finding your one and only; here you will be able to meet a girl of your dreams in just a few clicks and enjoy talking to her at all times of the day and night.

What You Should Start With

The hardest part of video chatting with girls is to make a good first impression in order to prevent them from skipping you. In this regard, you have to take the following aspects into account:

  • start with an unordinary, creative greeting which will help you stand out from the crowd and kindle the girl’s interest;
  • avoid using buzzwords, be intelligent and positive in order to impress a beauty who sees you for the first time;
  • find common ground – it is essential to find topics you and your companion are interested in, such a way it’ll be easy for you to maintain a lasting conversation and make your first talk meaningful;
  • make jokes and use your sense of humor – it will definitely make a good first impression on a girl you’re talking to, since no one is willing to video chat with a negative, indifferent person.

Al the above mentioned tips will help you impress beauties in cam chat and find your one and only making minimum effort. Start video chatting right now and get a real opportunity to attain happiness dating a girl of your dreams!


Conventional date scenarios work for anybody, true. However, they get really boring with time. If you are a geek, you likely date someone who shares your interests. And this is what you should use to make your mate’s heart melt. So what are the top 7 date ideas for geeky couples? Discover now with Russian Singles Dating site!

  1. Play board games

Without any doubt, it’s simple, convenient, and relaxing. There’s no need to use your wits or get out of your cozy home. Spend an evening together with your partner or even set a double date. Another variant is to host an overnight game party – invite your friends or neighbors for snacks and amusements.

  1. How about cookery?

We don’t mean you have to stick at the kitchen stove to make something ordinary, no. Pick some geeky cookbook instead – there are many can be found on the Internet. Any popular modern fandom has its own book of thematic recipes. Food is actually one of the proper ways to immerse in a special atmosphere. Choose what you two like above all and simply cook it; then, enjoy your meal together!

  1. Take a fun in sports

Enough of sitting at your computer table! Take your geeky soul mate outside. Physical activity really helps establish a mutual bond. As your organism produces various hormones, the chemistry between the two of you strengthens. In the summer, that may be rollerblading, biking, or skating, in the winter, you may get to skiing or bowling. Just decide what cheers you the most!

  1. Go to a museum

Educational activities can also be fun and romantic. Take your sweetheart and visit some museum nearby; let it be relevant to what you two adore. Art, science, craft, history, technology – everything contains geeky features. Why not deepen your knowledge of some field? Like learning new cool things about the Universe if you are a Star Wars fun or studying history to get a better insight into “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

  1. Spend a trivia night

Check out local bars: there must be some options for geeky couples as well as for groups of friends. Or merely set a quiz night on your own. Pick up a topic referred to your area of interests, think out questions, and bring snacks. Invite some buddies if you wish or stay with your dearest person. And you are free to decide what prize should be like.

  1. Take up some art

Another way to get pleasantly busy for a weekend. There’s a great variety of nerdy things to do together: draw fun arts, work out a home décor project, create a geeky story, write poetry etc. First, this upgrades your creativity. Next, this brings you two even closer. Finally, you will travel to the world of your dreams and fantasies – and get a piece of art in the end.

  1. Visit a fan convention

Well, that’s rather a trip than a date. But isn’t it even more fabulous? Spend a nerdy vacation with your beloved. Artisan alleys, panels, role plays are at your disposal. Only consider that you should arrange this trip in advance – tickets are quickly sold out.


You’re ready to do your best to seduce the woman you like, but you don’t have a clue what should be done for it. The first thing to realize is your true aim. You should clearly imagine what you want to get when all is said and done. The second point is to choose the helping tools to achieve the desired result. Body language is the tool that can either save or damage your image. This is a powerful instrument to calibrate one’s feelings, mood, and further intentions. It’s hardwired into our biology and always reveals who we really are.

Fortunately, using your body language to your advantage when dealing with the opposite sex is not a gift but the skill that can be acquired. You can learn to control your body and make it facilitate your flirting. Dating experts from vavabrides.com will give you insight into those non-verbal signs called body language that you can use flirting with women.


Similar to your eyes and appearance, your posture reveals a lot about how you feel about yourself, whether you’re self-confident or extremely shy, for example. Interestingly, you can use your body to attract the opposite sex simply by standing without doing anything. You just need to know some helpful tips. When you stand straight but keep your feet apart, it means that you’re rather confident and open. It’s not a secret that a person who always keeps their arms crossed is very guarded and reserved, so make sure you don’t put your hands this way. Keeping them in your pockets is a bad idea too. If you feel any difficulties with it, try hooking your thumbs into your belt loops. It will communicate you’re a macho.

Image source Pixabay

Image source Pixabay

Keep tall while walking, keep your shoulders back, and hold your head up high. Don’t be too quick. Slow down some of your movements and pause between your sentences while speaking.

When sitting (either alone or with a company) lean back and try not to look confused. This will demonstrate that you feel completely comfortable in any situation.

Eye Contact

Our eyes are the mirrors of our souls. Open your soul a bit. Keep an eye contact for a bit longer than an average person does. She’ll definitely notice it and reply. For some shy people, an eye contact can be very short – just a gaze, but it’ll work if you make it for a couple of times. BUT! Do not overdose! She might think you’re a chaser or even a maniac.


A nice smile is always a pleasant sign to show you like a particular girl. Combine a kind smile with a keen gaze and here you have a working flirting tandem. Watch her face, her body language and you’ll be able to tell if she is ready to meet you. If yes, be more persistent and try to come closer to her. Start a dialogue. Do not use some common phrases like: “Hello/Hi….”, “How are you?” but employ a compliment and show you are interested in your further communication. Ask what her name is and address her by her name several times during your conversation.

Mirroring gestures

It can make her feel more comfortable. When people enjoy similar things and find something in common between each other, an instinctive fondness occurs between them. They find themselves on the same wavelength and automatically start to mimic each other’s gestures or body positions.

Head Tilts

I’m pretty sure you have never thought that the way you tilt your head can be indicative whether or not you’re interested in your interlocutor and the conversation in general. For example: tilting your head towards your companion is a good sign that indicates you’re listening attentively to her. Moreover, it means you’re absorbed in your conversation and you’re trying to capture every word she says. Giggling in response to her jokes is all right. You will emphasize she has a good sense of humor.

Accidental Touch

It’s obvious that you’ll touch only the woman you like. BUT! Do it in a very gentle way. Accidental touches may help you get her attention, find an excuse to strike up a conversation with her, and let her know that you’re romantically interested in her. She may either reply or ignore it. It shouldn’t shatter you.


If you’re hoping to try your luck with naughty dating, there are some important pieces of advice you should keep in mind when doing it.

As much as we’d like to believe that we would have no problem hooking up with someone without any strings attached, not everyone is able of naughty dating because the very idea of dating someone without it turning into a relationship seems like a waste of time. However, if you’re among those who feel that naughty dating is just part of the process of finding their “soul mate,” then you’ll be in good company on a naughty dating site.

There are so many singles all over the world who are joining naughty dating sites to find someone fun and awesome to go on a few naughty dates with. You also have a few people who are intrigued by the idea of naughty dating and want to give it a go. If you are a member of the second group, you might be under the belief that naughty dating is a lot like traditional dating. While some things about it are similar, there are a few rules that you should be aware of to make your foray into the naughty dating world enjoyable for everyone involved.

      • Before going out with someone you met on one of these naughty dating sites, you should gather all the information (real name, instant messenger name, phone number, anything that can be used to ID the person should something happen) you can on them and give it to someone you trust.
      • If you plan on dating a few people at once, you have to let people know. You don’t want someone to think that they are your one and only, then find out they are just one of your admirers.
      • Make sure that before you get intimate with someone you’ve met on a naughty dating site, you are both aware and agree upon each other’s boundaries.
      • Always use protection when having sex and get regular tests done to check for STIs and HIV/AIDS.
      • Understand that it is okay to be a little jealous over a partner that you might be seeing casually.
      • If you’re going to be seeing several people casually, it would be a good idea that you keep each other separate. For instance, never agree to go on a group date with people you mess with.
      • When you’re on a naughty dating site, you should be prepared to get hit on. That is, after all, the most common reason people go to those sites!
      • Always keep an open mind. You don’t want to put too much focus on a type of person or what you think you are attracted to. By keeping an open mind, who knows what sort of experiences you’ll enjoy!
      • Don’t be afraid to go on wild and crazy dates. Naughty dating is the perfect opportunity to experience all kinds of new adventures, and the best part is, you can do these fun and exciting activities with someone new and stimulating, too.
      • Always remember that simply because you are casually seeing someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to focus on them and only them. Continue living your life and going out with friends!

Remember, naughty dating should be fun and commitment free, so enjoy it!


First impressions leave a mark. When you are immersed in the world of online dating chat rooms, a first impression is often garnered from a user’s screen name, also known as a “handle.” Handles for dating chat rooms vary as much as colors here on earth, and they give potential dates a small glimpse into your dating intentions and your personality. Since often people are looking for different things when it comes to online dating, it is important to send the right message. Woah, that’s a lot of pressure! Don’t worry, there are a few tips for crafting a witty, creative dating chat room name that will adequately reflect who you are and what you are looking for. Don’t forget to have fun!


Embrace Your Hobbies and Interests – Especially if you want to attract dates with similar interests, using hobby lingo provides a bit of insight into how you spend your time. A few examples include:




Include your Year of Birth – If you want to attract singles in the same age bracket as yourself, it will help to employ the common practice of including your year of birth within your handle as with the above examples. For instance, if someone sees the handle HikingtheTrails85, they will probably assume that the person behind the screen was born in 1985.

Keep it Casual – It is recommended to avoid extremely telling information such as first and last name or location when crafting your handle for dating chat rooms. This information can be shared once you connect with a specific user and do not need to be public information.

Avoid Strong Language – In certain dating chat rooms, strong language and sexual references within a handle can get you quickly booted out the door. Be sure to check the specific rules for the chat room that you are joining so that you are welcomed with open arms!

Ask for a Friend’s Advice – Are you having trouble being objective about yourself? You might consider asking a friend to describe you in their own words. What adjectives did they use? Fun, carefree, focused, sexy? Use another’s view of your many attributes as a jumping off point for crafting a handle for online dating chat rooms.

Use a Name Generator – If after pondering the previous tips, you are still drawing a blank, there are several chat room name generators available online. With most of these, you will answer a few questions about hobbies and interests and a name will be generated for you.

Think Outside the Box – If you are having trouble coming up with a screen name. Ask yourself a few of the following questions.

Do you have a favorite flower, tree, color?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

What accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?

Do you have a favorite author, book character, or fictitious location?

What can you do really well?

What is your favorite band, song, or even song lyric?

Pick a few answers and weave them together to form a unique screen name for dating chat rooms.

Prince Harry and actress Emma Watson are secretly dating and the royal is already “smitten”, Women’s Day Magazine reported.

The romance apparently started shortly after Emma Watson broke up with her rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney in late 2014.Emma Watson and Prince Harry dating

Prince Harry, according to the report, reached out to Emma Watson via email saying he would “like to get to know her” on a night out.

The royal and the 24-year-old actress, along with a dozen other friends, hung out casually on their first “date.”

“Harry didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot,” a source told the magazine.

“A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.”

[youtube 9HjzuFXt_4c 650]


In recent interview with Billboard Magazine, rapper French Montana admitted he wanted to take advantage of the spotlight dating Khloe Kardashian brought him.

French Montana’s remarks sparked outrage among Kardashian fans after he said: “I want to capitalize on it.”

“I’ll get a fan base from everywhere. I just hope I’ll be able to connect with everything that’s going on.”

Khloe Kardashian doesn't care that French Montana benefits from her fame

Khloe Kardashian doesn’t care that French Montana benefits from her fame (photo Getty Images)

French Montana’s comments, which came a few days after Khloe Kardashian appeared in his Don’t Panic music video, caused fans to lash out, especially considering Kardashian has dealt publicly with the painful divorce from Lamar Odom on the most recent season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

However, Khloe Kardashian doesn’t seem offended by French Montana’s comments.

On Sunday, Khloe Kardashian tweeted: “It’s amusing to me that Y’all think I don’t see it. I was the first one to see it. I just don’t care.”

[youtube faxuLlR1rNA 650]