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The Best 7 Date Ideas for Geeks


Conventional date scenarios work for anybody, true. However, they get really boring with time. If you are a geek, you likely date someone who shares your interests. And this is what you should use to make your mate’s heart melt. So what are the top 7 date ideas for geeky couples? Discover now with Russian Singles Dating site!

  1. Play board games

Without any doubt, it’s simple, convenient, and relaxing. There’s no need to use your wits or get out of your cozy home. Spend an evening together with your partner or even set a double date. Another variant is to host an overnight game party – invite your friends or neighbors for snacks and amusements.

  1. How about cookery?

We don’t mean you have to stick at the kitchen stove to make something ordinary, no. Pick some geeky cookbook instead – there are many can be found on the Internet. Any popular modern fandom has its own book of thematic recipes. Food is actually one of the proper ways to immerse in a special atmosphere. Choose what you two like above all and simply cook it; then, enjoy your meal together!

  1. Take a fun in sports

Enough of sitting at your computer table! Take your geeky soul mate outside. Physical activity really helps establish a mutual bond. As your organism produces various hormones, the chemistry between the two of you strengthens. In the summer, that may be rollerblading, biking, or skating, in the winter, you may get to skiing or bowling. Just decide what cheers you the most!

  1. Go to a museum

Educational activities can also be fun and romantic. Take your sweetheart and visit some museum nearby; let it be relevant to what you two adore. Art, science, craft, history, technology – everything contains geeky features. Why not deepen your knowledge of some field? Like learning new cool things about the Universe if you are a Star Wars fun or studying history to get a better insight into “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

  1. Spend a trivia night

Check out local bars: there must be some options for geeky couples as well as for groups of friends. Or merely set a quiz night on your own. Pick up a topic referred to your area of interests, think out questions, and bring snacks. Invite some buddies if you wish or stay with your dearest person. And you are free to decide what prize should be like.

  1. Take up some art

Another way to get pleasantly busy for a weekend. There’s a great variety of nerdy things to do together: draw fun arts, work out a home décor project, create a geeky story, write poetry etc. First, this upgrades your creativity. Next, this brings you two even closer. Finally, you will travel to the world of your dreams and fantasies – and get a piece of art in the end.

  1. Visit a fan convention

Well, that’s rather a trip than a date. But isn’t it even more fabulous? Spend a nerdy vacation with your beloved. Artisan alleys, panels, role plays are at your disposal. Only consider that you should arrange this trip in advance – tickets are quickly sold out.