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The Art of Flirting: How to Use Your Body Language


You’re ready to do your best to seduce the woman you like, but you don’t have a clue what should be done for it. The first thing to realize is your true aim. You should clearly imagine what you want to get when all is said and done. The second point is to choose the helping tools to achieve the desired result. Body language is the tool that can either save or damage your image. This is a powerful instrument to calibrate one’s feelings, mood, and further intentions. It’s hardwired into our biology and always reveals who we really are.

Fortunately, using your body language to your advantage when dealing with the opposite sex is not a gift but the skill that can be acquired. You can learn to control your body and make it facilitate your flirting. Dating experts from vavabrides.com will give you insight into those non-verbal signs called body language that you can use flirting with women.


Similar to your eyes and appearance, your posture reveals a lot about how you feel about yourself, whether you’re self-confident or extremely shy, for example. Interestingly, you can use your body to attract the opposite sex simply by standing without doing anything. You just need to know some helpful tips. When you stand straight but keep your feet apart, it means that you’re rather confident and open. It’s not a secret that a person who always keeps their arms crossed is very guarded and reserved, so make sure you don’t put your hands this way. Keeping them in your pockets is a bad idea too. If you feel any difficulties with it, try hooking your thumbs into your belt loops. It will communicate you’re a macho.

Image source Pixabay

Image source Pixabay

Keep tall while walking, keep your shoulders back, and hold your head up high. Don’t be too quick. Slow down some of your movements and pause between your sentences while speaking.

When sitting (either alone or with a company) lean back and try not to look confused. This will demonstrate that you feel completely comfortable in any situation.

Eye Contact

Our eyes are the mirrors of our souls. Open your soul a bit. Keep an eye contact for a bit longer than an average person does. She’ll definitely notice it and reply. For some shy people, an eye contact can be very short – just a gaze, but it’ll work if you make it for a couple of times. BUT! Do not overdose! She might think you’re a chaser or even a maniac.


A nice smile is always a pleasant sign to show you like a particular girl. Combine a kind smile with a keen gaze and here you have a working flirting tandem. Watch her face, her body language and you’ll be able to tell if she is ready to meet you. If yes, be more persistent and try to come closer to her. Start a dialogue. Do not use some common phrases like: “Hello/Hi….”, “How are you?” but employ a compliment and show you are interested in your further communication. Ask what her name is and address her by her name several times during your conversation.

Mirroring gestures

It can make her feel more comfortable. When people enjoy similar things and find something in common between each other, an instinctive fondness occurs between them. They find themselves on the same wavelength and automatically start to mimic each other’s gestures or body positions.

Head Tilts

I’m pretty sure you have never thought that the way you tilt your head can be indicative whether or not you’re interested in your interlocutor and the conversation in general. For example: tilting your head towards your companion is a good sign that indicates you’re listening attentively to her. Moreover, it means you’re absorbed in your conversation and you’re trying to capture every word she says. Giggling in response to her jokes is all right. You will emphasize she has a good sense of humor.

Accidental Touch

It’s obvious that you’ll touch only the woman you like. BUT! Do it in a very gentle way. Accidental touches may help you get her attention, find an excuse to strike up a conversation with her, and let her know that you’re romantically interested in her. She may either reply or ignore it. It shouldn’t shatter you.