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The last time you picked through the closet for something to wear, did you discover that it’s prime time for a new personal look? Keep in mind that the move into a new style is about more than just clothing. Think about skincare, fitness, nails, hair, and every visible part of your body. Some opt for a limited makeover and decide to focus on fashion, while others choose to hone in on improving physical fitness and other aspects of their outward appearance.

The secret to getting started and getting the job done is to make an honest inventory of the things you think should be changed. Decide how you’ll cover the cost of the project, and don’t forget to get professional advice to make up for blind spots and miscues. The pillars of the project include clothing, hair, nails, and fitness. Everyone has a different strategy for reaching their goals, so be sure to review the following general guidelines before you begin.


Make a Plan and Budget

Total transformations, and even limited ones, can be a costly endeavor. That’s why it makes sense to develop a list of everything you plan to do and make a ballpark estimate of the total cost. When you apply for a personal loan to come up with the funds, you don’t want to be too far off-base with the amount of money you will need for the project. If you realize that clothing will be your largest expense, check with online retailers to find current price levels. Plus, it’s easy to check spa and salon websites to figure out what a makeover will set you back.

Get Professional Advice

Personal makeover consultants are busier than ever these days. Most work independently and can even go shopping with you. Choose wisely after interviewing a few consultants and find one with reasonable rates and who has a good idea of what someone your age wants in terms of a new look. Avoid hiring someone who specializes in clients who are much older or younger than you are.


For some, clothes are the centerpiece of a general look. They couldn’t care less about hairstyles or anything else. Indeed, there are those lucky individuals who seem to have a perfect sense of what looks good in terms of hair, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. But, when clothing is the number one priority, consider focusing on comfortable, casual workwear that is versatile and durable. Shoes can be the icing on the cake, so be sure to wear one of your favorite outfits when you go shoe shopping.

Hair and Nails

Colorists who work for salons are skilled at helping clients coordinate hairstyles, skincare regimens, and nails. If you don’t currently have a favorite salon, ask friends for recommendations and let them know you’re in the process of doing a makeover and want a high-quality provider.

Exercise and Fitness

Always speak with your physician before taking up a new exercise routine or fitness regimen. If you get the green light from the doc, consider using a personal trainer who can offer targeted workouts and meal plans to help you get in good physical shape. Avoid overdoing workouts in order to avoid injury and psychological burnout.


Hoodies are more popular than ever, and this is in no small part thanks to customization. According to Printful, many people want something unique, especially when it comes to clothing.

Customizing your clothes used to be expensive and difficult. But today, thanks to technology, the ability to make your own clothes is accessible to everyone. Anyone can create their own custom hoodies from the comfort of their homes.

All they need is a bit of creativity to get the measurements right. However, there are other reasons why customized hoodies are trendy today.

Photo by Sebastiaan Stam

The Advantages of Customized Hoodies

Both individuals and businesses use customized hoodies for marketing purposes and to showcase their personalities. With a personalized hoodie, you can promote a brand name or gift them to friends, customers, or employees to express your friendship, promote customer loyalty, or make employees happy.

Anyone would love a new and original hoodie in their wardrobe, especially one that’s been customized. Many people opt to put meaningful texts, images, or artworks on their hoodies.

They want to express themselves or give their clothes a little more personality. The advantage of customized hoodies is that you can opt for embroidery printing or digital/screen printing.

With embroidery printing, you can give a classic look to any hoodie. It will stand the test of time, especially since hoodies and embroidery are durable, thanks to their thick fabrics. With digital/screen printing, you can play with the design in many different ways.

Some people choose to express their opinion about something, support a cause, or just put something funny on their clothing. Whatever the case, custom hoodies have the advantage that anyone can wear them.

Advantages From a Business Perspective

Since customized hoodies can be worn by practically all age groups, you can even start your own business selling them. With embroidered customized hoodies, you can target a more refined audience, while you can sell a digital/screen printed customized hoodie to children, adolescents, or young adults.

No matter what you choose, hoodies are warm and comfy, and everyone wears them. There is also a great advantage of wearing them if you exercise regularly. Hoodies can make you sweat, essentially helping you do some detox.

From a business perspective, you can customize your hoodie with the help of various printing websites. You can create your own designs, ask a friend to help you out, hire a designer, or buy already popular designs.

What’s more, you can opt for print-on-demand services. This way, you can collaborate with a printing website to sell your hoodies without the need to have them in-store. You should, however, create your own online store to maximize your profits.

With print-on-demand services, any customer that places an order will be taken care of by your provider. This means that you don’t have to invest too much time taking care of the orders, and you won’t need an inventory. When an order is made, the printing begins, and your provider will take care of the shipping.

Final Words

Customized hoodies are among the most cherished pieces of clothing because anyone can wear them, enrich them with their own designs, promote their style, brand, or views, and even make a business out of them.


As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, it is time to think of a perfect women’s clothing to commemorate such a special night. Most women wear lingerie for that most romantic night; a night that can spark and rekindle any lost or unheated relationship again.

Most women are looking for a lingerie that will keep her partner drooling all over her. However, buying lingerie for Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean it is for someone to look. Some women, even if they are single, buy lingerie for themselves.

Lingerie can be a sign of self-love and self-recognition. Moreover, it is not bad to sometimes feel attractive. Such can boost your self-esteem, confidence for yourself and a source of body empowerment. It is important to find as many ways as possible for you to show yourself love, especially those who are single during Valentine’s Day.

Nevertheless, buying lingerie for yourself or for someone you love with Valentine’s Day in mind can be quite exhausting and frustrating. Though there are so many exciting, elegant and beautiful types of lingerie in the market, looking for that perfect match is quite troublesome.

The Perfect Lingerie for Me

Woman Wearing Crochet Sweaterhttps://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-blur-body-bra-230590/

There are many types of lingerie you can come up. Some women would want something lacy, silky or wearable. Thinking of all the possible style of underwear can overwhelm you too much and eventually leave you hanging. You can either use a sporty set or a chic kind of underwear depending on your mood.

To start off, one of the all time favorites wore by women during Valentine’s day without being uncomfortable is a soft, cotton, lace lingerie. Use the kind of top without underwires so it won’t poke you while you can use a bottom that features an elastic-free leg hole.

If you are not a fan of lace or silk kind of lingerie, you can use a classic cotton as an alternative. This lingerie is a pullover style with wireless cups, racerback straps, and scoop neck. It also comes in different colors such as red and black.


There is more to Lingerie

Woman Strapping Her Body of American Flaghttps://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-strapping-her-body-of-american-flag-113709/

 Though wearing special lingerie in such a particular and romantic night for the love of your life, there is a deeper meaning to wearing such clothing. Because we live in a society dictated by standards and norms only created by the likes of us, such rules become distorted.

Some women don’t have the guts to wear lingerie because of the indoctrination of body shaming. Body shaming is prevalent in our culture, and often women are pushed to feel shame and remorse towards her body.

Women shouldn’t be judged singularly on aspects of physical appearance because there is more to a woman than just beauty. That is where lingerie comes in. Wearing lingerie gives women the sense of acceptance and confidence about her body. In short, it emanates body empowerment.

If you accept your body entirely to allow yourself the pleasure of looking for and finding the right match of lingerie that fits all in the right places and expresses your original personality, then that would be the right match of lingerie for you.


Single or not, buying and wearing lingerie is a decision only a right woman filled with confidence can do. Women may prefer a lace or silk kind of lingerie or vintage cotton lingerie, however, whatever kind of underwear you wear as long as you feel comfy, attractive and confident with it.

There is more to wearing underwear during Valentine’s Day. It is not just an act of affection to the love of your life, but an act of acceptance and body empowerment for women. Women are mostly judged on aspects of physical appearance and often gets objectify because of it.

However, the act of wearing lingerie is a sign of acceptance of your body and a decline of any act of judgment from people. The important thing is that you can express your style through what you wear and show how confident you are.








It is a truth universally acknowledged that every woman is obsessed with shoes. According to a recent survey the average adult woman owns between 40 and 60 pairs of shoes and I am ashamed to admit that my number is even higher than that!

Shoes are for sure a guilty pleasure and a powerful tool for changing your look and always look amazing. They have the power to completely transform an outfit from boring to amazing in no time and make you look gorgeous for every occasion.

There are 5 types of shoes that every woman should own and that really make the difference in your everyday looks more than any other. All of these 5 must-have shoes are sure investments as you will be able to use and re-use them endless times over the years. So, tick on the list the shoes that you already have and go out and buy the ones that you don’t!

You can say that you should never judge a book from its cover, but you will always judge a woman from her shoes!


1. Court Shoes


Court shoes for the British, pumps for the Americans. However you want to call them, fact is that they remain a classic for every woman. Every major designer has done his own interpretation of this type of shoes, but the shape and the concept are always the same: they make your legs look incredibly long and add class to your look. Plus, they are very versatile and you can wear them with anything, from a cocktail dress to a pair of formal trousers.

They are the sort of shoes that will stay with you from teenage years to retirement, because they will never go out of fashion. Go for a pair of black court shoes like these ones (£45 at Asos) in order to make sure that they will truly be timeless.

2. Ankle Booties


 A comfortable midi heel and a neutral or black colour will make the perfect booties to accompany you during the long autumn and winter days. I reveal to you a secret: if the top part of the booties is wider than your ankles, they will give an optical illusion that will make your legs look slimmer and longer! This pair above, which is priced at £60 at River Island, will be perfect in doing just that.

 They are a no-brainer for literally any occasion as you can wear them with a long knitted sweater and a pair of leggings for the day or with a sequinned mini-dress for the evening.

3. Cool Brogues


If you like the androgynous look or want to try out something different, brogues are the solution for you. They can be smart and suitable for work, but they can also become cool and casual day shoes. The best thing about them is that they are incredibly comfortable and practical, and, if you get them with a great texture or in a cool bi-colour like this model (£45 at Asos), they can add a fun and different element to your look.

You can wear them with a cute dress and a light blazer on top for this spring or with a pair of shorts and a tank top for the summer.

4. Wedges


Wedges are certainly the comfy alternative to stiletto heels. They are as effective in giving you extra height and elongating your legs as high heels but they have the extra perk of being easier to walk in.

I fell in love with this pair of nude wedges because I can see myself wearing them with literally anything, from dresses to trousers. It is priced at £40 at Debenhams which is a bit expensive for me, but because I wanted them so much I have done some research and managed to find some vouchers on the website My Voucher Codes that made them much more affordable!

5. Eye-catching Sandals


Girls just wanna have fun and this applies also to shoes! When it comes to your must-have shoes, it doesn’t have to be all about nude or black colours, but a woman should always own a fun pair of shoes that will make any boring outfit into a show-stopper. This pair of neon yellow sandals, priced at £30 at Debenhams, will an element of fun and a pop of colour to every look, even if it is just a jeans and t-shirt combo or a total-black outfit!


Kim Kardashian confirmed she is working on a clothing line for babies while chatting with a fan on Mobio INsider on Sunday.

The fan asked if the reality star only dressed her 7-month-old daughter, North West, in designer clothes and if she’d ever style her little girl in something from Target.

Kim Kardashian, 33, replied: “Absolutely! She wears everything. I even created a baby line, so there can be super affordable clothes for babies. It launches in March. Kids grow up so fast. You need affordable clothes!”

Kim Kardashian confirmed she is working on a clothing line for babies

Kim Kardashian confirmed she is working on a clothing line for babies

In addition to their chain of D-A-S-H stores, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian launched their Kardashian Kollection in Sears department stores in late 2012; the line features women’s items from clothes to accessories to home decor.

Kim Kardashian didn’t go into further detail about the baby line, but the line’s rep confirmed the March release and added that no Kardashian children would pose as models.

A source reveals to Us Weekly: “They got the cutest baby models!”

According to a source close to Kim Kardashian, the new line will be called Kardashian Kollection Kids.

Pentagon has decided to ease its uniform rules to allow religious wear including turbans, skullcaps, beards and tattoos, officials have said.

Muslim, Sikh, Jewish and Wiccan soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen can now request exemptions to strict military uniform and grooming policies.

Requests will be evaluated individually and can be denied if they hinder military readiness.

Previously, at least three Sikhs had won specific accommodation.

Pentagon has decided to ease its uniform rules to allow religious wear including turbans, skullcaps, beards and tattoos

Pentagon has decided to ease its uniform rules to allow religious wear including turbans, skullcaps, beards and tattoos

Service members’ requests for a religious accommodation will be weighed on a case-by-case basis to ensure they do not impact “mission accomplishment, unit cohesion, and good order and discipline”.

And appeals to be allowed to wear beards or special apparel, for example, may be denied if they hinder the safe operation of weapons or military equipment, such as helmets or protective masks.

An accommodation will only apply to the service member’s current assignment, requiring him or her to obtain new exemptions with every transfer.

The new policy, in effect on Wednesday, will extend to all religions recognized by the US military across all branches.

The US military counts nearly 3,700 Muslims and 1,500 Wiccans among its ranks, according to statistics reported by NBC News, but it remains unclear how many will apply for dispensations.

Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson has launched her first clothing line in collaboration with Southern Fashion House.

“I felt there was a void in the market for busy, working moms who want to look put together without having to put a lot of effort into it while staying modest and age-appropriate. These styles are reflective of the fun new fashions that can always be found in the junior section of department stores. However, the silhouettes in the collection are intended to flatter women of all ages, shapes, and sizes,” Missy Robertson said.

Missy Robertson has launched her first clothing line in collaboration with Southern Fashion House

Missy Robertson has launched her first clothing line in collaboration with Southern Fashion House

The new clothing line is called Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House, a collaboration with Stephanie Carter’s Southern Fashion House, which produces Judith March, Jacque and Janis clothing lines and DejaVu boutiques.

The 2014 Missy Robertson Spring Collection – debuting this month at Market in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas – consists of approximately 55 pieces including dresses, sportswear, light cover-ups, and mix-and-match tops that are both versatile and affordable.