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What Makes Me Confident and Attractive – The Perfect Lingerie


As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, it is time to think of a perfect women’s clothing to commemorate such a special night. Most women wear lingerie for that most romantic night; a night that can spark and rekindle any lost or unheated relationship again.

Most women are looking for a lingerie that will keep her partner drooling all over her. However, buying lingerie for Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean it is for someone to look. Some women, even if they are single, buy lingerie for themselves.

Lingerie can be a sign of self-love and self-recognition. Moreover, it is not bad to sometimes feel attractive. Such can boost your self-esteem, confidence for yourself and a source of body empowerment. It is important to find as many ways as possible for you to show yourself love, especially those who are single during Valentine’s Day.

Nevertheless, buying lingerie for yourself or for someone you love with Valentine’s Day in mind can be quite exhausting and frustrating. Though there are so many exciting, elegant and beautiful types of lingerie in the market, looking for that perfect match is quite troublesome.

The Perfect Lingerie for Me

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There are many types of lingerie you can come up. Some women would want something lacy, silky or wearable. Thinking of all the possible style of underwear can overwhelm you too much and eventually leave you hanging. You can either use a sporty set or a chic kind of underwear depending on your mood.

To start off, one of the all time favorites wore by women during Valentine’s day without being uncomfortable is a soft, cotton, lace lingerie. Use the kind of top without underwires so it won’t poke you while you can use a bottom that features an elastic-free leg hole.

If you are not a fan of lace or silk kind of lingerie, you can use a classic cotton as an alternative. This lingerie is a pullover style with wireless cups, racerback straps, and scoop neck. It also comes in different colors such as red and black.


There is more to Lingerie

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 Though wearing special lingerie in such a particular and romantic night for the love of your life, there is a deeper meaning to wearing such clothing. Because we live in a society dictated by standards and norms only created by the likes of us, such rules become distorted.

Some women don’t have the guts to wear lingerie because of the indoctrination of body shaming. Body shaming is prevalent in our culture, and often women are pushed to feel shame and remorse towards her body.

Women shouldn’t be judged singularly on aspects of physical appearance because there is more to a woman than just beauty. That is where lingerie comes in. Wearing lingerie gives women the sense of acceptance and confidence about her body. In short, it emanates body empowerment.

If you accept your body entirely to allow yourself the pleasure of looking for and finding the right match of lingerie that fits all in the right places and expresses your original personality, then that would be the right match of lingerie for you.


Single or not, buying and wearing lingerie is a decision only a right woman filled with confidence can do. Women may prefer a lace or silk kind of lingerie or vintage cotton lingerie, however, whatever kind of underwear you wear as long as you feel comfy, attractive and confident with it.

There is more to wearing underwear during Valentine’s Day. It is not just an act of affection to the love of your life, but an act of acceptance and body empowerment for women. Women are mostly judged on aspects of physical appearance and often gets objectify because of it.

However, the act of wearing lingerie is a sign of acceptance of your body and a decline of any act of judgment from people. The important thing is that you can express your style through what you wear and show how confident you are.







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