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Technological advancement has taken over almost every field in the world, including vehicles. The structure, electronics, and equipment used in cars are uniquely designed by each company and this makes it difficult for a normal repair shop to handle the repairs, services, and maintenance rightly. So to provide the right maintenance & repairing services for car, manufacturing companies have started a chain of certified auto body repair shops around the world. This has made it much more convenient for people who own complex designed cars like Tesla to get the correct kind of repair services while keeping the warranty intact.

What Does Certified Mean?

A car repair shop becomes ‘Certified’ when its team including the manager, engineers, mechanics & painters etc, go through & complete authorized training provided by a specific automobile manufacturing company. This means that they need to follow specific procedures for every vehicle-related job they do. This ensures to keep the warranty intact while not compromising with the quality of services. You can easily find the finest certified shops in Long Island like Keri Coach Works online and get in touch with them.

These shops have been set up all around the globe by automobile manufacturing companies and can be easily found by searching online. You can either visit them or get your car towed away, in case its engine is not starting up. The staff of such firms is really understanding and patient with the customers to ensure full satisfaction.


The training is provided at the authorized centers that have been specially set up in various cities and the car repair firms can get in touch with them to join the training program & get the authorization from them. All the personnel needs to clear the training as only then the certificate will be provided to them.

Services Offered By Certified Auto Repair Shops

Certified shops such as Keri Coach Works have basically been set up to provide a wide range of services including paint jobs, dent removal, cosmetic repairing, servicing, towing services, realignment, towing services, aluminum casting, car rentals, and regular maintenance etc. These shops usually have highly experienced teams to ensure a high quality, hassle free service always. Technologically advanced and uniquely designed cars like Tesla require immense expertise and standard procedures for all kind of vehicular problems and thus a certified shop is the best option for you.

Reasons To Choose CertifiedShops

Choosing a certified shop provides you with a long list of benefits such as:

  • Standard procedures are followed to ensure safe and best services are offered for your vehicle
  • Written documentation is maintained to keep the written records about regular maintenance of your car
  • Warranty remains intact when you get the car repaired or serviced from an authorized center
  • You can get the faster response time from these centers rather than uncertified ones
  • The charges in these centers are quite lesser as standard prices are already set
  • Only manufacturing company equipment & hardware is used to ensure authenticity always
  • There is no compromise with the quality as these represent the automobile firms and any negative feedback can prove too harmful for their status

Finding The Best Certified Shop

You can easily check the online reviews of previous customers about a shop, check their websites for certification detail or you can ask the market experts as they can provide you with a detailed insight about the company. This way you can ensure the best services and repairs for you Tesla car. Mostly, all certified firms ensure to provide the finest quality of services & thus you can visit the nearest one without hesitation.

With the rising prices of gas in the market, car users and manufacturers are adapting to situations where they try to improve your ride’s fuel economy per mileage traveled.

Whether you’re driving a  tiny fuel efficient car or a luxurious SUV, one thing remains constant, that is, you still consume gallons of fuel. Increase your fuel efficiency and travel extra mileage by simply following these tips that have been proven effective over the years.

Slow Down and Avoid Unnecessary Accelerations

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Maintaining an average or reduced speed is the best way to save gas. Lately, car manufacturers have been designing units that run on this principle. Fuel economy will decrease when a car speeds up since its engine burns more fuel. Unnecessary acceleration will stress out the engine and forces it to burn gas to cope with the change of speed.

Apply The Recommended Tire Pressure

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It is always advised to check the pressure and condition of the car tires. Use the user’s  manual to have the idea of the proper tire pressure settings and adjustments for your vehicle. As you travel, the tires are losing an amount of air pressure and in due time will make it under-inflated.

Under-inflated tires will increase the car’s drag which will also increase the engine’s pressure to keep it moving and eventually leads to consuming more gas than it normally does when you have the right tire condition.

Consider Tuning Up

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When you can no longer remember when was your car has been last checked by an expert mechanic, you probably been wasting a sizable sum of money on fuel for your day to day ride. Proper vehicle maintenance is the main thing. Your car engine’s performance will tell you a lot about how efficient your car is.

Regular tunes up allow your car to have increased efficiency per mileage. Having the car engine and air filters clean will allow free flowing engine performance. Also when by changing car fluids, engine oils, and brake fluids, you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of the fuel your engine is taking up.

Clean It Up

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Have everything in your car tidy and neat. While it ‘s great to have sent out on the car wash, it is better also to have the interior clean and orderly. Unloading unnecessary things, especially those on the trunk, will lighten your car’s load. It may not affect the efficiency of your fuel rating, but it will guarantee a safer and healthier drive for you and your passengers.

Make Sure Everything is in Place

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When you’re experiencing unnecessary noises like squeaks and vibrations on certain parts of your car, try to check your user’s manual and see if everything is in place. Vibrations are signals that something loosens up or not in place and will tend to lower your car’s performance and the worst it might bring you to situations like accidents.

Instances like having malfunctioning doors and window levers or even just a loose bolt will increase your risk of getting into accidents. When you arrive with these problems, it is a good thing to have a service and experienced mechanics near you.

Decide on Going Green

Sometimes it wiser nowadays to purchase new car models than riding your good old ride. You can save a considerable amount of money from maintenance while the new car models had been designed to be more fuel-efficient than ever. The emergence of tiny cars is hitting the road hard because of affordability, low maintenance cost, and excellent fuel efficiency.


It is always better to have a track on how much you spend on your car’s fuel than just being surprised by the fact that it was taking up a significant part of your budget. Keeping these tips in mind will not only save you amounts of cash but will also allow you to contribute to the efforts of maximizing the use of diminishing fuel energy.



Selling a car can be even more of a headache than buying one. How do you find the best buyer? And how do you get the best possible price? Often times, you just have to shop around to see who will make you the best offer, but before that you want to put your best foot forward. Here are the three most important things to do before trying to sell your car.

  1. Have Your Papers in Order

A full service record including MOTs is a big plus for many buyers, and an absolute necessity for others. And if you can prove that all of the repairs and services the car has undergone through its lifetime were at a franchised garage (that is one belonging to the manufacturer, or carrying their certification) then this can give the price a significant boost.

A full ownership history is also valuable in private sale—it won’t increase the value but it will establish a trust that will make clinching the deal easier.

  1. Repair Minor Faults

If the car has a few dents and scratches, but is still basically roadworthy, give some serious consideration to having them professionally repaired—the cost of the work will often be less than the difference it will make to the sale price.

This is doubly important if the car has any faults that affect the driving experience. Take your car for a test drive and watch out for any quirks you might have gotten used to. Also make sure to check all your warning lights and take appropriate action if any are lit up.

  1. Clean It

This may seem blindingly obvious, but the difference it makes to car valuations can’t be understated. Go all out, because getting your car to look as good as new may be easier than you expect.

If the car looks like it might need a new coat of paint, you’ll be surprised what a thorough waxing achieves. Make sure to clean or replace dirty interior mats, and use specially made headlight cleaning products—murky lights are seen as a clear sign of a beaten up old vehicle.

These are all pretty simple solutions but the difference they make will stagger you twice—once when you see the car, and again when you see the new price.