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Having Fun with the Top Free Android Applications

Call clarity and the number of minutes provided used to be the main criteria by which people chose their cellular phones.


Today how “smart” a phone is plays majorly in peoples’ cell phone decisions. Today some people choose their smart phones by how many applications the phones have. The Android app market is one of the top application markets on the cell phone market. Android phone users can choose between hundreds of applications. How do you figure out which applications you should download? Thankfully there are plenty of free apps that you can play with without having to worry about wasting your money.


The following are some of the top free Android Applications.

A company called Most Popular Download developed a free Android application called My Coupons, which is tremendously useful for the Android user who savors the thought of saving money when he or she goes shopping.This free app for Android phones allows you to find coupons for shopping and even help you find free meal deals throughout your city. Sales clerks can scan barcodes on your phone or you can print the barcodes from any computer and use them on purchases the way ordinary coupons are used. For the money conscious consumer and diner this is definitely an important free Android application. Meebo is perhaps the most popular free Android application for instant messaging. Why is this app so much better than the competition? With just one app you can be logged in to all of your messaging clients. MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Myspace IM, Jabber and even Google Talk can be managed through it. You can easily keep track of all of your chats with your single application account. Meebo can be accessed from any computer which makes it ideal for keeping track of all of your account histories!

How often have you been out of the house, decided that you wanted to go to the movies and then been frustrated because you don’t have a good way to find out which movies are playing near you (or what time they start)?


Before now, you might have had to resort to your old phone’s ancient internet browser and hours of searching. With the Ikamobile Movie Finder you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Ikamobile Movie Finder is the top downloaded free Android app for movie fans. In addition for helping you figure out which movies are playing in your area and what times those movies start you can watch movie trailers, and look for the newest releases. There are so many different free applications available in the Android Market that choosing the best and most useful can be very time consuming. It is probably quite tempting to simply download all of the apps available and then sort through them later. Instead of taking this approach (and wasting valuable disk space on your phone) why not just look at a few applications at at time? Taking the second approach saves you a lot of time and effort and you won’t have to worry about wasting money because the apps are free!

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