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Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value


Selling a car can be even more of a headache than buying one. How do you find the best buyer? And how do you get the best possible price? Often times, you just have to shop around to see who will make you the best offer, but before that you want to put your best foot forward. Here are the three most important things to do before trying to sell your car.

  1. Have Your Papers in Order

A full service record including MOTs is a big plus for many buyers, and an absolute necessity for others. And if you can prove that all of the repairs and services the car has undergone through its lifetime were at a franchised garage (that is one belonging to the manufacturer, or carrying their certification) then this can give the price a significant boost.

A full ownership history is also valuable in private sale—it won’t increase the value but it will establish a trust that will make clinching the deal easier.

  1. Repair Minor Faults

If the car has a few dents and scratches, but is still basically roadworthy, give some serious consideration to having them professionally repaired—the cost of the work will often be less than the difference it will make to the sale price.

This is doubly important if the car has any faults that affect the driving experience. Take your car for a test drive and watch out for any quirks you might have gotten used to. Also make sure to check all your warning lights and take appropriate action if any are lit up.

  1. Clean It

This may seem blindingly obvious, but the difference it makes to car valuations can’t be understated. Go all out, because getting your car to look as good as new may be easier than you expect.

If the car looks like it might need a new coat of paint, you’ll be surprised what a thorough waxing achieves. Make sure to clean or replace dirty interior mats, and use specially made headlight cleaning products—murky lights are seen as a clear sign of a beaten up old vehicle.

These are all pretty simple solutions but the difference they make will stagger you twice—once when you see the car, and again when you see the new price.