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The economy is always experiencing phases where this or that industry begins to emerge as a major source of jobs. This can be because a new technological advancement gives rise to the need for a new career type. It can also mean that an industry is simply generating a lot of consumer demand. Often it is useful to research which industries are experiencing an uptrend both for getting a head start on a new job or even for investment purposes. Here are three trending industries that may deserve a closer look.


In the realm of hazardous chemicals and biological materials there exists the need for biorepositories and laboratory moving services. A Biorepository is a place where biological material is dealt with. This could include storage of biological materials, processing, and even proper distribution of such products and specimens. In the case where biological materials need to be transported in mass, the need for laboratory moving services becomes essential. These moving services need to have trained staff who comply with the regulatory measures imposed on the transport of hazardous chemicals and infectious biological agents. They must also have the proper temperature controlled refrigerated containers and back up refrigerator units to facilitate the proper and safe storage of specimens during transport. This industry may involve a hint of danger, but there are certainly exciting career possibilities to be considered.

Data Infrastructure Services are often overlooked facilities where private and public cloud services are housed will be a growing industry in 2014. The cloud infrastructure is home to much of the digital applications being developed, stored, and accessed by mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and phablets. As more mobile devices increase demand for cloud services in the industry, this creates a greater need for more data centers and cloud infrastructure. The expansion of new data centers translates to more positions needing to be filled. Management, software engineers, and sales representatives will be among the many key positions needing to be filled by qualified applicants as this trend of infrastructure expansion occurs and business continues to pick up.

Perhaps one industry people do not take much time to think about is the role played by materials engineers. Every product we use is made of materials. Materials have specific properties that are often studied and manipulated to determine their range of use. Materials engineers spend countless hours playing and experimenting with various materials to figure out these properties and where they are most useful. Usually, a materials engineer will specialize in an area, such as metals, plastics, or ceramics just to name a few. Many times materials engineers are dealing with substances at the atomic level, trying to figure out how to manipulate atomic structures to produce new and exciting properties. As long as companies continue to create innovative products with new substances that exhibit exotic properties, this industry will continue to positively trend.

Catching an unknown industry as it is trending can often involve a lot of investigation and research. However, being able to determine if demand, product sales, and employment in an industry is increasing or not are sometimes indicators that an industry is on an up or down swing. Sometimes, only time can tell for certain what industries were trending in which direction.


When you run a company and want to save money on your electric bills, you should think of ways to conserve. Not only that, when running an office, it is wise to think of the environment in other ways. When doing so, you can protect the planet and save money. Simply put, with these six ideas, you can enjoy saving money and protecting the planet.


Temperature: Without a doubt, if you run an office, you will spend a lot of money keeping people at a comfortable temperature. In the summer, you will probably have to run the air conditioner all the time. In the winter, if you live in a cold place, you will have to run the heater all the time. To save money and keep your appliances in order, you should use an automated machine and remotely monitor the climate. With this, an office manager can make the right decisions and anticipate how much to use the air conditioner or heater. Since this is a major cost, you should find a local service company who can help you figure out the right path. At the same time, you will use fewer resources; this will help you protect the planet.

Casual: In some businesses, a worker can dress casually. If you run an office in one of these industries, you must allow people to dress for comfort and not style. When doing so, a person can dress for the weather. Think about it, when an employee comes in with a full suit, he or she will get hot quickly. On the other hand, if you allow people to wear shirts and shorts, they will not need you to run the air conditioner as often.

Bike rack: If you have an office in the city or near a lot of houses, you should install a bike rack. By encouraging workers to bike to work, an office manager can go a long way in helping the environment. When workers do not drive to the office, they will not use fuel and pollute the air. Therefore, you should encourage people to bike to work.

Windows: If possible, you should try to get free light into the building. Of course, in the summer this may not work very well. On the other hand, in the winter, if you can bring your blinds down, you can let light into the building and save money on electric bills as you will not need to have the lights on all day.

Dishes: It is easy for an office manager to run out and buy Styrofoam and paper cups for workers to use. This is a costly mistake, and you must make the switch to regular dishes. With this, you can offer a safe way for people to eat and drink. At the same time, people will not waste plastic cups and other items.

Work from home: If possible, you should set it up so people can work from their houses. Remember, if they do not jump in their car and come to work, they will use fewer resources. At the same time, the business owner will save money when he or she does not have to pay for their electricity.

With these six tips, you can run a green business. It is not hard as long as you take a proactive and smart approach.


When you go to watch the movies you want on Netflix, you want to be able to watch them uninterrupted by technical errors. The speed and sound are extremely important to the experience.

One of the problems that can come from watching Netflix is you end up dealing with streaming issues which cause the movie to stop loading or stutter or distort. It’s not a frequent problem. However, Comcast and Netflix have come up with a plan which makes the movie streaming experience much better for Netflix users with better cable TV deals.

Netflix now has a direct connection to dedicated Comcast servers. What this means for viewers is they won’t have to go through third party providers which means fighting a lot of heavy Internet traffic; this is where the freeze-ups and streaming troubles come from.  Users will have direct access to Netflix through Comcast servers and this translates directly into faster streaming speeds and an even better movie watching experience in general. Looking ahead, this could lead to other broadband providers striking up similar agreements.

Multi-Year Agreement Reached
The deal between the companies is one which had been in the works for months. The agreement has been said to be for the long-term. Both companies have said that Netflix will not be receiving preferential network treatment. Netflix users who have been struggling to watch movies only to become frustrated will be especially interested in this deal and will reap most of the benefits.

Streaming movies from Netflix has become extremely popular and there are now more than 44 million Netflix subscribers worldwide. The company has been making efforts to connect directly to broadband Internet providers in order to offer its subscribers the best possible viewing. Netflix has also already made similar arrangements with both Cox and Cablevision.

The problems Netflix users had been suffering through had become publicly known. Forums and social media sites had opinions all over them from upset viewers who were starting to get fed up with trying to watch movies and videos only to have them interrupted by slow streaming times. The fact that these two companies have come to an agreement is very good news for anyone wanting to make use of Netflix. Comcast is a very big provider and allowing Netflix to have direct connection to its servers is big news, more than users may realize until they see the results for themselves.

The Growth of Netflix
Netflix has grown by leaps and bounds. What this means is there are even more people logging in to watch the movies and videos they want. When they are dealing with this amount of traffic on the same bandwidth – along with general Internet traffic – it can lead to increased irritation and problems. That’s especially true as Netflix grows.

Netflix was founded back in 1997 and began by offering users a subscription based digital distribution service in 1999. Since this time, it has maintained its reputation as one of the best services of its kind. With more than 44 million subscribers, it’s easy to see why it is so important for Netflix to do all it can to continue offering its users a hassle free and high quality experience. This deal is a great way for them to continue doing so.

“You can’t fully protect yourself from DDoS attacks”.

1 on 1 with website security specialist, Igal Zeifman, from Incapsula.


DDoS attacks are constantly staring in the tech news world.  For those of you who have been living on a different planet – Distributed Denial of Service Attack, or DDoS attacks are malicious attempts to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of a host connected to the Internet.

We sat down with website security expert, Igal Zeifman, to learn a bit more on this rapidly growing phenomenon and how and if you can protect yourself from it.

Q:  We are hearing a lot about DDoS attacks recently. Can you explain why they’re becoming so common?

Zeifman: There are several reasons that come to mind. Most prominently, DDoS attacks are becoming more common due to the simple reason that they became much easier to carry out.  As strange as it may sound, today you can actually rent a medium-sized DDoS botnet for as low as $30-50. With the availability of such services, some of which are openly advertised on YouTube and appear in Google search, anyone can become an attacker.

Unlike a few years ago when you needed some kind of technological expertise and a pretty substantial budget to execute a significant DDoS attack, today the bar of entry has been lowered to the point where just about anyone can potentially execute a mid-scale DDoS attack, almost on a whim. So it should come as no surprise that DDoS is turning into the “weapon of choice” for attackers out to do some cyber-mischief. This is exactly what we recently saw with the recent DerpTrolling DDoS campaign.

On the high end, we also see that large-scale DDoS events are becoming more common, due to the constant growth and evolution of network resources. As servers and personal computers become more powerful, so does the scale of network DDoS attacks. This trend will only continue to grow and we are likely to see more and more large-scale events in the foreseeable future.

Q: What recent DDoS attacks has Incapsula stopped?

Zeifman: That’s a loaded question. The simple reality is that there is always some kind of attack going on, so our network is blocking DDoS 24/7. Having said that, most of these events are not noteworthy, peaking at 20-30Gbps, which means that we hardly even notice them.

However, we do find ourselves surprised by the increasing sophistication of today’s attackers from time to time. For example, a few months ago we blocked a 100Gbps DDoS attack on the world’s largest bitcoin exchange. A few weeks later we saw an extremely complex Layer 7 DDoS attack, which employed 180,000 different machines to generate over 690 million hits a day for over a week.  Most alarmingly, the attackers were using a new technology, employing headless browsers to try and bypass our defenses.

Q: What’s the best way to prepare a site against DDoS attacks?

Zeifman: Honestly, you can’t. Granted, you can take some steps to protect yourself from low-level network attacks, but what can you do against 690 million human-like bot visitors? To mitigate such an attack, you would need a robust Bot Classification solution and an on-premises security team. We had those in place, but I can’t think of many private sites that have access to such capabilities. The target, in that case, was a very large financial site and they had all types of IT resources that most website owners could only dream of…  Still, when the attack hit, they knew they were outclassed and sought professional help.
You see, DDoS mitigation is not a hobby. It’s not a “do-it-yourself” type of thing. If you are running a serious business-oriented website, you can’t afford to do a poor job and risk downtime, loss of revenue and – most importantly – your users’ trust.

Q:  Do you see DDoS as a temporary phenomenon? Will it soon be replaced by the next cyber-threat or will we see such attacks increasing over time?

Zeifman: Unfortunately, it’s hard to see any short-term scenario in which DDoS attacks will stop being an issue and services for DDoS protection like Incapsulas will be in demand. Hopefully, somewhere down the road, we will see some ISP level solutions that will be able to block many of the attacks on the backbone level. At that point, Layer 7 DDoS will continue to be an issue but at least part of the problem will be solved. But until that day comes, DDoS is here to stay.

Q: Where can we learn about Incapsula’s DDoS Protection?

Zeifman: You can always visit our DDos Protection section, where we explain more about our solution architecture, our SLA and other aspects of our anti-DDoS services.


Few modern etiquette questions are quite as perplexing as what wine to take along to a party. There are many potential minefields along this journey and, unfortunately, you won’t know if you’ve committed a faux pas until the moment comes when you hand the bottle over to your hosts. Just like what you’ve chosen to wear and what conversation you make, the wine you bring will say a lot about you and make an impression — good or bad.

Image by SanFranAnnie,

Image by SanFranAnnie

The Perils of Spending Too Much or Too Little

If the occasion is a dinner party, you’ve no way of knowing beforehand what’s on the menu or whether or not your offering will match the food. This shouldn’t matter, as the wine is a gift and shouldn’t be expected to accompany the night’s dishes. Instead, it should be such a nice wine that the party hosts will look forward to consuming later at their leisure.

Of course, we all know this doesn’t happen. Once a party gets going, the sensible prescribed alcohol on the table invariably runs out, and those looking for an extra glass or two turn to the wine that the guests have brought. Hoping your wine will escape scrutiny or remain anonymous by sitting in the kitchen along with the others is by no means a certainty. If you’ve plumped for a $4.99 cheapie from the garage on the way there, they’ll catch you out. This is less likely to occur at a standing drinks party, so you may get away with cheapskate practices in that instance. You can avoid this pitfall and still find something good to drink by searching for good wine deals online and keeping some decent stocks at home.

The reverse of this situation is where you take a lovely chilled bottle of expensive champagne, expecting it will be opened and you’ll enjoy some of it yourself, and the host politely accepts and goes to put it away. This can be terribly disappointing, but again it’s wise to remember that the wine is a gift and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a taste.

This will turn out to be even more annoying if the wine you are then given to drink is really rather cheap and nasty, but you must grin and bear it. If the worst comes to the worst, you can slyly decant it into a plant pot.

Whether to take one bottle or two is another modern conundrum. If there are two of you attending, it’s more polite to take two, as that way you are both effectively making a contribution. And let’s face it, you’ll drink more anyway.

More Please?

Another tickly question about modern manners is whether it’s impolite to top up your own glass. This can be frustrating when the bottle is sitting right in front of you and your glass has been empty for ages. Helping yourself with impunity is not a good idea, but a quick “May I?” and a nod of assent should smooth the passage. After all, it’s hard for a host to say no to the guests! Throw in a compliment about the food and you should be fine on this score.

Finding the right wine for a party doesn’t have to get you all in a nervous wreck, and you don’t have to empty your savings either just to impress your dinner hosts. Check out some of the deals for wine online and you can still be the perfect dinner guest, one who has impeccable taste.

From more precise monitoring to enhanced results, fitness gadgets can make your exercise regimen more effective and more fun. Heart health is one of the main reasons that people exercise and there are quite a few gadgets available to help improve your cardiovascular health; here are a few of them:

1. Pedometers
Walking is a form of moderate exercise that can greatly improve your heart health. It is easy and can be done by most people in most environments. In addition to strengthening your heart, a moderate walk can improve your circulation and build your lung capacity. Pedometers are useful tools for tracking how much you walk and can help you to stay motivated. Modern pedometers are very precise and can provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the number of steps you take.


2. Electronic Muscle Stimulators

These devices such as the ones at shopcompex.com send an electrical pulse to a specific muscle, which causes it to contract as it would during exercise. The pulse is mild and safe. By creating the same effect as exercise, these devices can help you to tone your muscles and to improve oxygen consumption; both of these things are good for cardiovascular health. Electronic muscle stimulators are not a substitute for cardio exercise but they can help to enhance the benefits.

3. WiFi Scales
Losing weight is an important part of improving your heart health. For effective weight loss, you will need tools to measure your progress. Having regular weigh-ins is a good way to keep yourself accountable; a reliable scale is therefore essential. Scale technology has come a long way since the old analog models of yesteryear. There are WiFi scales available that allow the information on the scale to be transmitted to a personal computer. This allows for more precise tracking of your weight loss efforts.

4. Music Players
Motivation is arguably the most important element in achieving any fitness goal. Any tools that can provide or add to your motivation will be extremely helpful in improving your heart health. Music is an excellent motivational tool and today’s music players are compact, light and feature-rich; this makes them perfect for use while working out. Among the most helpful features on some models is the ability to set your music to stop playing when you stop moving; the idea behind this is that it provides that extra incentive to keep going.

5. Heart Rate Monitors
The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you workout for at least 20 minutes three days per week at between 70 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. You should combine this with moderate exercise at 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate three days a week. In order to achieve these heart rates and to stay within them for the recommended amount of time, you are going to need a monitoring device. Heart rate monitors have become widely available and are used by professional athletes as well as by regular people just trying to get fit. You can set the alarm to signal when your heart rate falls below the desired pace and ensure that your workout stays at the intensity you desire.
Fitness and improved heart health are the two goals most people have when they start working out. Many fail to attain them. Gadgets cannot provide you with the willpower you will need to exercise consistently, but they can help to make your workouts more effective.


We all have to speak in public from time to time, whether it’s contributing to a team meeting or delivering a presentation to a large group of people. Public speaking is a key leadership skill to have; it is valuable in both our personal and professional lives and can enhance future career opportunities. The pressure of speaking in public however can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for an individual who perhaps lacks in confidence, and this can result in a poor delivery. According to the Daily Mail, public speaking is one of the most common fears in women.


Getting the message across can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead and understand the audience’s mindset. One of the top keynote speakers on branding will tell you that. Take the time to research what you are saying and who you are sharing it with, and at the start of your presentation, tell your audience what they can expect. Below are some effective ways to ensure your presentation is received well:

Don’t let nerves get the better of you
First things first, to deliver a memorable speech, you’re going to need to overcome the nerves. Easier said than done, but when you learn how to control them, you can use the adrenaline to stay alert and be more enthusiastic. A public speaking coach can show you the proper way to do this. Many people will try to rush when they’re speaking in public but it is important to breathe slowly and take your time. One of the biggest mistakes people make is being unprepared. If you know you are going to be delivering a presentation or speech, start preparing as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to practice and the more you’ll know the content inside out. Remember that people in the audience want you to succeed, as they want to take something away from it too. You are there to help or educate them in some way so think about them, not you.

Think about how you present yourself
This is where your appearance, posture and body language comes into play. The way you present yourself will make a difference in whether your speech is memorable or not. If you deliver with passion, this will come across to your audience who will then take your message more seriously. Giving advice about public speaking, Speaker Mentor, Deborah Meaden, told the BBC:

“Find the thing that you are passionate about. Automatically you’ll deliver it with conviction. You believe, they’ll believe it”.

Dress smartly and stand tall, with shoulders back and your chest out, don’t slouch or lean and remember to smile. Walk around and use gestures to engage with your audience and make sure you keep your eyes up and focused on them to ensure each individual feels connected.

Enliven the delivery and make it interesting
One of the best ways to convey a message is to add variation to your presentation. It can be difficult to captivate an audience by simply talking for 30 minutes, but there are a number of things a speaker can introduce to enliven the presentation. By mixing up your speech, you have a better of chance of reaching a broader range of people. Visual aids such as photos, graphs and data can be extremely effective, and videos can be powerful too. Don’t try and be too clever though; if you’re new to public speaking, stay within your comfort zone, for example don’t plan a 10 minute video spectacular if you’ve never done it before!

From an interesting concept just a few years ago, cloud software has now been adopted by many businesses looking to reap the benefits of the many advantages offered by the medium of computing.

How it works
Cloud software is a major development in computing that allows for on demand services and applications. The term cloud is basically a metaphor for the internet, a virtual world with almost limitless possibilities. Cloud software is hosted on the internet, allowing it to be supplied and used instantaneously. Cloud software is offered by some of the biggest names in computing, including McLaren Software and IBM.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Here are five ways that you can use cloud software in your business:

1. Increase Flexibility
Cloud computing doesn’t require the installation of software with discs, all the data is hosted on the internet. Once it has been developed by the provider, the cloud software is ready to be used by a business. This makes cloud software available on demand, meaning that a company using the variety of computing can be more flexible and able to react quicker to a given situation.

2. Reduce Costs
Cloud technology mitigates the need for developers to write endless data onto discs.
This cuts down on time, an advantage that is passed onto the customer in the form of reduced costs. In this way, cloud software can be used to cut out a significant area of expenditure for a business, and there are economic benefits too.

3. Easily send large files
Owing to the boundlessness of the internet, cloud software can be used to exponentially increase the space that a business has in which to keep files. This extra space can also be used to increase the ease with which large files can be sent. With traditional computing, a large file is generally sent via email, however, many services have limits relating the maximum file size that can be handled. Cloud software, such as a cloud drive, allows for large files to simply be placed on the internet, where they wait to be picked up by the recipient, cutting out the complications of sending a large file.

4. File Backup
A major risk when using traditional computing is the potential for hardware to malfunction. This can cause large amounts of data to be lost. Even if the data is retrieved, this can be a very long and drawn out process, and some data may still be missing. With data stored using cloud software, the potential for lost data is greatly reduced. When using cloud software, the process of backing up data is scheduled and completed automatically. Moreover, the recovery process is cheaper and around four times faster than the process required for data recovery of physical memory.

5. Accessible from anywhere
Perhaps the biggest advantage of cloud software is that it is available wherever there is wireless connectivity, which can be almost anywhere these days. Whether working from home or working in the field, employees and clients of a business can get to the data they need instantly and hassle free.

The New Year has started with a bang at the ever-popular International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which takes place in Las Vegas every year. It might only be January but technology companies everywhere have already revealed some of their most prized gadgets from lightweight ultrabooks to hybrid laptops, so what have we go to look forward to over the coming year?

Revolutionary convertibles and laptops

If you’re a fan of highly portable devices with exquisite capabilities, you’re in luck. Multinational technology company Lenovo used the trade show to display a host of convertibles and laptops that are sure to get your blood pumping. That’s right, as well as Lenovo’s quirky little ThinkPad 8 tablet which sports an 8.3 inch 1080p display, boasts a quad-core Intel Bay Trail processor, can be used with a keyboard base and handles Windows 8.1 with ease, you can also get hold of slightly larger gadgets such as the detachable Windows 8 hybrid Miix 2.  Ideal for anyone who enjoys the portability of a tablet and the reassurance of a laptop, this multi-functioning invention has it all and is great for both business and pleasure. Consumers can also get their hands on Yoga 2 (an updated version of the original IdeaPad Yoga) as well as a new version of the Flex, the Flex D series.

Lenovo X1 Carbon
nokia_fan /  CC BY-NC

What’s more Lenovo have also paid homage to traditional notebooks with both the Z and Y series boasting sleek and efficient 14 and 15.6 inch models. While the Z series includes a host of breathtaking features including an Intel Core i7 processor, optional 1080p display, optional Nvidia 840 graphics and an impressive 16GB of RAM if needed, the Y series is sure to capture the interest of gamers everywhere. The latter comes complete with an Intel Core Processor, Nvidia GTX or AMD Radeon R9 M270 graphics and 3840×2160 display, which makes for a great gaming experience.

Futuristic mock-ups and concepts

As well as impressive designs that are sure to improve the world of computing, CES has also seen a host of headline-grabbing concepts including bendable TVs. Yes, you heard right. This year, Samsung not only announced two series of LED LCD curved TVs, which got people talking but they also showed off a rather swanky bendable TV. The demo model was an 85-inch LED LCD with 45 resolution and had the ability to transform from a flat screen to a curved screen with just a push of a button – pretty cool huh? One can only imagine what such a device would cost as no price was given. Other futuristic designs included BMW’s driver-less car, which not only had the ability to detect the presence of objects but could also steer, accelerate and break without any human intervention. Amazingly, the system can even counter-steer if the car slips on a wet road to prevent it from doing a 180. Made up of a Lateral Control Unit and a Longitudinal Control Unit, each played its part to determine the motion of the vehicle and are central to autonomous vehicles.

Every year, exciting developments come from CES and it seem like 2014 is no different so keep a look out for these outstanding creations.


The only parts of a car that should be in contact with the road are the tyres. They act as a cushion between the road and the body of the vehicle, often functioning at high speeds, and are vital to the safety of the vehicle. Here are some tips for keeping tyres in top condition.

Tyre Pressure

A tyre can only function properly if it is correctly inflated. The air inside a tyre gives it structure and allows the tyre to provide cushioning and traction. Conversely, an underinflated tyre is a potential safety hazard, and also increases friction between the outer tyre and the road, slowing a car down and decreasing its fuel efficiency. Tyre pressure can be checked at car dealerships such as T W White & Sons, where professionals will be able to give advice on appropriate pressure levels. Alternatively, you can check tyre pressure yourself with a gauge at a petrol station. The recommended tyre pressure for a particular tyre should be indicated on the wheel itself or on a label on the driver’s doorframe. Tyre pressure should be checked every month and before every long distance journey.

Car tyres
Niklas Emmerich Photography /  CC BY-NC-SA

Tread Depth

In order to maintain optimum levels of grip, a tyre must have a sufficient amount of tread. The legal limit in the UK for tread is at least 1.6 mm across 75% of the tyre, owners of cars with less tread than this face a fine of up to £2,500 per offending tyre. It is particularly important to have good levels of tread when driving in unfavourable conditions, such as when there is a lot of water on the road or when it is icy. The 20 pence technique allows you to quickly check if you have sufficient tread. If, when a 20p piece is placed between the tracks of the tread, the inner rim of the coin is still visible, then the tyre may have insufficient tread and may need replacing. When checking tread levels, it is also important to look out for abnormal wear and damage such as cracks and bulges in the tyre.

Rotate Tyres

Very often, over the lifetime of a car it may end up turning in one direction more than the other. For instance, when turning clockwise at a roundabout, as we do in Britain, this increases the instances of turning right. Front wheel drive cars, such as  may also be harsher on the front tyres during breaking. These and other tendencies can cause uneven wear on tyres, creating an imbalance in the way a car handles. To avoid this, and to get the maximum life out of each individual tyre, it is important to rotate tyres every 6,000 miles, or as instructed in the owner’s manual.

Use the right tyre

A tyre may be in perfect condition but if it is used in an inappropriate environment it may not be able to function to the best of its abilities. In very wet conditions, special tyres with water dispersing tread can heavily reduce the likelihood of aquaplaning. Meanwhile, snow tyres have very wide tread that improves grip on snow but can result in heavy wear in normal conditions. For a review of the best winter tyres, visit autoexpress.co.uk.

Currently, in the US statistics show that 80 per cent of the population have access to the internet. The potential for business growth through having a company website is positive. A web presence can attract loyal clients or customer. Most individuals use the internet for reference purposes, keeping up to date with the daily news, or browsing,which increases the probability of accessing your small business website. Your competitors may or may not have a website. The small business website is an effective marketing tool. Your website is accessible worldwide exposing your business to new business territory as the geographical limitations are eliminated as well as time constraints.

Website design- how to make a website

Consumers like well designed websites, that are logical and easy to navigate. The online store is a definite attraction which generates an income 24/7 for the owner if products or services are sold. Website can be designed cost effectively and enhances one’s professional image. E commerce websites are popular and allow one to interact with the customer maintaining dialogue and excellent customer service.


Website presentation has to be considered thoughtfully during the design process. The images one uses on the site and the clarity of the written text, including detailed information about the company will answer most consumer/clients questions. A regular blog can be added to the website informing customers about latest company and product development and news. Overall websites enable one to communicate with your target audience.

The company

Current company vacancies can be listed online, and one can develop one’s workforce through accepting applications for significant roles. One can utilize social media sites to write an introductory script about the company and include links to the main website. Online referrals of companies are read quite frequently by the public and can drive more traffic to your specialist company website. It is easier to view a company prospectus online initially or view a company’s products rather than making a visit to the business.

The role of a website designer

To create a website it is recommended to look for a website designer who can advise you about what is possible for your potential website. Website designers tend to think that a website is quite vital for the success of small businesses. Websites are informative and can improve the long-term financial prospects of a business. Many young entrepreneurs rely on innovative technology to build their businesses.

Overall importance of websites

Websites are versatile; they can be updated at anytime to provide current information. One can begin to gather useful customer information which is important leads for the future. One can email special offers for products to customers who have logged their information on the website. One can target products to a select niche of customers. Not all companies have a website. Some market their business offline or through telemarketing departments within companies. One will find a website can enhance one’s authenticity and extend one’s accessibility.

San Francisco — Yahoo alerted users of its free email service Thursday that hackers slipped into accounts to loot information using stolen passwords.

The California company did not disclose the extent of the breach, but said that it is asking those affected to change their passwords.

“Security attacks are unfortunately becoming a more regular occurrence,” Yahoo senior vice president for platforms and personalization products Jay Rossiter said in a blog post.

“We regret this has happened and want to assure our users that we take the security of their data very seriously.”

A malicious computer program armed with Yahoo Mail passwords and usernames apparently slipped into accounts aiming to glean names and addresses from messages that had been sent, according to Rossiter.

Yahoo recently discovered the invasion and suspected that the passwords were snatched from a third-party database that the company did not disclose.

“We have no evidence that they were obtained directly from Yahoo’s systems,” Rossiter said.

Yahoo said it was working with federal authorities to investigate the breach.

What can the users do?

The company is resetting passwords on accounts that have been affected and is taking steps to allow users to re-secure their accounts. It is sending notification e-mails instructing those users to change their passwords; users may also receive a text message, if they’ve shared their phone number with the company.

It’s a song-and-dance that users may be tiring of, but it is important for Yahoo account holders who were swept up in the attack to change their passwords for immediately.

They should also change their log-in credentials for any account that may share their Yahoo password, particularly if they use their Yahoo e-mail as their username. The same is true if you use a similar e-mail address as the username — it’s not a big leap for hackers to think that you may be both [email protected] and [email protected]

Finally, everyone should also be on the lookout for spam, as the attack also appears to have picked up names and e-mail addresses for the most recent contacts from affected accounts, according to the company’s post.

If you get an odd e-mail from the Yahoo account of someone you know, ignore the message, and do not click on any links in the message. (It’s also be nice to let the person whose account has been hacked know about the fraudulent messages, so they can warn others to avoid the e-mails.)


Like the epic intro to some Tolkien-esque fantasy film, it seems that the music industry looks set to be thrown into chaos – with broken hearts at the centre of a monumental music streaming battle. The announcement of the Dr. Dre endorsed rival to Spotify’s streaming monopoly has rallied the troops and set the PR war machine to work – with a number of interesting, and sometimes speculative announcements from the service’s marketing department designed to keep consumers on-side.

Spotify HQ
Erik StattinCC BY-SA

The latest of these announcements hopes to take those broken hearts and recommend a suitably sentimental love-song to remedy the pain. That is, Spotify have announced that, in the near future they hope to be able to monitor users heart-beats to provide a recommendation system based on mood and/or likelihood of cardiac arrest. It seems that Dr Dre’s Beats has got Spotify’s pulse racing.

Smartphone for Smart Recommendations

This latest idea from Spotify will use device to device communication from companies such as Deutsche Telekom to monitor things like pulse, temperature, sleep patterns and body motion. The aim is to build a picture of individual users that enables the service to recommend music, linked not only to listening habits, but also to mood and disposition from sensors within your smartphone.

The data will be collected from your smartphone and then sent wirelessly to your Spotify account – although details on exactly how this will work are still very much unclear. It is a safe bet though that, with the meteoric rise and “one box to rule them all” philosophy of the smartphone, these features will appear sooner rather than later. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the latest announcements from an increasingly worried Spotify.

Internet & Mobile World 2013 (IMWorld 2013), the second edition, is an event dedicated to digital business solutions. The exhibition and conferences will take place in Bucharest, on October 9th and 10th.

Visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to test first hand the intelligent Google Glasses, the latest gadget from Google, that can be activated by voice, acts like a mini-computer and helps the wearer to recognize the people he meets on the street or conferences and make business easier, and to connect to the Internet and social networks. These glasses can take pictures, shoot videos, have an option for videochat, can show GPS guides (Mercedes is testing Door-to-Door Navigation), and can translate in real time any written text that you see or words that you hear.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses

The 2nd edition of IMWorld brings together internationally renowned speakers and exhibitors as our intention is to facilitate the contact between the most important providers of digital solutions and the ones interested in using them for their projects and businesses. That is why we invited Nick Sohnenmann, founder and managing partner Future Candy, to the event; he and the analist Jan-Keno Janssen will present the Google Glasses”, said Cristian Hossu,  Managing Partner Universum Events (IMWorld organizer)

Google Glasses’ presentation is scheduled to take place on the 1st day of the event, starting 10 a.m., and, afterwards, the glasses are available for testing in exhibition’s “Future Corner”.


Oculus Rift Glasses

“Other glasses based on a revolutionary technology and that will be also presented at IMWorld are Oculus Rift. Scheduled for launching in the beginning of 2014, the glasses have a 3D stethoscope viewfinder and 9DOF sensors and allow their users to experience video games from a new perspective and to better identify with the game characters”, said Cristian Hossu

[youtube 3b4w749Tud8 640 518]

Leap Motion is another piece of technology that will be unveiled to the Romanian public and allows controlling the computer simply by making different gestures. The device creates a work area of half meter around the computer and the actions in this area (hands, fingers or other objects movements) are sent directly, without needing a touchpad, a mouse or other instruments.

All the gadgets to be presented at IMWorld, along with other tech novelties, will be available for testing in IMWorld’s “Future Corner”.

Access to IMWorld is available by pre-registering and the “Very Early Bird” tickets – available on www.imworld.ro for a 50% discount until September 13th.

IMWorld’s second edition is scheduled for October 9-10, at Romexpo Bucharest; the event is structured on 3 business areas: Marketing Technologies, Mobile and Apps  and Business Software, each with dedicated conference scene and exhibition area.

The event is supported by Romtelecom and Cosmote as main partners and Nokia, S&T Romania, Qualysoft, Telcor Communications, Entersoft, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Zitec, MailAgent, Agilio, Safetech, Agile Media, MODE360, Transart, Dynamic Web, Voxility, Mediapost Hit Mail, Mobixera and SEO monitor, Star Storage, Cisco, Bittnet, Pay Pro, as project’s sponsors. The creative partner of the event is Saatchi&Saatchi. The media partners are: Radio Guerrilla, The Money Channel, Getica OOH, Wall-Street.ro, HotNews.ro, AdHugger, Agora, B2B Advertising, Business Review, Business24.ro, Cariere, Comunicatedepresa.ro, Connect, DailyBusiness.ro, Digital Trends, Forbes, Incont.ro, IT Channel, IT TRENDS, Market Watch, Today Software Magazine, Ziare.com and Zona IT.

IMWorld 2013 expects 5,000 visitors and has already 25 confirmed international speakers and 130 digital and software companies. The event is organized by Universum Events, that also organizes “Innovation Summit”.

A large number of Internet service providers like virgin media broadband can be seen in the present world. Generally, when you buy a product or service you look for some ideas or tips that reduce your effort and cost. Similarly in the case of Home Broadband there are certain things you need to understand before you make a decision. Several broadband service providers have jumped in the UK market with many exclusive deals, offers and discounts. It is quite difficult to find the best and the cheapest among them.

A good research and broadband comparison among the companies will do the work for you. Sometimes even recommendations play a good role in the selection of the right broadband provider because people who are using the broadband service have a good experience about the service. There are many great tips for selecting the Home Broadband provider but the most effective in case of broadband would be:

1) Look for the most reliable broadband service provider that has been serving the community for years. The quality and standard of a broadband service provider would ultimately give the satisfaction and peace of mind.

2) Compare your broadband deals or packages with other broadband service providers like Orange, TalkTalk, O2, BT and others. This will let you understand the suitability, reliability and the competitive prices offered from each broadband provider. For Broadband Comparison there are many sites online that gives you a good comparison about the latest broadband deals, offers and promotions.

3) Accept the recommendations from your friends and relatives about the broadband speed and service. Experience counts a lot in any use of product and service. Therefore approach a friend or relative who has been using a broadband service for a long time. If you can’t find any one of them a deep research about broadband concepts, how it works and comparison would help you in this case.

4) If you do not want to spend a lot for your broadband service stay updated with the current promotions, offers and discounts from the various broadband service providers. For example Virgin Media has introduced £50 credit on broadband packages exclusively for online consumers. If you remain updated about the current happenings from your existing broadband provider you could save a lot of money and also avail a lot other extra benefits.

5) For testing purposes and to obtain your trust and satisfaction many companies offer free broadband for the first 1 or 2 months with free installation. Why not give it a try? This will make you understand your ultimate needs for broadband in your work, the broadband speeds you need and whether you can depend on this service for the future.

The tips given above are quite effective in selecting the right broadband provider in your area. It is important for every consumer to understand the concepts of broadband that tends to help you out in finding the most helpful and effective broadband either for your personal work or profession.

Having the amazing 3D cinema effect in the comfort of your lounge seems out of the question for many.  Companies like BT Vision are providing 3D streaming services, which make it easy for you to watch 3D television at home. The 3D TVs available at the moment are increasingly prominent in our homes. Viewing these films can make you feel like you’re ‘actually there’ when wearing the 3D glasses.

We come from the future
Zorlack / Foter / CC BY

3D TVs are top spec LCD, LED or plasma televisions. They first hit the market in 2010 and are gaining in popularity on a daily basis. You will indeed need these 3D specs to witness 3D content but don’t be misled into thinking that they will convert all your programs into three dimensions; you’ll only see shows made for 3D viewing and these must be watched on a 3D TV. They cost a lot more than other televisions because the technology required is relatively new. These prices will no doubt decrease as time goes by as with many other electrical devices. Just think how much DVD players cost when they first came out and what they can be bought for these days.

Two types of 3D glasses are available known as passive or active glasses and each style uses different glass. Passive glasses are frequently seen at the cinema and use polarizing lenses whereas the active versions use crystallized shutters, powered by batteries. To watch 3D shows and programs you will need a 3D TV along with a 3D source like a 3D Blu-ray player or 3D TV channel. If you do not have either of these sources, your TV will function perfectly well but in 2D.

So how does the 3D TV and glasses cause us to see the picture in 3D? The television forms two separate pictures simultaneously causing a disordered image. The glasses then combine the two pictures to form a clear image for you to see in three dimensions.

Currently there aren’t many 3D channels available. In the UK Sky 3D shows a mixture of films, sports, documentaries and concerts. Virgin Media has a ‘3D Movies on Demand’ 3D platform that shows 3D films and TV shows. The USA has two 3D sports channels called n3D and ESPN 3D. You can also experience 3D viewing using a 3D Blu-ray player with your 3D TV. Many more channels are in the pipeline though and will appear very soon.

Even though they need glasses, 3D TVs are a superb choice. Enjoying a cinema-like experience in your lounge is an amazing experience. Even though they are expensive, as I said earlier the price will decrease as time passes. 3D televisions are the most talked about TVs at the moment and will continue to be for some time. With the price of cinema tickets on the increase there’s never been a better time to treat yourself to a 3D TV for fantastic visual viewing at home.

More and more people are buying Bitcoin and the biggest exchange is the target of concerted attacks of criminal organizations interested in destabilizing Bitcoin. They can’t attack the network itself, so they try to hit the easiest target.

Last year, Mt.Gox saw an average of 9,000 to 10,000 new accounts created every month. This number doubled in January, tripled in February, and sextupled in March. In this month alone, over 57,000 new accounts were created!, said Mt.Gox

Bitcoin recovers ddos attack 13 april 2013

Here is an explanation from Mt.Gox  (the biggest exchange) for the problems that they’re having:

[…]we are continuing to experience a DDoS attack like we have never seen. While we are being protected by companies like Prolexic, the sheer volume of this DDoS left us scrambling to fine-tune the system every few hours to make sure that things don’t go beyond a few 502 error pages and trading lag.

Why has Mt.Gox become the target of a DDoS attack?
It is not yet clear who is behind this DDoS and we may never know, but these actions seem to have two major purposes:

1. Destabilize Bitcoin in general.
It is not a secret Mt.Gox is the largest Bitcoin exchange with more than 80% of all USD trades and more than 70% of all currencies. Mt.Gox is an easy target for anyone that wants to hurt Bitcoin in general.

2. Abuse the system for profit.
Attackers wait until the price of Bitcoins reaches a certain value, sell, destabilize the exchange, wait for everybody to panic-sell their Bitcoins, wait for the price to drop to a certain amount, then stop the attack and start buying as much as they can. Repeat this two or three times like we saw over the past few days and they profit.

What is bitcoin?

[youtube Um63OQz3bjo]

Following the unveiling of the new BMW R 1200 GS at Cologne Intermot earlier this week, the organizers at the Motorcycle Live have revealed the prize for this year’s competition will be this exquisite motorcycle:



BMW 2013 model R 1200 GS. The price is worth in excess of £10,500!


Called the “perfection of an icon”, the new R 1200 GS represents the top technology in the German manufacturer’s 32-year history of defining and dominating the Adventure Sport market.

The new version is robust, dynamic, and full of the enduro character essential for a bike equally at home either on or off road.

At first glance, the new R 1200 GS too is a genuine GS: robust, dynamic, and full of character. Virtually all surfaces were revised, and all materials provided with a better finish. The two-cylinder opposed twin engine merges harmoniously into the unmistakable GS flyline.

A new feature for the R 1200 GS is the water-cooled boxer engine.  This has allowed BMW to sculpt revolutionary vertical contours – a masterpiece of lightness and aerodynamics.  With its 125 hp (92 kW) and 125 Nm torque, the two-cylinder opposed twin engine promises power in every situation. Based on a new concept of combined air and liquid cooling and vertical flows through the cylinders, the engine operates efficiently, reliably, and with high torques at all times. Further improvements like the new wet clutch with anti-hopping feature and the electromotive throttle actuator E-Gas make the opposed twin engine the perfect drive solution at the heart of the new R 1200 GS.

Win BMW R 1200 GS by clicking and registering

Get additional details by clicking here

What can you expect to see on display at the NEC for Motorcycle Live, which takes place from November 24th to December 2nd?


Aprilia Caponord

The Caponord is a 1,200cc V-twin developed from the Dorsoduro 1200. The bike is directed more at the Ducati Multistrada, road-biased end of the sector and comes with a semi-active suspension option similar to Ducati’s.


This will be BMW’s first liquid-cooled boxer engine. This is as important as when Porsche switched to liquid cooling with its 996-series 911 in 1998.

Ducati Diavel Strada

This will be the touring version of Ducati’s extraordinary Diavel performance cruiser.

Ducati Hypermotard

The new 821cc version of Ducati’s liquid-cooled Testastretta engine. It comes with an unique touring seat, screen, luggage and other extras. ABS is included in all versions as well as traction control while the high-spec SP version, which also gets the new engine, adds Marchesini wheels, Öhlins and Marzocchi suspension and a smattering of carbon-fibre panels.

Ducati Panigale R

Carbon-fibre for a high price of around £30,000ish.

Honda CB500F, X and R

This is Honda’s new family of twin-cylinder middleweights, exceptionally economical (76mpg). All versions share the same steel tube frame and the new, 471cc parallel twin engine.

Honda CBR600RR

Honda has added “Big Piston” forks, refined rear suspension, updated bodywork with a 6.5% reduction in drag and improved agility. They haven’t changed the engine, but added new electronic management.

Kawasaki Z800

Upgraded with an overbore to 800cc and various other engine differences aimed at improving reliability and efficiency. The chassis remained unchanged and the styling has been modernised.

KTM 1190 Adventure

Highly capable with a 148bhp engine for a body of 212kg – the greatest power-to-weight ratio in the same class with the Ducati Multistrada.

Other models to be launched:

  • KTM Duke 690R and 390BMW F800GT
  • Moto Guzzi California 1400
  • MV Agusta Brutale 800
  • Piaggio Vespa 946
  • Suzuki C1500T
  • Triumph Daytona 675
  • Triumph Street Triple
  • Yamaha FJR1300A

For bike insurance and motorcycle insurance you should consider Carole Nash. They offer a range of motorbike insurance policy types, including cover for off-road bikes, classic bikes and custom motorcycle.



Advance tickets for Motorcycle Live 2012, which takes place from November 24 to December 2, cost £16 per adult, £10 for seniors and £6 per child. These include free access to the Ramp’d Up Freestyle Motocross Arena.

To book, call 0844 581 2345 or visit www.motorcyclelive.co.uk. The closing date for advanced tickets is 5pm on November 23.

The NEC, by the M42 east of Birmingham, is signposted from the M40, M42 and M6. It is connected to Birmingham International station by covered walkway.

Richard O'Dwyer Extradition Support

Many people especially in the UK will have heard and read about 24yr old Sheffield Hallam University student Richard O’Dwyer’s fight against extradition to the USA on a charge of copyright infringement over a linking site he made (TVShack.net) even though he has not been to America since he was 5 years old!

His mum Julia describes this as “The Fight of Our Lives” Richard if convicted in a US court could find himself in a Federal  prison for up to 10 years and subject to a $250,000 fine. Though Richard and Julia are fighting against this disproportionate extradition and with no help from the British government who have rubber stamped Richard’s extradition, in reality hardly any British citizens have successfully fought extradition to the USA. You can find out more about Richard’s situation by following Julia on twitter @jrodwyer and have a look on her blog http://juliasblog-the-fight-of-our-lives.blogspot.co.uk/

Everything is stacked against Richard even though he has yet to have his appeal. Julia needs to plan for the worst in case Richard is extradited to the USA. Fighting extradition has been costly so far even though Richard’s legal costs have been funded by legal aid in the UK.

[youtube iqptx4j1wuo]

Sheffield student Richard O’Dwyer, 24, faces extradition to the US and up to 10 years in prison for alleged copyright offences after setting up a website with links to TV shows called TVShack.com. Here, he discusses why he set up the site; his arrest and detention; and the battle his family faces to keep him in the UK

TV Shack Admin Richard O’Dwyer “Almost Certain” To Be Extradited To US


The recent decision not to extradite hacker Gary McKinnon to the United States was considered by some as a sign of hope for the predicament of former TVShack admin Richard O’Dwyer. But while there is still a High Court appeal around the corner, things still don’t look good. Speaking with TorrentFreak, Richard’s mother says her son’s extradition is now “almost certain” which is forcing her to plan for a worst case scenario in which he is sent across the Atlantic with little notice. Can you help?

In 2011, Richard O’Dwyer was arrested by police for operating TVShack, a website that listed user-submitted links to TV-shows hosted on other websites.

Earlier this year UK Home Secretary Theresa May officially approved an extradition request from US authorities and ever since Richard and his mother Julia have battled against it. Their campaign has received high-profile support from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who characterized the case as a clash between civil liberties and the interests of the copyright industries.

Right now Richard is awaiting his appeal to the High Court against the decision of a judge in a lower court to allow his extradition to go ahead. That appeal is scheduled for December 4 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Speaking with TorrentFreak, Julia O’Dwyer says the appeal will take place on a number of issues but mainly against the lower court judge’s decision.

“In order to proceed with an extradition the alleged conduct must be a crime punishable with more than 12 months in prison in both countries. Despite the Judge saying at the Oct/Nov hearings last year that we had a good strong legal argument supporting this (an opinion which was agreed by the prosecution Barrister), when considering his decision he strangely changed his mind and decided the other way,” Julia explains.

Since it was very similar in function, on many occasions Richard’s site TVShack has been compared to the now-defunct site TV-Links. The admins of TV-Links were also subjected to legal action but were cleared after a judge ruled that Section 17 of the European Commerce Directive 2000 afforded TV-Links a defense when it linked to other web sites. This ruling will form part of Richard’s appeal.

“We will be strengthening these arguments at appeal and as you might expect have sought expert IP opinion on the matter,” Julie adds.

Last week, UK Home Secretary Theresa May decided that alleged hacker Gary McKinnon would not be extradited to the US. She also announced that the government will make some changes to the existing extradition treaty, including the so-called Forum Amendment, which many viewed as good news for Richard’s case, but that’s not necessarily the case.

“This means that where an accused has committed all or a significant amount of the alleged conduct in the UK, then the courts will be able to decide whether they should be tried in the UK,” Julia explains.

“This is a major breakthrough and is what the campaigners for extradition reform have been fighting for for years. This would apply in Richard’s case but as the law has not yet been changed and I don’t know when it will, this is not likely to benefit Richard.”

While Julia notes that the UK government does technically have the power to apply the changes to Richard’s case, the McKinnon decision may mean that they choose not to.

“[The UK government] has just upset the US by keeping Gary Mckinnon here and they are already trying to sabotage any law changes planned by sending over a US Judge to give a lecture to the UK Parliament later this month,” she reveals.

Furthermore, while not a single US citizen has ever been extradited to the UK for a crime committed from the US, aside from the McKinnon decision Julia says that nearly all extraditions to the US of UK citizens (including those who have never set foot on US soil) have eventually gone ahead.

Faced with this bleak outlook, Julia informs TorrentFreak that she is “almost certain” that Richard will be extradited to the US. To this end she is now being forced to prepare for this worst-case scenario.

Fortunately, several people have already offered to finance or work for free on Richard’s case in the US but there are additional costs still to be met.

“There still remains the worry of financial costs in the US. There will be personal financial costs associated with travel to the US, accommodation and the cost of securing an address for Richard to live at in order to be allowed bail. These costs will have to be covered by me somehow,” Julia explains.

“What concerns me are the unknown additional costs which we could be faced with such as a large bail bond or an even more costly financial penalty running into hundreds of thousands of dollars if Richard were to be found guilty,” she adds.

To prepare for this eventuality, a supporter has set up a fighting fund for Richard on GoFundMe with an initial target of £25,000.

“This is a large amount to be raised and I know times are hard for many of us so with that in mind please donate only if you can afford to do so. Your online and public support has been invaluable and has helped get us through this dreadful situation,” Julia concludes.

The petition set up by Jimmy Wales attracted hundreds of thousands of signatures – the hope is that just a few percent of those people will donate one or two pounds, euros, or dollars each.



Demi Moore cut a very different figure on Wednesday night as she left the Sunset Towers Hotel in West Hollywood.

Demi Moore, 49, appeared frail and gaunt, displaying her very thin figure in a short white dress.

The actress had been dining at the upscale hotel with some friends, and when she emerged from the establishment she appeared somewhat wide-eyed and disorientated.

Waiting for her car at valet, the actress attempted to hide her face with an oversized handbag and stood close by a friend who came to her aid.

Demi Moore had dressed up for her night out, slipping her tiny frame into the minidress and pairing the ensemble with snakeskin stilettos and her white and beige tote bag.

She wore her signature brown locks out loose around her shoulders and showed off a tan.

Demi Moore cut a very different figure on Wednesday night as she left the Sunset Towers Hotel in West Hollywood

Demi Moore cut a very different figure on Wednesday night as she left the Sunset Towers Hotel in West Hollywood

Demi Moore’s odd demeanour comes after her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher was seen indulging in what can only be described as a very public display off affection with his new love Mila Kunis during the week.

On Monday the couple proudly held hands and kissed in New York City.

They kissed, hugged and fed one another food as they shared tender moments.

During the outing Mila Kunis was frequently seen looking up adoringly at Ashton Kutcher as they held hands and enjoyed conversation.

Stopping at crosswalks, the actress cosied up to his chest and Ashton Kutcher was seen several times pulling her in for a kiss.

The couple enjoyed lunch along the way, with the actor feeding a bite of his meal to his new flame.

And once they arrived to Central Park, Mila Kunis could not contain herself as she put her hands on Ashton Kutcher’s face and gave him a passionate kiss.

The couple, who initially became friends over a decade ago after starring on That ’70s Show between 1998 and 2006, were first linked romantically back in April – shortly after the breakdown of Ashton Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore.

Mila Kunis had also just come out of an eight-year romance with Home Alone child star Macaulay Culkin.

Meanwhile since her split with Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has been linked to a handful of men, including New Zealand actor Martin Henderson, who is 12 years her junior at 37.

Recently it was reported that Demi Moore was seeking help from a hypnotist to get over former husband Ashton Kutcher.

“Demi knows that to move on with her life she needs to find a way to let Ashton go,” a source told UK magazine Grazia.

“She is still heartbroken and holding on to a lot of anger.

“She has started seeing a hypnotist for one hour a week. It’s quite pricey at around £1,500 an hour, and it’s quite radical to undergo hypnosis, but she desperately want to be happy again.”

Not only has Demi Moore’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher crumbled, following claims he was unfaithful to her, but her three daughters are also said to have “broken ties” with their mother in the wake of the split.

Demi Moore also had a stay in rehab in January, which came just after she was rushed to hospital after inhaling nitrous oxide.

The actress was apparently treated for substance abuse and anorexia issues.



In the wake of the sudden and tragic death of her mother Whitney Houston earlier this year, family worried about Bobbi Kristina Brown, particularly after her relationship with Nick Gordon was revealed.

And now fears for Bobbi Kristina and concerns over the suitability of Nick Gordon as her boyfriend, will be heightened after a picture of him brandishing a gun has emerged.

In the snap Nick Gordon, 22 is seen holding the firearm up to his face while driving a car using the other hand.

While his face is obscured by the gun a tattoo on his forearm, a Chinese symbol, can be clearly seen identifying him in the snap.

It is not clear from the image if the fun is real, or if it is a replica, but the photo certainly has a shock factor regardless.


Nick Gordon is seen holding the firearm up to his face while driving a car using the other hand

Nick Gordon is seen holding the firearm up to his face while driving a car using the other hand


The snap which emerged on Twitter has since been taken down and Bobbi Kristina Brown’s account has become private.

A spokesperson for Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19, refused to comment on the picture but said: “Nick is not her boyfriend.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon are currently filming their own reality TV show while they enjoy a vacation in Hawaii.

The pair has been busy shooting beach scenes for the show ahead of the October 17 premiere of docu-series The Houstons: On Our Own.

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon lived together as siblings for more than a decade before Whitney Houston’s death, with 22-year-old Nick considered to be the superstar’s unofficial adopted son.

Whitney Houston took him into her home when he was just 12 after his father went to prison and his mother was unable to take care of him.

However, following Whitney Houston’s death in February – having died at the age of 48 due to an accidental drowning complicated by heart disease and cocaine use – the controversial pair grew closer.

Thrilled with their holiday, Bobbi Kristina Brown tweeted on her return: “Home from Hawaii!! The trip was great! 🙂 so beautiful, cleansing, anointing & incredibly spiritual. Mom I feel you all over! IloveuALWAYS!”

As well as Bobbi Kristina Brown, the Lifetime show will feature Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston, Pat’s daughter Rayah, Whitney’s brother Gary, and mother, Grammy Award-winning singer Cissy.

It has been reported the main storyline will follow: “Pat and Gary as they take on their greatest challenge, supporting and guiding Bobbi Kristina as she faces the world alone.”

By the age of 30, Bobbi Kristina Brown will have inherited everything that belonged to her legendary mother.


Considered the most prestigious event of its kind, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (“a competition of elegance”) is the conclusion of a week long festival of classic cars events in the Monterey area, California.

This year, a Mercedes-Benz built in 1928 won Best of Show, Baroness von Krieger’s 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K was sold for $11.77 million, while a 1968 Ford GT40, sold for $11 million, set a new record as the most expensive American car ever sold at auction.

On the third Sunday of each August (August 19, 2012) the most refined cars in the world are displayed on the Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California.

Around 200 of the most prized collector cars and motorcycles are presented on the best finishing hole in golf, the famed eighteenth fairway at Pebble Beach.

Bugatti, Daimler, Delage, Duesenberg, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Packard, Rolls-Royce, are represented, along with Alfa-Romeo, Aston Martin, Cadillac, Chrysler, Cord, Isotta-Fraschini, Lancia, Maserati, Stutz and Talbot-Lago.

The 62nd edition of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance included fifteen Cars of the Maharajas, twelve marques (brands) of Mercer (road and race cars, including Mercer Raceabout) and eight marques of Fiat (Grand Prix racers, coachbuilt prewar classics, and small postwar cars, with variants on the original Fiat 500). Special classes presented eleven cars designed by Jacques Saoutchik (Bugatti, Delahaye and Pegaso), nine roadsters Shelby Cobra, designed by Carroll Shelby in collaboration with AC Motors, ten American Sport Customs (1930s–1950s), German Motorcycles (BMW, DKW, NSU, Zündapp, including an 1885 Daimler Reitwagen, the world’s first actual motorcycle).

The maharajas (great kings) of India and South Asia bought hundreds of expensive cars (Rolls-Royce, Daimler, Hispano-Suiza, Maybach, Bugatti, Duesenberg, Minerva) during the last century. Lots of those cars were custom built for hunting or display. Over 800 Rolls-Royces were shipped to India between 1900 and 1950. Seven of them, built between 1924 and 1937, were displayed. One of them still belongs to the Maharaja of Udaipur, another (the “Star of India” of 1935) to the grandson of the maharaja who first bought it. The Maharajas Collection also includes a 1930 Bentley, a 1930 Delage, a 1935 Duesenberg, a 1925 and a 1935 Hispano-Suiza, a 1930 Mercedes-Benz 27/140/200 Type SS, and two “swan”-shaped vehicles comissioned by the Maharaja of Nabha in 1910 and 1919. The 1910 Brooke motor car, brought from the Louwman Museum in The Hague, was commissioned by Scotsman Robert Nicholl Matthewson, who lived in India in the early 1900s. It is modeled after a swan, and it is equipped with eyes that light up, a beak that opens, closes and sprays steam, and an eight-tone horn.

The three best cars in twenty categories (plus one for German motorcycles) are awarded and one of them is chosen “Best of Show”, with two runners-up.

Buggati has won “Best of Show” nine times since the beginning of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It is followed by Duesenberg and Mercedes-Benz, each of them with six victories. Rolls-Royce had five victories; and Daimler, Delage, Jaguar and Packard, three each.


1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo, entered by Paul and Judy Andrews of White Settlement, Texas, won Best Of Show at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012..

1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo, entered by Paul and Judy Andrews of White Settlement, Texas, won Best Of Show at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012.


Mercedes-Benz acquired its seventh victory with the 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Torpedo entered by Paul and Judy Andrews of White Settlement, Texas. The car is one of seven Torpedo bodies designed by Jacques Saoutchik for the Mercedes-Benz 680S chassis and is powered by a 6.8-liter supercharged engine (somewhere between 200 and 300 horsepower). This low-windshield appeared at the New York Auto Show in 1928, was sold to Frederick Henry Bedford and spent 30 years in storage before receiving a total restoration.

During Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, classic-car auctions are held by Gooding and Canadian RM Auctions at the nearby equestrian center.

An auction world record was set last year, when a 1957 Ferrari Testarossa was sold for $16.4 million.

Gisela von Krieger’s silver-striped black 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster, although expected to break the record, was sold for $11.77 million at Gooding’s auction, while a 1968 Ford GT40, sold for $11 million (RM Auctions), set a new record as the most expensive American car ever sold at auction.

The 1968 Ford GT40 is an extremely rare racer (one of only two surviving) and it was used as a camera car by Steve McQueen for his film “Le Mans” (1971).


1968 Ford GT40 made a record as the most expensive American car sold at auction, at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012.

1968 Ford GT40 made a record as the most expensive American car sold at auction, at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012.


Considered the automotive equivalent of a coveted Picasso painting and known as the Von Krieger’s Special Roadster, the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K had only two owners, Gisela and, after her death, Lee Herrington.

This rare car is one of 26 540K Special Roadsters, and was built on special order before World War II. Baroness Gisela Josephine von Krieger was considered one of the ten most fashionable women in the world. She made the car her own, although the car was bought by aristocratic von Krieger family for the use of her brother, Henning. When the war started, Gisela refused orders from the Third Reich to return home from France and sent the car to Switzerland. After the end of the war, Gisela lived in Manhattan, but kept the car at the Homestead Inn in Greenwich area, even after when she moved back in early 1960s to Switzerland. At her death in 1989, the car was valued $2.5 million. The vehicle was discovered untouched, with pink lipstick-stained cigarette butts in the ashtray, vintage roadmaps of New York and Connecticut in the door pockets and a woman’s driving glove in the glove box. The radiant black-and-chrome roadster with an interior of saddle leather and wood veneer is one of perhaps a dozen left in the world, and represents the height of prewar German automotive engineering.


Baroness von Krieger Special Roadster at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012

Gisela von Krieger’s 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster, although expected to break the sale record, was sold for $11.77 million at Gooding's auction. Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2012


Mercedes-Benz wants to preserve classic cars and to encourage collectors, it has a Classic Center which offers customers hard to find parts.

During the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the annual Mercedes-Benz gala dinner honored car collector Arturo Keller with its coveted Star Driver Award.

You can find car parts for Mercedes-Benz “All Years and Models” at www.ecklersmbzparts.com.

Watch 2012 Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance

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Jennifer Aniston got engaged to partner Justin Theroux on Friday, after he popped the question during his birthday celebrations.

Justin Theroux’ spokesperson confirmed to People: “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.”

“They’re great friends,” the spokesperson added – a cheeky reference to the sitcom that made Jennifer Aniston famous in the Nineties.

The engagement news comes on the weekend rumors swirled that Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt set to be marry Angelina Jolie, his partner of seven years and the mother of his six children, at their French home.

Their romance was infamously shrouded in whispers that they embarked on a relationship while Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston – having met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004.

Jennifer Aniston got engaged to partner Justin Theroux on Friday, after he popped the question during his birthday celebrations

Jennifer Aniston got engaged to partner Justin Theroux on Friday, after he popped the question during his birthday celebrations

However, as news of the wedding has still not been confirmed and insiders are claiming that next weekend is “a far more likely date”, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have stolen their thunder.

The couple, who has been dating for more than a year, was first seen together in May 2011.

Just two months later, Jennifer Aniston placed her Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $38 million, before buying a palatial LA Bel-Air home with Justin Theroux in January of this year – for a reported $22 million.

Jennifer Aniston, 43, and Justin Theroux, 41, both starred in Wanderlust together, a comedy flop with Paul Rudd about a modern New York couple trying to escape society by moving to a commune in Georgia.

However, while the news will come as a surprise to her fans – it seems that it came as an even bigger one to her father, John Aniston.

The veteran Days of Our Lives actor, 79, was apparently not aware that actor-screenwriter Justin Theroux had proposed to his daughter on the North Carolina set of her new film, We’re the Millers, on August 10.

He told celebrity website Celebuzz: “It’s the first I’ve heard about it. It’s a surprise to me. I’ll have to look online. When I find out more, I guess I’ll tell you!”

When it was explained that Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer on his birthday, John Aniston added: “It sounds very romantic.”

John Aniston has described Justin Theroux as a “charming young man”, and gave his seal of approval saying: “I think they make a wonderful couple.”



Contrary to Tom Cruise child support rumors circulating around the Internet, the actor did not pay Katie Holmes a $50 million lump sum payment for the care of little Suri, Newsday reports.

A pre-nuptial agreement Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes signed means there will be no alimony for the actress. Tom Cruise will be paying approximately $10 million over the course of the next 12 years to Katie Holmes to take care of Suri in a manner in which she has become accustomed, according to information a “source” revealed to TMZ.

Tom Cruise will be paying approximately $10 million over the course of the next 12 years to Katie Holmes to take care of Suri

Tom Cruise will be paying approximately $10 million over the course of the next 12 years to Katie Holmes to take care of Suri

The quick and quiet divorce and child custody agreement between Tom Cruise and Katie Homes does grant Cruise “significant custodial time” with little Suri, but Holmes has primary physical custody. TMZ reports that previous media articles claiming that Suri Cruise must be in the presence of Katie Holmes’ nanny and bodyguards when she is in Tom Cruise’s care a “absolutely 100% false.” There are however “extremely detailed” custodial provisions about what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can discuss with Suri on several topics, one of which being religion. The restrictions on the discussions of Scientology and religion are reportedly “eased” as Suri ages.

“Tom was always most interested in his child,” Tom Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields told People magazine.

“He will have a meaningful relationship with Suri.”

Bert Fields was not able to give a specific time or date for the first visitation dates between Tom Cruise and Suri.

“I don’t know the details of his schedule, so I can’t comment. My guess is he’ll be seeing Suri very soon.”

Bert Fields also told People that there were no Scientologists present during the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce and child custody negotiations.

Tom Cruise’s attorney also maintains that Scientologists were not “directing the negotiations” and calls such claims “hogwash.”

Bert Fields told People that both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “dealt rationally” with the custody and divorce issues, hashing out the important matters over several days until both parties were satisfied.