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Why Netflix and Comcast Make Sense


When you go to watch the movies you want on Netflix, you want to be able to watch them uninterrupted by technical errors. The speed and sound are extremely important to the experience.

One of the problems that can come from watching Netflix is you end up dealing with streaming issues which cause the movie to stop loading or stutter or distort. It’s not a frequent problem. However, Comcast and Netflix have come up with a plan which makes the movie streaming experience much better for Netflix users with better cable TV deals.

Netflix now has a direct connection to dedicated Comcast servers. What this means for viewers is they won’t have to go through third party providers which means fighting a lot of heavy Internet traffic; this is where the freeze-ups and streaming troubles come from.  Users will have direct access to Netflix through Comcast servers and this translates directly into faster streaming speeds and an even better movie watching experience in general. Looking ahead, this could lead to other broadband providers striking up similar agreements.

Multi-Year Agreement Reached
The deal between the companies is one which had been in the works for months. The agreement has been said to be for the long-term. Both companies have said that Netflix will not be receiving preferential network treatment. Netflix users who have been struggling to watch movies only to become frustrated will be especially interested in this deal and will reap most of the benefits.

Streaming movies from Netflix has become extremely popular and there are now more than 44 million Netflix subscribers worldwide. The company has been making efforts to connect directly to broadband Internet providers in order to offer its subscribers the best possible viewing. Netflix has also already made similar arrangements with both Cox and Cablevision.

The problems Netflix users had been suffering through had become publicly known. Forums and social media sites had opinions all over them from upset viewers who were starting to get fed up with trying to watch movies and videos only to have them interrupted by slow streaming times. The fact that these two companies have come to an agreement is very good news for anyone wanting to make use of Netflix. Comcast is a very big provider and allowing Netflix to have direct connection to its servers is big news, more than users may realize until they see the results for themselves.

The Growth of Netflix
Netflix has grown by leaps and bounds. What this means is there are even more people logging in to watch the movies and videos they want. When they are dealing with this amount of traffic on the same bandwidth – along with general Internet traffic – it can lead to increased irritation and problems. That’s especially true as Netflix grows.

Netflix was founded back in 1997 and began by offering users a subscription based digital distribution service in 1999. Since this time, it has maintained its reputation as one of the best services of its kind. With more than 44 million subscribers, it’s easy to see why it is so important for Netflix to do all it can to continue offering its users a hassle free and high quality experience. This deal is a great way for them to continue doing so.

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