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4 Ways to Live Better with an Autoimmune Condition


Getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder may have left you feeling hurt and confused. Although there are treatments available for many autoimmune conditions, they will usually last a lifetime and often require you to make changes to your lifestyle and monitor your health closely. However, the good news is that despite your diagnosis, you can lead a normal life and do the things that you enjoy. Here are some tips for living better that you might find useful.

Speak with Your Doctor

A good doctor will support you through putting together a plan of action for living your best life with your condition, so it’s important to speak to your doctor as early as possible. They will be able to provide you with more information so that you are fully informed and educated on your condition, along with recommending treatments that can help to minimize flare-ups and keep your health strong. You might find it helpful to prepare a list of your symptoms and any questions that you would like to ask beforehand.

Change Your Diet

Depending on the condition that you have been diagnosed with, you may need to make some changes to your diet to ensure that you can stay in good health. Certain foods might trigger a flare-up; for example, people with Crohn’s disease do not usually react well to fatty or fried foods. You can determine which foods you are best avoiding by trying an elimination diet. You can do this by removing all foods that you suspect impact your health negatively for a few weeks. Then gradually introduce them back into your diet while keeping a close eye on your symptoms. Many people with autoimmune diseases find that a heavily plant-based diet that is low in processed food is best for them. There are also several supplements to add to your diet that you may find useful, such as Kratom. KratomIQ covers it here.

Manage Stress Levels

Chronic stress will never do your body any good, and if you have an autoimmune disease, the impact on your health and wellbeing can be even worse. Stress can be one of the biggest causes of flare-ups, and research shows that people with high stress levels tend to develop autoimmune diseases earlier in life and will often suffer from multiple conditions. Because of this, managing your stress levels is more crucial than ever before. Getting enough sleep, sticking to a daily routine and planning your time in advance so that you’re able to easily stay in control are just some of the best ways to minimize stress in your life. Meditation may also help some people or you could try talking therapy to learn healthier ways to cope with stress.

Exercise Gently

Getting your body moving can often be a great natural pain reliever for a range of autoimmune disorders but, sadly, exercising with many of these conditions is not easy and can sometimes be painful. The trick is to try gentle exercises that are relaxing along with getting your body moving, such as swimming. Swimming is often recommended for people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, for example, since the buoyancy of the water will support your body weight and relieve any pressure on your joints. Yoga and tai chi are also ideal since they are low-impact, and cycling is a good idea if you want a cardiovascular exercise to do on land that won’t affect your joints in the same way as jogging or running.

The good news is that working closely with your doctor and making some healthy changes to your lifestyle can help you live a good, happy and healthy life with an autoimmune disease.