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Christmas in 5 Very Different Countries



Christmas is celebrated by more than 160 countries but each one has its own traditions and unique festivities. Here are five places which enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in style.


The tradition of the Christmas tree originated in Germany, so it’s no surprise that this is one of the best countries to celebrate the holiday. The main event is actually Christmas Eve where all presents are exchanged. The country is also famed for its Christmas Markets which run during the month of December with stalls selling decorations, hand crafted gifts and a selection of tasty treats and drinks. If you’re visiting, be sure to try stollen, a popular fruit bread, which is smothered with an indulgent layer of marzipan.

South Korea

South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, offers an authentic Asian Christmas with dazzling light displays and decorated trees on every street corner. With its chilly climate at this time of year, there’s even the possibility of snow. Many of the locals celebrate throughout the month of December with endless parties and events to attend. There’s also a great Christmas market in the neighborhood of Sinchon where you can find unique gifs for your friends and family.


You won’t find much snow here but you can be guaranteed an enjoyable and once in a lifetime experience. The period coincides with the school summer holidays but that doesn’t stop the Australians from getting in the festive spirit. From Christmas gift wrapping to carol singing and twinkling light displays, it’s a traditional celebration that doesn’t hold back. On the big day and Boxing Day, many people visit the beach and trade in the traditional turkey dinner for a seafood feast.


Christmas is a very popular celebration on this Caribbean Island where family and friends come together to laugh, exchange gifts and drink far too much rum punch. A Christmas Day Breakfast is customary which often includes salt fish, fried plantains and boiled bananas. The evening meal often features curried goat, chicken, rice and peas. Another festive staple is the Jamaican red wine and rum fruitcake which is both boozy and delicious.


Midtown Christmas 2013: Santa Tree

This holiday isn’t celebrated in a religious sense but remains a commercial spectacle with traditions taken from the west. Nonetheless, it’s a great time of year to visit the country, especially for a romantic getaway. Christmas Eve is Japan’s answer to Valentine’s day, where couples walk hand-in-hand and enjoy an intimate meal. On Christmas Day, a recent and unique trend has become very popular. Many families eat fried chicken from KFC, having to order days in advance to secure their Christmas bucket.

We all love spending Christmas at home but it may be worth trying something unique and taking a festive holiday. Tesco could help. It’s a great chance to enjoy a new culture and likely to be an unforgettable experience.