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Businesses Under Threat: How to Improve Security at Your Company


While small businesses starting out don’t tend to worry about security issues, the more prominent a business becomes, the bigger the target. There are physical threats, security concerns like network intrusions, and everything in between.

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In this article, we consider the different threats that businesses face today and how to address them.

Physical Security

It’s a reality that anyone can attend the premises looking to speak to a staff member. They may be disgruntled or be carrying something dangerous on their person – you just never know.

For most businesses today, it’s necessary to have security staff employed that can provide some protection at the front reception area. They can also patrol through the grounds periodically to check for anyone either attempting to access the site or who is walking around unaccompanied without company identification.

To protect security staff, they should be wearing body armor made in the USA. This will offer protection from a bullet fired at their chest or back, along with important extra protection from a potential knife attack. They also should carry other items such as a flashlight, restraints or mace.

Internal Threats

Internal threats can come from a variety of sources. There’s the possibility that someone let onto the premises turns violent. This could be a client, customer or someone else who has a sudden, non-characteristic change of behavior. It could be because they first appeared calm and reasonable but quickly became irate or due to a mental issue that has led to their unusual or threatening behavior.

Another possibility is that an employee becomes potentially violent. This could also occur for several reasons including that they’re just been fired, their contract has come to an end, or they’ve just had a mental breakdown.

In each of these situations, it’s beneficial to have trained security personnel on-hand to escort the individual safely off the premises. This removes the danger for other staff members, but also for any clients or suppliers who are present.

Being able to lock down different areas of a building temporarily is useful too. This could be done either manually or remotely to temporarily contain a problem in one part of the building.

Network Problems

The safety of business networks is also of great concern to companies. Malicious use of the network can happen internally through employees or someone else on the premises who gains access to essential systems. Security processes and effective procedures must be in place to limit what can be done, depending on the clearance level of the person involved.

The risk of outside people hacking into the company’s network is also a very real and growing threat. It’s necessary for companies to continually bolster effects to protect their networks and any intellectual property they own. An internal department or regular use of an external network security team to run security checks is important to avoid a threat becoming real.

While companies are simply trying to conduct business, there are unfortunately a variety of threats that they can potentially face. While none are usually of their own doing or by choice, it’s necessary for all businesses to protect themselves by taking appropriate preventative action. Doing so avoids the worst of what could happen.