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Four people arrested for operating swingers’ club in Tampa Bay


Four people were arrested in Tampa Bay, Florida, after police discovered Steven and Cynthia Bowers, a middle-aged Florida couple, were holding a swingers’ club at their three-bedroom home.

Following a six-week investigation, Tampa Bay sheriff’s officers raided the property and found all three bedrooms lined wall-to-wall with beds, a dancing pole, spanking table and large televisions which were playing pornographic films.

Tenants Steven Bowers, 56, and Cynthia Bowers, 55, both of St Petersburg were arrested as were their friends Ricky Zabala, 55, and Pamela Zabala, 54, who are believed to have helped the Bowers operate the club.

They were charged on Saturday with operating a sexually-oriented business without a license. They were also charged with operating a bottle club without proper zoning and licensing.

Cynthia Bowers

Cynthia Bowers

The business was thought to have been in operation from Wednesday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. until the early hours of the morning, with a line of tiki torches lighting the way up the driveway for guests

Sheriff’s office launched an investigation after several neighbours complained.

Steven Bowers

Steven Bowers

Landlord Sheriff Iguaran told the St Petersburg Times that Steven and Cynthia Bowers seemed like excellent tenants as they always paid their rent on time and kept the grass neatly trimmed.

The landlord said: “They told me they were a party family. As long as there was no criminal activity, I had no problem.”

It wasn’t until last week he learned from the county code enforcement that the couple was hosting an illegal swingers club.

He said: “I am very sad to find this on my property, you don’t know how much.”

Police believe the Bowers’ “parties” at the house boomed into an unlicensed sex club business where single guests paid to get in and couples got in for free. There was also said to be a bring-your-own-bottle policy.

Both couples were released on bond on Saturday.

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