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How to make it as a digital nomad

The number of people jacking in their jobs to work online is beginning to rise exponentially. More and more people are looking to create a life for themselves where they are not bound to an office cubicle. The call of a location free lifestyle is, indeed, a strong one. I mean, that’s probably why you are reading this article right? Well, before I tell you how to become a digital nomad, we need to get two things straight. Firstly, for the majority of us, this life isn’t easy to create. Secondly, without hard work, determination, and a small amount of luck, this life isn’t a guarantee. We see lots of people enter the space and fail because they expect it to be easy.

When you are starting out, it is an extremely stressful time. If you are a content writer, for example, you may have to buy plagiarism reports, like the ones you can get here. Or you might have to pay for keyword research software. You might have to do this before you get a single paying client. If you are thinking of becoming a digital nomad, just so you can sit and work on a beach, you should stop reading. We don’t really do that, and I hate the sand, the wi-fi is terrible, you can’t charge your laptop… don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

That being said, we do get to travel a lot, we aren’t tied down by one location, and we choose our own hours.

Although it takes a lot of hard work and effort to earn good money as a digital nomad, it does not require any qualifications. There are thousands of digital nomad career paths, all of which can be learnt for free if you have the drive. Youtube alone can teach you everything you need to be successful in this space. Combine it with a community that is very active on forums and social media, and you can find mentors and other digital nomads to help you along your path.

The truth is for a lot of us, we feel like the time we spent following the usual education path, school, college, university, was all a waste. I know middle-aged moms with no school qualifications raking in 6 figures a year online. Compare that to my friends who are majorly in debt and 4 years into an 8-year university course to earn less money, and you can see why we think that.

To sum it up, the steps to becoming a digital nomad are very simple. They just require guts and determination. If you don’t find quitting your job as exciting as it is terrifying, this isn’t the career for you. If you aren’t willing to work long hours for little return to set your self up for the rest of your life, this career isn’t for you. If, however, if you are driven, you have motivation and courage, you want to live a life of your own choosing then quit your job, sell your house, get on a plane.

And let me be the first to welcome you to this unpredictable lifestyle!