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5 Reasons Cloud Computing is the Best Platform to Save Sensitive Data On

Before the internet, most businesses kept data on servers in their local network. The only threats to data security were those that employees brought into the office. However, today the internet connects your network to the rest of the world, increasing productivity but also increasing threats to your client information. If hackers can get into your servers, they can not only steal sensitive data, but they can also install viruses to reroute data or malware to block service. Taking advantage of cloud computing platforms is one way that businesses can keep their data safe and secure.

Protection from Denial of Service Attacks

Using cloud servers for data storage is a bit like renting out a safe deposit box for your valuables. Rather than keeping your data onsite where you are responsible for its protection, you pay the cloud computing platform to maintain your security. They are professionals in protecting data against threats. For example, a growing number of cyber-attacks are distributed denial of service attacks. A DDoS involves hackers using a network of computers to swamp your system, crowding out legitimate users. Cloud computing platforms can detect unusual activity and direct traffic in a different direction, keeping your system running smoothly.

Data Preservation

Especially with growing climate concerns, storing data in a single location carries significant risk. If all of your data is kept onsite, a building fire or natural disaster can lead to lost and unrecoverable data. Cloud computing platforms preserve your data by storing it on servers in several physical locations. You will have access to your data even in the midst of power failures and other unforeseen issues. Your client data is extremely valuable to your business. Investing in cloud computing for data storage is a wise investment in data safety.

Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses that deal with sensitive information are required to meet data security regulation standards. When you work with a cloud computing platform, they will already have those standards in place. Your IT department will not be responsible for maintaining the system or making sure it is in compliance. The third-party provider will have already done it. This is both a benefit to you and your customers. You can maintain regulatory compliance without a great investment of time and effort. Your customers can have peace of mind knowing that their data is kept under strict standards of security.

Third-party support

One of the challenges of technology is the amount of change that happens in a short period of time. Most programs need regular updates and patches to maintain safety. Working in the cloud computing world means that your provider is responsible for keeping things up-to-date. They close any detected gaps faster than your in-house IT department can get to them. This kind of preparation will prevent some of the most common hacking attacks from sneaking into your system. Defending your data against hackers is a constant battle and the sides are not always clear. For example, the hacker arrested for developing the Kronos program that attacks banking information is the same hacker credited for stopping the WannaCry malware attack. Partnering with a cloud computing platform is like hiring an extra IT department dedicated to protecting your data from attack.

Data Security for Mobile Employees

The internet has provided your employees with a great deal of mobile flexibility. You may have employees that work from home or access company data on the road. While these kinds of connections are convenient, they are often much less secure than connections made directly to your local network. Fortunately, cloud computing providers understand the need for data security in mobile connections. With most platforms, the connection to the cloud platform involves a high level of encryption. Only the people who need to see your data have access to it. So long as the device your employee is using is secure, the connection and the data traveling along it will be secure. It is important to instruct your mobile employees on basic security measures to keep their devices safe.

Cloud computing is a smart way to let your business take advantage of the expertise of computer professionals. Your sensitive data will be protected by trained and experienced experts dedicated to data security.