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Does Your Hosting Provider Kill Your Business?

Image source Mudassar Iqbal on Pixabay

Sometimes you work hard night and days promoting your website, but nothing happens. Even worse – sales go down all the time, and it seems like whatever you do, it will not help. If that happens to you, chances are your hosting provider is to blame. The speed of the website heavily relies on the server where it is hosted. If the server processes data slowly, the site, consequently, will take longer to load. And there are two reasons why the speed impacts the revenue of your business.

How to choose a provider?

There are many criteria to consider choosing the provider. Different businesses have different needs, and the hosting must fit them perfectly. Besides that, you have to make sure that the vendor offers impeccable safety along with the high bandwidth of its servers.

The issue is that each provider will advertise as the best one. And if you’re new to the world of servers, it is hard to pick the right one.

Slow websites never reach top positions in search engines

The search engine (Google, for example) wants users to get the best options. Thus, the system will fetch search results that match the entered keyword and the location of the user. But also it will list the fastest websites first because it cares about the convenience of users. And if your site loads slowly, it simply can’t appear on top positions.

How does the engine understand your website is slow? The search engine sends dedicated bots to each site and each page to index them. As these bots check the pages, they can also detect how long does it take for the site to load and show the data. And the longer it takes, the lower position the website gets.

Users have no patience

Statistics show that the average user will wait for a maximum of 6 seconds for the website to load. If it doesn’t, the person leaves the site. It decreases the revenue of the business because of two reasons. Obviously, you won’t get that customer anymore, and now you have fewer chances that people will trust your site.

But also, if users leave the website, the search engine thinks that it is not relevant for them. Therefore, it will lower the position of the site.

What should the loading time be?

Ideally, the site should load within 3 seconds. It is okay for the page to load for around 6 seconds. But if it takes longer, you start losing visitors, and, therefore, traffic and revenue.

You should also remember that if your website is overloaded with heavy items, and it works slowly because of the poorly implemented design, you must fix the issues that lower the loading speed. And if the design of your site is well-optimized and lightweight, but the pages still load slowly, you should change your hosting provider.