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Invest in Success: How to set up Your Tech for Success in 2019

The ever-changing technology scene has us constantly scouring the market for the latest in smartphones and AI technology. Though we’d like to imagine ourselves as satisfied with our couple-year old gadgets, the truth is that human’s just love having the next best thing. Even though our iPhone 8s functioned without a single hitch, we still jumped at the opportunity to get our hands on the iPhone X for the sake of innovation—and that’s just how tech fans. We are excited by change and welcome it even if our wallets would rather we didn’t. 2019 is bound to be another year of innovation and excellence in technology, so we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for how to pick your tech upgrades and set yourself up for success in the coming year.


Smartwatches have been the tech upgrade watch wearers needed for quite some time now. Not only do these devices tell time, but they are capable of tracking sleeping habits, taking calls, calculating heart rates, and connecting to Wi-Fi. Wearable tech might have been a dicey idea when first proposed, but the market spoke, and consumers purchased. When you’re looking to smarten up your wrist candy, ask yourself what you want your smartwatch to do for you. The most important piece of your selection will be if your watch is compatible with your smartphone. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing an Apple watch to pair with a Samsung phone. Whether you’re a work from home mom or a busy-bee CEO, your smartwatch must be perfectly suited for your lifestyle. Do your research on individual features such as app compatibility and battery life to ensure the best purchase.

Virtual assistant

Though it seems that many people are still on the fence about voice-activated virtual assistant tech, we are all aboard. From the Amazon Echo to the Google Home Hub, these smart speakers are the hands-free solution to building a smart home. Just say the word, and your AI assistant has an answer in seconds. While ideal for telecommuters and work from home freelancers, smart speakers differ greatly when it comes to features and functionality. Look for the following when making your decision:

  • Streaming support

Major audio streaming providers like Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube are supported by most virtual assistants, but some offer more or less than others. Base your decision on your most frequently used apps, and how those apps connect with your VA.

  • Competency

It’s tough to compete with Google’s search engine sophistication, so it only makes sense that the Home is superior when it comes to pulling up accurate information from the internet.

  • Speaker quality

Since you’re able to play music from your virtual assistant speaker, it’s worth exploring which offers the best speaker quality. The Amazon Echo features an omnidirectional speaker that allows louder playback, while the Google Home Hub delivers richer bass that fills your room with a concert hall feel.


Regardless of whether you are more of a laptop lady or a desktop dame, no proper techie is fully equipped for success without the handy portability of a smart tablet. Tablets have come a long way since being mere internet browsing devices. These mini-computers are capable of complex image manipulation and high-powered coding all in one 13-inch screen. When hunting for the perfect tablet, ask yourself these questions; what operating system is most compatible with my other devices for quick syncing? How much RAM do I need? What features will I add on and what integrated ports will I need? What operating system is most compatible with my other devices for quick syncing? Keep in mind that tablets also come in the form of transformable laptops—so if you’re in need of an additional PC or just need an entirely new one, 2-in-1 PCs could be the solution you never knew you needed.