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Films Or Politics: Which Is The Best To Be Involved In?

Let’s face it; some career choices are far more popular than others. Whether you’re a teenager thinking about the next steps to take or a parent trying to guide your kid doesn’t matter. The world of acting and politics are quite likely to feature quite highly on the list of dream jobs. And that’s in spite of the fact that they are two vastly different areas of expertise.

So, which arena should you aspire to break into? Let’s take a look.



Financial Possibilities

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that the financial rewards are at the very top of the wish list. After all, remuneration is ultimately the whole purpose of working in the first place. At the very top of the pyramid, both politicians and film stars can earn millions.

The average member of Congress, like Idaho Senate Mike Crapo, can command a net worth in the high six-figure value. While the Hollywood A-Listers can command seven-figure salaries for just one film, the average actor or actress will be far more modest. In fact, the early years of acting can potentially be lower paid than a standard job in retail.

Conversely, even the junior members of Congress are likely to receive a salary that sits higher than the national average.

Job Security

Politics and entertainment are two industries that come under more scrutiny than any other. As such, being thick-skinned is crucial en route to the top. However, public disapprovals are one thing; insecurities within the job are another.

Achieving any status of real power in politics is tough, and can rely heavily on being voted in. However, there is a clear route to the top. In the world of acting, two people that start out with the same project could encounter vastly different trajectories. In many cases, contracts are very short too, making it difficult to achieve stability in life as well as careers.



In both careers, though, there is a genuine fear that one foul move could ruin it all. Then again, many thrive off of that passion.

Social & Cultural Impact

Anybody with a sense of ambition will view changing the world in a positive way as a huge factor in their career choice. You needn’t reach a huge audience to make a difference, as nurses and teachers show every single day. Still, the spotlight that comes with acting and politics is attractive.

Whether it’s a local governing position or President of the United States, political influencers have a huge chance to change lives. You can also set winning foundations for future generations in the process. But if you think films are incapable of inspiring people, the Oscars is an example of their importance. Meanwhile, titles like Black Panther can inspire cultural changes.

Whichever option you take, the chance to make a difference can be huge. While the two types of influence are very different, they are both of significant importance.   


So, which path is best? In truth, there is no one right answer. Whichever one you feel most passionate about is the best solution.