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Removable Vinyl And Permanent Vinyl: What’s The Difference?


wall art stickers need no introduction as you see them in many places nowadays. These stickers are mostly seen in homes but even many corporate offices now use vinyl stickers to decorate their walls and floorings.

Homeowners love to decorate their living spaces with these vinyl wall arts as they are affordable and hassle free.

While vinyl stickers are remarkable, one should know that there are two types of vinyl stickers being sold: Permanent and Removable.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at each:

Permanent Vinyl Stickers

As the name says, they are permanent stickers. Meaning, they won’t come off if you want them to. Once stuck, they tend to stay there until they wear off on their own.

Permanent vinyl stickers are never a good idea to use in homes because if you do, it can damage your walls. These stickers can be used in:

Clothing Tags: You can stick these stickers on your favorite clothing items to make a statement. Such clothing items have become a rage and are extremely popular among teenegers.

The process is quite simple, you buy or order a vinyl sticker which is permanent and stick it on a plain t-shirt to have the design print on your clothing.

Food Packs: Many food packs and tins have vinyl stickers on them. If you try to peel them off, you’ll realize that they won’t come off. This is because they are printed by vinyl which is permanent.

Gear And Machinery: If you look closely when you enter a restaurant’s kitchen area, many machinery items have the restaurant name printed on them. This is no paint but vinyl stickers. They won’t come off because they are permanent. Plus, they are water and heatproof as well. Hence, perfect for machinery printing.

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Removable Vinyl Stickers

Removable vinyl stickers are most suitable to use in home decorations. This is because you might not like the design after you’ve applied it and would want to remove it. In this scenario, a permanent vinyl won’t come in handy, instead, it will cause problems. Therefore, removable vinyl stickers are best for home use as they are very easy to deploy and even more easier to remove, whenever you like, wherever you like.

While they are removable, it doesn’t mean that they come off on their own. The adhesive due to which they are stuck is strong and the stickers won’t come off until you force it to.

They leave your walls unaffected once you remove them so using removable vinyl stickers for home is a great choice.

While these stickers are used to decorate walls, they can be used for other purposes as well. These include:

Bumper Stickers:  All the bumper stickers you come across are mostly made up of vinyl. Bumper stickers are a great way to promote a business or a product and vinyl stickers can help to do that.

Calendar Stickers: Many people like to leave notes on calendars and mark important days. Some people prefer to use calendar stickers to do that. Here’s where vinyl stickers that are removable can be used and once the day arrives, you can remove the sticker.


It is important that you realize the individual uses of both of these vinyl sticker types and use them accordingly to avoid any problems in the future.