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5 Ways To Make Funeral Costs Affordable


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Want to give your loved one a worthy funeral, but can’t afford it? For those that don’t leave behind a funeral fund or take out life insurance, the cost of funeral arrangement falls to those left behind. Funerals are expensive, often costing several thousands, however there are ways to bring down these costs. Here are just five ways to make a funeral more affordable.

Take out a funeral loan

One option of paying for funeral costs could be to take out a loan. There are 0% APR funeral loans out there, which can prevent you having to pay out interest. These loans may still require you to have a good credit score, so bear this in mind. Getting in debt over funeral costs isn’t ideal, but could help you to afford the funeral that your loved one deserves.

Collect quotes from multiple funeral directors

Funeral companies all charge different rates. Like any other business, some may offer competitive limited offer deals to draw in customers. It’s worth collecting quotes from multiple funeral companies to find the cheapest deal. You may even be able to negotiate with funeral directors and get a price match.

Shop for urns and caskets online

Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy caskets and urns separately online rather than buying them through a company. Not only could it be cheaper, you’ll also have more variety to choose from. It’s worth getting to grips with the terminology – people will pay a lot of money for gasketed caskets made of certain materials with fabric inner lining. Weigh up whether any of this is really necessary, especially if your loved one is having a cremation.

Know your legal rights

There are a lot of laws regarding funerals that are worth reading up on. For example, a body has to be disposed of, whether its buried or cremated or donated to science, but a funeral ceremony is not a legal requirement. There are lots of laws requiring what funeral homes can offer you. This is worth looking into if you feel like you’re being pushed into making a decision. On top of this, it’s worth taking into account the legal implications of someone’s death. You may be able to get legal help in claiming compensation if the death was the result of someone else’s wrongdoing (i.e. a car accident). There may also be money that you can access belonging to the deceased person that could be used for funeral costs. A probate solicitor may be able to help you with all of this.

Get other people to chip in

If you can’t afford the funeral costs single-handedly, consider asking the other people around you to make a small contribution. In most cases, people will be more than willing to chip in. This could help you to afford a funeral without having to skimp or get into debt.

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