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Can You Guess The Most Dangerous Job In The USA? (Hint: It’s Not Trump’s PR Team)


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The modern worker deserves a number of rights, and safety should be a priority for companies in all fields. Nonetheless, there’s no changing the fact that some surroundings are hit by bigger threats than others.   

Statistics show that, overall, 42 in every 100,000 Americans die each year from unintentional injuries. While the workplace is far from being the only location where this can happen, it is one that requires a great deal of attention. In truth, all workers should be prepared to take extra care in the work arena. Still, some jobs are naturally more dangerous than others. Can you guess the number one?

Quick, one last guess.

The Most Dangerous Job Is…

Logging. Yes, statistics show that 135.9 per 100,000 workers suffer fatal injuries while thousands more suffer non-fatal accidents. That places them above pilots, sea fishing professionals, and police officers.   

The news perhaps shouldn’t come as a major surprise. For starters, this is an outdoor job in potentially testing situations and weather conditions. Meanwhile, workers are often situated a long way away from medical facilities. In addition to facing accidents that are unique to this line of work, some falls that wouldn’t be life-threatening in other places can become fatal.  

Arguably the most surprising element for loggers is that they don’t get paid nearly enough money for putting their lives on the line.

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What Does It All Mean?

To a certain extent, companies may suggest that the dangers simply come with the territory. Nonetheless, the statistics should not be overlooked by business owners in the industry. On the contrary, they must go the extra mile to ensure their working environments are safe.

First and foremost, companies should invest in the right equipment. From logging grapples and choker chains to portable sawmills, all items should be of the highest quality. Likewise, employers should invest in staff development courses, particularly for health and safety.

Employees need to take individual responsibility too. Investing in the right footwear, hard hats, and safety gloves is essential. Furthermore, workers in this environment need to take precautions to avoid distractions. Likewise, avoiding exhaustion and tiredness can reduce the odds of being one of the 135.9.

The harsh reality is that you cannot possibly prevent all incidents, especially when working in a sector like this. Preparing for the worst is an equally vital aspect. From a financial perspective, a good personal injury lawyer can be the key to justice. However, it’s crucial to consider the practical life changes that may be required when the worst happens.   

Essentially, the figures show that everyone involved in this type of work needs to appreciate the very real threats. Loggers, lumberjacks, and other woodworkers tend to fall into those jobs as a labor of love. Those dangers shouldn’t stop a logger following their passion, but it is a factor to consider.  

As for those of us that have a loved one in this area of work, understanding those daily stresses can make a big impact.