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How to Improve Your Darts Game


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Darts games require players to possess certain skills in order to perform well at them. It is not enough to just throw a dart and hope that it goes where you want it to go on the dart board. You need to have the right eye-to-hand coordination so that you can control where the dart will go before you throw it. Professional darts players have all trained themselves to perform in this way and you need to do the same if you want to get good at darts too.


Aim the Dart


When you throw a dart at a dartboard, you need to aim your dart at the area of the board that you want to hit. It is no different than if you were hunting in the woods and had to aim your rifle at your target. Think of a dartboard as your target and the dart is your weapon. You want to aim your weapon so that it hits the target. To successfully aim a dart, make sure your body is directly positioned in front of the dartboard. Step forward a little bit and use your dominant eye to focus on the area you want to hit. When you go to throw the dart, make sure the back of the dart is aligned with your dominant eye. Keep your arm at a 90° angle and use the force of your elbow to deliver power into the throw.


Chose a Good Dartboard


You could have the best darts skills in the world and still fail to strike a hit if you are playing with a low-quality dartboard. If you are just playing darts for fun on a magnetic dartboard or electronic dartboard, it tends to be harder for the dart to stick to the board if the tip doesn’t strike exactly right. You would be better off finding a high-quality bristle dartboard by visiting the darts blog website entitled Peak Picker. They have yearly recommendations of the best dart boards to use for both professional and recreational purposes.


Practice Regularly


Like any skill you want to perfect, improving your darts game requires you to practice playing darts on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean only playing darts a few days per week either. You need to play for a few hours every day to advance your game and possibly become as good as a professional player. It all depends on how much you want to improve your darts game. But, in any case, it is going to take practice.


Play with Other People


You should not always be playing darts alone. If you want to improve your game, then you need to practice playing darts with other people. This will prepare you for a real-life gaming scenario where you’re playing in actual team-based games or possibly even tournament games. Another benefit to playing with other people is that they may be more experienced at the game than you are. Because of this, they may lend you some pointers and tips on how to improve your game. Take all the advice you can get from players who are better than you. It can only help you get better.


Hold the Dart Properly


A dart is comprised of a pointy tip on the end, side barrel in the back of the tip, shaft stem in the back of the barrel, and the flight wings in the back of everything else. Any good darts player will hold the barrel area of the dart when they throw. You need to use a minimum of three fingers when you do this. However, a lot of professional players tend to use 4 or 5 fingers because it gives them additional control over their dart. The only downside is that it is harder to release the dart when you have more fingers holding it. Since everyone is different, you should experiment and see how many fingers works best for you. As for the grip, keep it firm without putting too much pressure on your finger muscles.

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