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The Gun Industry and President Trump

The battle between gun control extremists and those wanting open carry have not died down but rather are no longer at the forefront of the news. The fact that President Trump and a majority of congress is republican has a lot to do with this. Regardless of how hard activists fight to get bills sent to the senate it simply will not work with the overwhelming advantage the republicans have in congress. Each president and congress has a different impact on the gun industry and below delves into some of the impacts Donald Trump has had since taking over as president.

How Has It Gone

The surprising fact is that gun gales have gone down significantly since Trump was elected president. For many people this might be confusing as a pro gun candidate might cause a surge in sales. The truth is that people went out to buy guns when they were scared that former president Barack Obama would increase regulations on the sales and ownership of guns. Congress having a majority of democrats at some points during the Obama administration influenced gun buyers immensely. Nobody was sure of when a law would pass or be voted on as many of these regulations are wrapped up in much more complicated bills.

Does The Industry Need a Democrat To Boom Again

The question becomes when the gun industry has seen a slump since the election of Trump of whether an anti-gun president would help sales skyrocket. This can be a very slippery place for those gun suppliers as supporting this candidate in a few years could all but ruin the gun industry in the country. A democratic president combined with a democratic congress could lead to much harsher restrictions or even a gun registry which violates a myriad of constitutional rights. Restrictions on bulk ammo online as well as other tactical gear could become much more extreme. The best case for those in the gun industry is a congress that is split with a president that is pro-gun rights. This reduces the chances for any extreme changes but still puts fear in people that they might be disarmed by their own government.

Suppliers Need To Focus On Government Contracts

For gun suppliers and manufacturers the golden ticket is getting a government contract to provide weapons for the US military. Regardless if  there is a recession as far as personal gun buyers goes, the US seems to be prepping for military action in multiple areas. These firearms can be bought to help protect US soldiers as well as their allies overseas. Other great contract to sign is that of a law enforcement agency whether it is a county police force or a federal law enforcement agency. Hover here…

State and City Laws Still Restrict Certain Firearms

The common person does not realize that many gun laws are on the state and city level. A city can ban guns with a certain caliber or capacity like New York City where a gun with a capacity of more than 6 bullets cannot be used. A majority of automatic weapons are restricted in many states with semi-automatic guns like the AR-15 coming to the forefront of debate as multiple mass shooters used this specific gun. In states like Arizona there are open carry laws which allow those to carry their registered and licensed firearms in the street.  Modifications of weapons are illegal if they turn the weapon into a fully automatic rifle as these can only be used by law enforcement as well as military personnel.

The gun industry is not exactly booming with Trump at the head of our country. With all of the conflicts and all-around shooting going on in today’s world the gun industry is sure to recover. The most important thing that can be done is more thorough psychological testing for those purchasing guns. Every American has the right to own a gun if they are of sound mind and haven’t forfeited their civil rights by committing a felony.