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Despacito Becomes Most-Streamed Song of All Time


Despacito has broken global streaming record and become the most-streamed song of all time, just six months after it was released.

The Luis Fonsi’s single has been played 4.6 billion times across all streaming services, overtaking Justin Bieber’s Sorry, which previously held the title.

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Luis Fonsi, who hails from Puerto Rico and sings in Spanish, said: “What’s happened with this song is just insane.

“I don’t want to use the word accident because I was trying to write a hit, but I didn’t plan for it to cross over.

“I just wanted to make people dance.”

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Luis Fonsi, 39, said the global success of his song – which has reached No 1 in more than 45 countries – gave him hope in the current political climate.

“I come from Puerto Rico and I live in Miami. We’re living in an interesting time right now when people want to divide us. They want to build walls.

“And for a song to bring people and cultures together, that’s what makes me proud.”

Despacito is a sun-bleached slice of sensual reggaeton. The title translates as “slowly”, referring to the speed of Luis Fonsi’s seduction technique.

The song hit No 1 around Latin America when it was released in January, but only caught fire in the English-speaking world after Justin Bieber heard the song in a nightclub and asked to add a verse.

Justin Bieber’s version of the song – known as Despacito (Remix) – has become a phenomenon on streaming services, most notably Spotify and Apple Music. It is already the fourth most-played video of all time on YouTube, where it is rapidly closing in on the top three, all of which are years old.

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