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Vitamin Supplements: Sorting Fact From Fiction


It’s no secret that as we start to get older, our bodies start slowing down. As much as you’d like to deny it, you’re no spring chicken anymore and you’re probably starting to feel the effects. Vitamin and mineral supplements are everywhere nowadays and all of the retailers boast of the benefits of their various products. In a world full of pseudoscience and fake news, it’s a nightmare to try to work out what is actually going to be good for you and what is just nonsense. We’ve put together a list to make sure your body is getting what it needs and you aren’t wasting your time and money on supplements that do absolutely nothing for you.



Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important in your later years because it helps to combat a lot of the problems that develop once you reach the other side of forty. Your risk of diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer is massively increased if you have a Vitamin D deficiency. The best way of getting Vitamin D is from sunlight but most people don’t spend enough time outside for that. Taking Vitamin D supplements is a good way to top up your levels to make sure you lower your risk of age-related diseases. D3 supplements are best because that form is most similar to the vitamins that you get from sunlight.


Most people know that Calcium is good for you whatever age you are, but it becomes more important as you get older. The main benefit of Calcium is that it can help to increase bone strength which is important as your joints start to get weaker. Osteoporosis is a big problem in older people and increased Calcium levels can go some way to reducing the risk. In the past, Calcium supplements have been derived from rock but there are side effects that come with this. It is better to take other forms because AlgaeCal plant calcium side effects are pretty much non-existent. Studies have shown that it is safe for pregnant women and it has no toxic effects at all.

Vitamin C

Vitamin B12

If you want to maintain good brain function in your later years, you need to make sure you have a good level of Vitamin B12. In younger people, Vitamin B12 isn’t so much of an issue because you absorb most of it from food sources. When you start to get a bit older your body gets worse at absorbing it so your levels drop a bit. Taking supplements is a great way to make sure that your brain stays healthy.


High blood pressure is a very common health complaint amongst the older generation so trying to fight it is very important; Magnesium is brilliant for this. It also helps your body to better absorb Calcium so combining the two is the most beneficial for you.

Before you start taking any new supplements you should consult your doctor first to make sure that you aren’t going to cause yourself further problems.